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There are changes in Lotwon3 - 5-2001 - Pick3 lottery & horse racing software

Improved the best pick-3 lottery software and horse racing programs for horse races.

Posted by Ion Saliu on May 28, 2001.

I received this email on the subject of the new Lotwon3 pick-3 lottery software:

"Hi Ion,
I wish that I knew how to approach this in a delicate manner. I downloaded the revised lotwon3, and updated all of my files. I just happened to compare winning reports from layer 2 with the some print outs that I had run a few days ago. The values were all different. I compared winning reports from the past in the other layers, and those values were all different. The lone exception was in layer 1. There, all but the 3 lottery filters you changed, were the same.

Thinking that I made a mistake somewhere, I called a friend who also had your previous software version. He downloaded the new version, updated his files, and we compared. All of our values in layers 2 through 6 were different. Our values in layer 1 were exactly the same.

Thinking that one of us had made a mistake, we both simulated new lotto combinations, and created new d3 files. The winning reports that were generated by both of us were completely different from the previous ones. Also, neither my 1st nor 2nd winning reports matched either of his 1st or 2nd winning reports. The lone exception, once again, was in layer 1. In that layer, our values were exactly the same.

Just for the heck of it, we both pulled the previous LotWon3 lottery software out of our recycle bins, and compared those lottery winning reports. In layers 2 through 6, we matched completely.

My friend and I might both be doing something wrong, and I hope that is the case. However, I just wanted to bring this to your attention, and I hope that you don't mind that I did it via e-mail, and not through your message board."

• I was unable to find the exact source code of the freeware pick-3. I used the routines of my in-house software. The reporting is done in one generalized routine. It is more precise than the older methods I used in the freeware. That’s why there are changes in the reports, because the new Super3 starts the layers at different points. Your reports are different from your friend’s W3 files because you are using different SIM-3 files. Your W3.1 reports are the same, because you are using the same D3 files, with more than 1000 lottery drawings.

The combination generator (Power-3 lottery software) uses the same routines as Super3. I believe the two programs are 100% synchronized. I always get the right combinations based on the exact values in the W3 reports.

I think I warned about the filters in the “Least-3” file and the filters in “Layer 7”. They should be left alone when checking for lottery strategies. You cannot get correct results if you include the Od/Ev, Hi/Lo, Inc/Dec filters in a strategy. They are really tricky; they give me problems, too. You can go past the W3.7 report and see some specific reports on those 9 filters. You can choose, for example 3 groups: Od1=1, Od2=1, Od3=1 (when you think they are due), etc. If including those 3 values in ST3 file, or type them manually, you always get 125 combinations (1000 slashed in half 1 time; then 500 slashed again to 250; 250 slashed to 125).

There are plenty of lottery filters to use...

Ion Saliu

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