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Freeware version MDI Editor and Lotto WE = lottery software excellence.

Written by Ion Saliu on February 10, 2002.

1) Have my freeware cover the Powerball games the same way as regular lottery games. The online generator is only an appetizer.

2) People from lower income countries cannot afford the license fee of “MDIEditor and Lotto WE”. Make a light version available as freeware, like "MDIEditor And Lotto" version 8.0.

I listen to reasonable requests. The result is MDIEditor and Lotto WE_01, version 0.1. Like version 8.0 of the freeware, “MDIEditor and Lotto WE_01” disables most of its filters in the lottery combination-generating modules. The statistical modules are fully implemented, however.

Other features are fully implemented: sorting, checking lottery strategies, checking winners, and checking for duplicates. The lotto odds calculators and random generators are fully implemented, including for Powerball and horseracing. A 'horseracing 4' was added to handle the highly paid 'superfecta' betting. Superfecta ('the top 4 finishers in order') is offered more and more at the U.S. tracks. It pays quite often in the 5-figure range!

The statistical modules create also my 'wonder grid'. It consists of each lottery number/digit and its top pairings. For example, the 'wonder grid' of a lotto 6/49 game consists of 49 lines. Each line starts with each lotto number, followed by its top 5 (most frequent) lotto pairings.

The concept was presented on the message board:
Lotto system: Play top 10% of lotto number pairs;
Lottery Pairs System, Lotto Pair Strategy.

The strategy is slightly better than random selection when playing for lower prizes, such as '4 of 6'. It is, however, hugely better when aiming at the jackpot. Everybody should be aware of this truth. Lottery is not meant for lower tier prizes. The only reason for playing the lottery is the jackpot. In such a case, winning lower prizes now and then should be considered just a bonus.

The software implements now a more sophisticated randomizing feature. It is very much user-specific, in addition to time specific. Somebody compared the new random results with the UK lotto draws. Statistically, the two types of combinations were very consistent to each other.

The editor itself underwent some great improvements. Not only does it look great, it also performs better. There is a new and much needed feature: 'Goto line'. It simplifies navigation in huge lottery files. MDIEditor and Lotto WE (including _01) has become an HTML editor as well. I edit a lot of HTML files. I wanted to stay in “MDIEditor and Lotto WE” while performing HTML editing. The editor now colors the HTML tags. One can also load a special file with the essential HTML tags and special characters. Simple copy-and-paste makes it very easy to create/edit web documents. Wanna scare off would-be pirates of your great creations? Just press Ctrl+H, then copy-and-paste ©  (sp. char. 169) and/or ® (sp. char. 174)!

•• Users of the licensed version of "MDIEditor and Lotto WE" (1.0_WE) you will get the upgrade (v1.1_WE) for free! Just be patient, will you? And be sure your email account at is empty! I meant EMPTY! I will not try to send your lottery software package more than TWO times!

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Freeware MDIEditor and Lotto WE is lottery software excellence.

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Full-blown freeware version of MDI Editor and Lotto WE = lottery software excellence.


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