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Dart roulette probability, odds, house edge, payouts.

Written by Ion Saliu on October 15, 2001; later updates.

I receive quite often messages on various games. People ask me for systems, free if possible. It is all right for anybody to ask me for a freebie first. Of course, if I reply NO, then insisting has no effect.

After my newsgroup postings on the bureaucratic odds I received more messages on my software and systems. The “trigger” was my usage of the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) and how random numbers repeat. FFG undeniably shows that in 50% of the cases, the numbers repeat after a number of tries (draws, spins, hands, tosses, etc.) LESS THAN or EQUAL TO the probability median. The probability median is calculated as the number of trials N for a degree of certainty DC = 50%.

Furthermore, FFG shows that only a limited number of favorable outcomes show up within total number of possible outcomes. I used two examples in my posting: roulette (straight-up bet) and pick-3 (straight combination). Math-savvy readers realize that the repeat bias calculated by FFG can be of sizable advantage to the player. Accordingly, some ask me for a sure-fire winning system. I received an interesting message on…dart! I never played that game. It seems that dart can be used as makeshift roulette! Here is the message that presents an amazingly ingenious game:

I analyzed more thoroughly both real life roulette spins and real pick-3 draws. The results are even more favorable to the player then I had thought. Initially I thought that around 692 unique (distinct) pick-3 combinations will show up within the previous 1000 lottery draws. (There are 1000 total possible or probable outcomes in the pick-3 lottery.) Unquestionably, all pick-3 combinations have the same probability p=1/1000. FFG takes into account this very important factor, p.

Nevertheless, FFG demonstrates that the pick-3 combinations repeat irregularly, despite their equal probabilities. I have a large database of pick-3 draws (over 3000 in Pennsylvania lottery). I used the LotWon report generator (SUPER3) and the combination generator (POWER-3). The pick-3 straight-up bet is designated as TOT or Total in LotWon. If I set MAXIMUM_TOTAL_1 to 1001 in POWER-3, the program will generate only combinations that came out in the last 1000 draws.

Traditionally, users expect a number of 1000 distinct combinations, since the combinations have an equal probability, 1/1000. On the other hand, I thought previously that only 692 unique combinations would be generated. The results are even better from a player's perspective. Consistently, only around 630 combinations are generated! It makes sense! Some combinations will repeat more than once! Thus, FFG can be used one step further. Among the 692 combinations more likely to repeat (the 1st step of FFG), some will repeat again, and probably again (the 2nd step in FFG). The difference 692 – 630 = 62 is represented by multiple-repeat combinations.

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Dart roulette probability, odds, house edge, payouts.

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