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The Any and Ver filters in MDIEditor And Lotto

Any position and Vertical poasitional filters in MDIEditor Lotto.

Posted by El Loco on June 19, 2001.

By now, we all know that when you set the filter any 6 to a min. of 5 and a max. of 9, that one ends up with lotto combinations containing numbers from the 9 last lottery drawings.

Is this the same for ver 6 as well? For instance, set minver6 to 20 and maxver6 to 90. Does that mean you'll end up with lotto combinations that all have a value of 90 when it comes to ver6 ? Or could it be anything inbetween these values.

I know you said something in previous posts about not putting a maxver6 but hey, other than the occassional 10 or 965 (actual cases - Belgian lottery), values for ver 6 are pretty much in between 20 and 90...


btw - I am using Mdieditor and lotto version 8.0.

The Any and Ver filters in MDIEditor And Lotto.

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Lottery player from Belgium wants to learn more about effective filters in Lotto software.

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