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Posted by Ion Saliu on June 12, 2000.

In Reply to: Horseracing posted by Tycoon on June 12, 2000.

: I recently downloaded your software and I am still learning the ropes-our lottery in RSA only has 14 draws so far. Nevertheless I am also curious about the horse racing software. There are a number of statistical biases though not present in say lotteries-for instance in a handicap race where top horses carry the top weight and weaker horses the bottom in a sprint invariably the top horses come out. However over a marathon distance often the lower numbers feature. How does your system allow for this bias? Also the favourite number feature is useful in horesracing because occasionally a horse clearly outclasses its field but the win odds are not worth taking. In such a case playing it as a favourite number in a pick3 and 4 number scenario is useful. Different horse racing center stats would equate different lottery centers/states/countries I presume and the number of maximum horses the maximum number of balls. I want to apply the pick-3 and pick-4 software system. Incidentally we have a bet equivalent to the pick-6 lotto called a superfecta. The range of horses per race usually is ten to twenty so I will have to keep stats of races with x number of horses etc.


Okay, so everybody saw this one coming, too. The compressed package is LOTWONH. It expands to a package very similar to super pick3. I have studied horseracing for several years. The resemblance to the 3-digit lottery is striking! I have won a couple of times playing trifectas (boxed). Every track has a strong bias towards certain trifecta or exacta combinations.

For a while, I had discovered an even more extraordinary feature in horse-racing. If one keeps track of how people bet, in 90% of the cases the top three finishers are a combination of the top five betting choices! Trifectas such as 1-2-4 or 1-2-5 are the most frequent betting choices AND winners at all the tracks! The problem is, it is very difficult to keep accurate records of how people bet. The betting order changes every minute, sometimes. There is a website (, which publishes the results of horse racing in the U.S. The site lists the winners by the program number (the number you bet on at the window), and also by the BETTING RANK.

Since it is virtually impossible to keep accurate records of bet rankings BEFORE the race, I gave up that marvelous idea. Now, the only thing is to treat the horses as lottery numbers using the program numbers. All tracks publish the results using the program numbers. In rare cases, when you see a number such as 1A, you know it was coupled with horse #1, so you enter 1 in your data file.

The combination-generating horse racing software HORSES lets you play favorites. You can also discard of combinations of unlikely winners (based on the betting rankings). Normally, you wonít see the last three horses (as of betting choices) finishing as the top three. Nor will you see often combinations two-of-three of the worst choices. As of the top choices, you may always want to have as one favorite one of the top five betting choices.

There is no tutorial for the horse racing software, if I remember well (!). But I am sure the horse-racing enthusiasts will be able to work with LOTWONH. As I said before, trust your intelligence. I donít know why I get so irritated when people donít trust their own intelligence, but othersí. They should ask questions themselves first, before appealing to others. Put up some mental effort, their brains will be grateful for the exercise! The more mental effort, the younger one stays! Am I wrong in this regard?

Best of luck to you all!

Ion Saliu

Horseracing (software, systems) as the 3-digit lottery is unmistakable: trifectas and exactas.

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Win horse races, horseracing, horse racing, winning software.


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