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Improve the Efficiency of Big-Number Lotto Wheels – WHEEL-49.36 3in6 Minimum Guarantee

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Wheeling Software

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Written on June 23, 2000.

• WHEEL49.36 represents a static lotto system: Its composition never changes. On the other hand, a dynamic lotto system changes with every lottery drawing. I say it one more time: to dynamically wheel all the numbers in your lotto game, use the utility WHEEL-6.

There are ways, however, to make a static system perform better. Essentially, you can play fewer lotto combinations. One such way reflects the idea of a frequent participant in rec.gambling.lottery: Royce Penny. He wanted a 42-number lotto wheel to use in his 49-number lotto-6 game. He noticed that 40% of the time a drawing does not repeat any lottery number (including the bonus) from the previous drawing. So, 49 – 7 = 42 lotto numbers to play. The 42-number wheel consists of 252 combinations (compared to 416 for the 49-number system).

Evidently, in 40% of the time, the 42-number lotto wheel WILL offer better prizes than the 49-number wheel. I expect that also the probability to hit the jackpot will increase. The difficulty of this method is RE - WHEELING the lottery numbers. The 42-wheel changes from lotto drawing to lotto drawing, and you have to wheel the new 42 numbers again and again. My advice is you SHUFFLE the set of the 42 numbers, instead of re-wheeling them in sorted order. This way you could improve even further the jackpot probability. Royce Penny promised to report the results of his analysis.

The best way to improve the efficiency of a static wheel is to PURGE it based on the W6 reports. Use the newly uploaded lotto software utility PURGE-6. The program does not generate combinations. Instead, PURGE-6 checks every line of an output file (like WHEEL-49.36) against the usual file D6 and based on the lottery filters a user sets. Based on the filters, a combination from the output file is either eliminated, or kept in the system. For example, WHEEL-49.36 had 40 4-winners against a real data file. Using PURGE-6, I set the Four lotto filter to 40. The lotto program eliminates 40 combinations from WHEEL49.36 lotto wheel. The system has now 416 – 40 = 376 combinations. It is unlikely that those 4-winner-combinations will repeat any time soon. You can choose any other filters based on your W6 reports (generated by SUPER-6 and analyzing your D6 file). A caveat: PURGE-6 lotto software is an older program and uses some filters that I eliminated from the newer programs. Just ignore them. Use only the filters in the W6 files that are also used in PURGE-6. I already changed the design of all LotWon software. I don’t want to go back to the old code.

••• Outdated material. For latest, read:
The myth of lotto wheels or abbreviated lotto systems; Fundamental Formula of Lottery Wheeling; and WHEEL632 and SUPER632 lotto wheeling software.

The static lottery wheels only make money for those who sell lotto software. The lotto wheels and wheeling are the essence of all lottery software, except for LotWon. Some pushed the envelope so hard, that everything in lottery is now a...wheel! It is the only justification left for most lottery software packages. They say now full lotto wheels. That's an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. The lotto wheels are, in fact, reduced lotto systems. Wheeling lotto numbers is a way of reducing the number of combinations to play, instead of playing all lotto numbers in a set. They can't have it both ways: full and reduced!

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How to improve the efficiency of lotto wheels for big numbers (with many lotto combinations).