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"My kingdom for a good lottery tutorial!"
Ion Saliu's Lottery Software Is Far Better Than Any Other Lotto Software In The World

Ion Saliu's Lottery Software Is Far Better Than Any Other Lotto Software.

Posted by Matt on June 14, 2001.

In Reply to: Please re-write the lotto software tutorials for LotWon software posted by Larry on June 13, 2001.

:I agree 200% . The lotto software seems to be great but very few know how to use it. There should be a new version of the tutorial with simpler steps so everybody can enjoy. Again we must praise Mr. Saliu for the free lotto software but if you are reading this please re write the tutorials for LotWon lottery software!

If this software is as good as I suspect, then forking out a little money for it, complete with step by step easy to understand directions, then it would be worth it. But I agree with you definitely Mr. Saliu seems to be on to something here compared to the useless so-called lotto "lottery systems" out there.

Saliu's lottery software is far better than any other lotto software.

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