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Posted by russ on June 08, 2001.

When viewing the tutorials for the LotWon lottery software if you are not a math expert it is very difficult to follow. There should be a step-by-step process with and actual test case we could follow to run these programs.

After setting up the data files, it just seems that the directions become confusing. After generating say winning reports with all those columns then what? There are so many menu options when running the combinations. The tutorial does not really go step by step with these files to match the program. I am writing this because this lottery software seems to be the best on the market but without better directions I cannot use it. Any help would be appreciated. This is mainly for PICK-3 software. Thanks.

The latest version of MDIEditor and Lotto WE, including the freeware version (01) has a comprehensive help facility. The Windows help file is better and more comprehensive than in any previous versions of my lotto, lottery, gambling software.
Check also the Help page, the FTP download site, and this message board. You will probably find new information and useful tips. - Ion Saliu -

Lotto software tutorials for experts and non-experts alike.

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Reading the tutorials for LotWon lottery software if you are not a math expert.

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