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Posted by Tycoon on June 12, 2000.

I recently downloaded your software and I am still learning the ropes-our lottery in RSA only has 14 draws so far. Nevertheless I am also curious about the horse racing software applications. There are a number of statistical biases though not present in say lotteries-for instance in a handicap race where top horses carry the top weight and weaker horses the bottom in a sprint invariably the top horses come out. However over a marathon distance often the lower horse numbers feature. How does your system allow for this bias?

Also the favourite lotto number feature is useful in horesracing because occasionally a horse clearly outclasses its field but the win odds are not worth taking. In such a case playing it as a favourite number in a pick3 and 4 number scenario is useful. Different racing center stats would equate different lottery centers/states/countries I presume and the number of maximum horses the maximum number of balls. I want to apply the pick-3 and pick-4 system. Incidentally we have a bet equivalent to the pick-6 lotto called a superfecta. The range of horses per race usually is ten to twenty so I will have to keep stats of races with x number of horses etc.

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