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Reports of Fairness and Cheating in Online, Internet Gambling?

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

Do not play at any Internet casino as online gambling is fraudulent!

Posted on June 24, 2001; later updates.

The online, Internet casinos pay big money to reputable audit firms to get favorable reports. Such reports are superficial at best – perhaps as fraudulent as the online casino practices!

In Reply to: Online casinos have no chance but rob the players posted by Ion Saliu on June 21, 2001.

• To be fair, I insert here this report. The link I was directed to belongs to a cyber casino at EuroSeek: "The Gold Club Casino”. The link is dead by now!

The average payout in 2000 was 97.73%. The house edge was 2.27% -- sounds absolutely great! I would be a rich man by next year's end!

If 2.27% is true (very close to the house edge at French roulette), how can an online casino still offer a 10% referral incentive? The casino would operate at a LOSS of 10% - 2.27% = 7.73%!

Plus, the online gambling sites (casinos) offer a sign-up bonus. I received materials from a gambling site that offers, and I quote exactly: An incredible 125% in bonuses! 50% sign-up bonus, 50% reload bonus, 15% referral bonus, 10% gamblers insurance! That's absolutely insane! You start with $1000 and they give you $1250 extra to start gambling! Matter of fact, those outrageous bonus percentages keep skyrocketing! The bonus incentive reached 145% in 2009! It might as well go up to 200%! The gambler starts with $1000 and the online casino gives the player $2000 extra to start gambling!

Could it be honest? NOT! They don't give you such outrageous benefits in a physical casino! Why not? The brick-and-mortar casinos want customers as badly as the virtual casinos! Cheating must be performed at a huge scale in order to recuperate all that money in bonuses and then make a profit.

There are losing streaks and there are winning streaks — that's mathematics. The online casinos, however, grossly disregard probability theory. They established a "law" that "assures" very long losing streaks for the player — but never for the Internet gambling establishment. Don't give me that bull — the gambler's fallacy! If there is honesty, things should closely resemble the calculations of my probability software Streaks. There should be also a reversed gambler's fallacy, Lady Chance says!

Probability software proves how online gambling can cheat you of your money.

The physical casinos simply cannot perform cheating at such robbingly huge scale. First of all, the players can keep keen eyes on the casino dealers. The result of cheating can be tragic. We just heard of a murder case in Atlantic City, 2009. A disgruntled gambler shot dead a casino manager on the grounds of cheating! Sad, but true!

Yes, I state that even the brick-and-mortar casinos employ cheating. I referred many times on this site to the unfair slot machines. They are programmed to spit out a certain percentage in winnings based on the take-ins. That should be outlawed, as the player unassumingly expects a fairly random generator. Alas, the chips in the slot machines are programmed to do otherwise. Even the blackjack slot machines are outrageous, especially when the player bets the maximum amount.

Still, the physical casinos don't even compare to the robbery committed by online gambling outlets. Axiomatic one, allow me to paint the whole picture. The online casinos can be mercilessly beaten (read: bankrupted) by gamblers. The online gamblers can use their own software, invisible to the house. Read my experience with a program that assured every imaginable blackjack card count and calculation. The online gambling operators are aware of such grand-scale risks. Evidently, they employ a lot more powerful brute force. And thusly the Internet casinos continue to operate and make gigantic profits.

Who's kidding whom? I am totally skeptical of such reports. If you can trust the report, it's OK with me. Just read it between the lines. I do stay clear from all Internet casinos and online real-money gambling sites. I will not play there even if they were to give me thousands of dollars in bonuses. They know how to take back quickly all handovers — and then some!

Payouts Reviewed by PricewaterhouseCooper

Starting in November 1999 the payouts from Gold Club Casino are being
reviewed every month by the world's largest professional services
organization: PricewaterhouseCoopers.
PricewaterhouseCoopers has made an initial assessment of our gaming
operation and is now reviewing the results from the casino every month.
After each review PricewaterhouseCoopers will issue a report stating
the previous month's payout ratio. This report will be published on
this page (see below).

December, 2000 - 97.73%

Online casinos are reviewed or audited by reputable accounting firms, but incompletely.

Gold Club Casino is operated under a valid license by Boss Casinos Ltd.
Support Hot Line: +1-888-853-3720

Outrageous bonus percentages offered by online gambling industry raise eyebrows.

You can see here the compiled program that generates true (and fair!) random numbers. The source code can be easily adapted to serve many other purposes. My combinatorial software can even generate Enigma permutations as encryption keys.

Basic random number generator shows how to generate true random numbers in honesty.

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I don't trust online, Internet gambling, casinos because their software cheats.

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Gamblers always report fraud in Internet gambling, online casinos.


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The online, Internet casinos pay big money to reputable audit firms to get favorable reports.