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Post, Posting to World Message Board, Forum Suspended.

Posted by Ion Saliu ( ( on March 20, 2002.

I decided to suspend the posting feature of this message board.
I need the time to take a cold-headed look at my software. Probably it has bugs no more. It may have some quirks here and there, as some users are still reporting. There are also quirks in the first version of the 32-bit DOS compiler. I have ordered the latest release of the powerful Basic compiler (Power Basic Console Compiler PBCC v3.0). Right now, my software is not available for licensing.

If you experience problems installing my software (freeware), please read again the introduction to the download site. You are definitely in the minority. If you try to download, install, or run my software on a network you may be out of luck! I'm not sure it helps to kick the administrator's tail-endÖ

On the other hand, not every visitor to this place has the best of the intentions. There are too many bastards. Long live cyber democracy! I don't have enough time now to kick the rear-end of each and every one of them. The forum gets littered, looks ugly, and makes hard to find the useful stuff.

I will maintain, however, this website, its ftp downloads, and the message board in the current condition. The messages here can serve as additional help on using my software. I know, some will be disappointed that is still up and running. The site was on the brink of collapse, but it survived.

For the time being, thatís how itís going to be. Incidentally, I will delete some more messages soon. Only useful information will be preserved.

Thanks to all wonderful people who visit my website and take the time to read a huge volume of ideas.

Ion Saliu

The World Message Board forum: Lotto, lottery, gambling, software suspended posting.

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NO Posting to World Message Board, Forum Suspended.


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