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The lottery system based on the lotto sum-total UNDER 100 need be validated statistically

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Posted by DEZ ( ( on July 15, 2001.

In Reply to: 5% Frequency: The lowest lotto number in a lottery drawing is OVER 19 posted by DEZ on July 14, 2001.

: I forgot to state that of the 17 times the sum less than 100, 8 times within a skip of 4,etc. I forgot to put in the 8, so it read as if all 17 times were a trigger.
Here is an interesting note though. Of those 8 times that the highest ball less than 33, there was a repeated number from the trigger in all but 1 of the lotto combinations. That would be tremendous if it is valid.

Run a strategy 6 times, each time using a different ball from the trigger as a favorite. Just as important, we now have 5 more balls to eliminate, i.e. the other 5 from the trigger that we are not using as a favorite. So now, we have 24 lotto balls eliminated and a favorite. That is HUGE!
HOWEVER is this info valid ? I don't know. The sample size is very small. I need people from other states to run the test against their lotto games.

Ion had mentioned in his response (that he has since deleted), that at times a drawings last number will be 19 numbers below the maximum possible( e.g. in Illinois there are 52 balls, and at times the last number in a draw will be less than= 33).
: I looked at it from that angle, and had interesting results. In the last 360+ drawings in Illinois, 17 times the sum of the winning combination was less than 100. Of those times, within a skip of 4, the last lotto number in a winning combination was less than = 33.That is a tremendous improvement from trying to find a trigger on the low side (i.e. when the lowest number in a draw is less than 20.

: The drawback though is I have a small sample size. Although I am using over 360 drawings, I am not sure that it is enough to concretely say that whenever the sum of a draw is less than 100, almost 50% of the time a drawing will occur within a skip of 4 where the highest number is less than= 33.

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The lottery system based on the lotto sum-total UNDER 100.

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A tremendous strategy if validated statistically in more lotto games worldwide.


The strategy validated statistically in all lotto games.

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