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CoolRevGui: The Definitive File Reverser and Text Viewer Software - Comments

By Ion Saliu, Software Developer

GUI File Reverser, Text, File, Viewer, Software.

Written on December 8, 2002 (2 WE).

Any comments welcome...

To further Ion's post...

It's not exactly a marine lab, it's a signal-processing lab with great ties to Underwater Acoustics.

I welcome any comments on CoolRevGui...just mail them to:


This is the preferred address because of space and ease of access considerations.

Cristiano Lopes
System engineer, computer programmer.

• You trying to be 100% precise, as all true computer programmers are! Might be impossible... I thought “maritime” was the most encompassing term; it would include “sub-aquatic”, without implying necessarily military.

As I emailed you (before changing the keyboard!), your app is great. I overlooked something when I decided to give up C++ and stick with Basic strictly. You wrote a Windows application very much like writing a DOS program. Just statements, without graphical placing of GUI controls. I admit, I am surprised that CoolRevGui is as small in size as my 32-bit DOS UPDOWN! As fast, as well! I might have been able to write MDIEditor entirely as your CoolRevGui. Unfortunately, VB automatically adds 2+ MB, even if the processing code is only 1 byte!

Anyway, since you are the first, keep going on. Please make your application the best text viewer out there. Let the user choose a maximized window for best viewing. Add also the “shuffle” option to reversing. And keep the “reverse/shuffle” options active, so that the user can reverse or shuffle a file as many times as desired.

And there we have it: An ideal application for a couple of tasks.

Ion Saliu

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