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By Ion Saliu,
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This message board started way back (by Internet standards) in 1999. It was the first form of blogging express truth in its raw form, including the most intimate thoughts and feelings and life events.

The message board reached pretty quickly 1000 posts or messages! I had to turn it off in the year of grace 2002 CE. By the way -

It is a real shame and an offense to humanity for the Western civilization to add the Christ implication to nominating years in history.

The Western World, being predominantly Christian, adds BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini) to years. It is wrongly assumed that AD represents the era beginning with the birth of the mythical Jesus of Nazareth, considered by the Christians to be the Christ or Messiah.

In truth (historical truth, that is), the numbering of years starts with the first Roman Emperor Octavianus Augustus. More specifically, year #1 of Our Era or Common Era (wrongly identified as Anno Domini or the Year of Christ) represents a specific moment in history regarding the reign of Augustus.

Octavianus Augustus, the wise statesman that he was, wanted to give up his dictatorial powers, especially the command over the armies of Rome in the war against Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra. The Senate of Rome was frightened that relinquishing his wise guardianship of the state would bring tragedy, yet again, to Rome! (David Potter, "Emperors of Rome".) The Roman Senate endowed Octavianus with many powers, including the title Augustus (revered personage).

The most important power the Roman Senate endowed Octavianus Augustus was tribunicia potestas. It was a very important power, for it applied to the City of Rome, where the whole power game was played. Octavianus Augustus had the power to veto any action taken by another magistrate. Opposing Octavianus would have been considered a crime against the gods.

The Common Era (CE) of history starts when Octavianus Augustus assumed tribunicia potestas ("powers of tribune"). Such powers had never before been available to patricians (Roman aristocracy), as Octavianus was. It is Year One of Common Era (CE). It started the shortest century in human history. Common Era begins at Year #1, instead of 0 (zero). The first century of Common Era has 99 years. All other centuries have 100 years, as they start, correctly, with zero (e.g. 1900 to 1999).

Where does the mythical Jesus of Nazareth fit in? His undocumented birth would fall in 6 or 7 BCE (Before Common Era); his death would fall in 26 or 27 CE. Don't forget that the Romans were also great historians. An event as the one the Gospels describe would have led to at least one monumental book of history written by contemporary Romans real Romans of that era!

I strongly believe that the Christian Civilization terribly offends the rest of humanity by dating years (and history) relatively to the mythical founder of Christianity. Even if he were for real, Jesus had nothing to do with Year One of Common Era (also known as Our Era in other cultures).

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