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When LotWon, the best lottery and lotto software changes, the user must change all data and strategy files.

Posted by Ion Saliu on June 12, 2000.

ē Be sure that you always use the LATEST version of the lotto, lottery software. Next, donít mix up the versions. Apparently, you mixed up old ST3 lottery files with newer POWER-3 versions. Just look at the prompt screens of POWER3 and the contents of your ST3 lottery files. In Shelton Westís case, the ST3 file has only half of the entries required by POWER3 lottery software. The ST3 files have an EQUAL number of entries to the entries in the input (prompt) screens. The ST3 files are simply a shortcut: You have the entries on a disk file, instead of typing them at the prompt. I donít know how to make myself clearer than that.

Please put up more effort of your own, as 99% of the LotWon lottery software users have been doing.
For the 3-digit lottery, always use LOTWON3 from now on. Decompress it, install it and run it. It will work with your DATA3 and/or D3 files.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

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