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Brain Waves, Mind, Communication, Body Language, Behavior

By Ion Saliu, Mindfully At-Large

Brain waves, mind, communication, body language, behavior, science, philosophy.

The questions are legitimate and very sincere. The genuine sincerity of the message compelled me to leave the English unedited. Humans always expect ideas to be validated by reality. We have always moved forward because of our capacity to create ideas and because reality validates some. I declare on this Web site and try to prove that gambling is a science and that I have created the tools to win consistently. In reality, however, I live in poverty. There you have it: a huge contradiction.

I am offering a brief explanation not because of a feeling of guilt. This website is arguably the birthplace of the blog. Many consider Ion Saliu to be the forefather of blogging. I have hardly been accused of deceit. Virtually everybody realizes that my efforts and intentions are genuine and have intrinsic value. In order to win, one must play; in order to play, one must have a discretionary capital, i.e. a sum of money one can live without. As you have read above, beginning 1997, I barely had money of any kind. Jobless for a long time, I was even forced to apply for public assistance. I also accumulated debt. The jobs I was able to get beginning 1997 barely made ends meet. Working long overtime hours, I had a few moments of seeing modest savings in my account. Then, at least twice a year, my beat-up car would suck-up all those hard-earned savings!

Beginning June 1999, I finally landed a job with a better pay. I figured out, by the end of 1999 I would have acceptable savings in order to use my gambling tools with consistent results. My dream ended on July 13, 1999! I couldn't believe I would ever have such an employment nightmare! My working experience with that better paying job could be described as "five weeks in hell". There was nothing wrong with the job per se, or with the company. I worked as hard as I always do. The supervising team was really pleased with my job. Some of my colleagues, however, were as mean as I had never seen before. I have never seen more hostility and anger towards me. It happened every night of the workweek, every single night. There was no reason for that, since the negative reaction towards me started from the very beginning, before people knowing anything about me. Again, the supervising team was also puzzled by such a reaction. I made serious efforts to overcome the reaction. I frequently used meditation to control the challenge. Unfortunately, things didn't change and I had to leave the place. Once again, I'm faced with a financial challenge.

As always, I have been able to draw some positive insights from that experience. Negative reactions towards me had occurred before. The explanation I drew was simple: some people (especially blue-collar) realize that I am not in the right place. I let people know that I have special interests; therefore my presence among them irritates some. If I am who I appear to be, I ought to go to a place that's right for me! I understand to some extent such a reaction. The last case was very different. The negative reaction started from the very beginning. Nobody had a chance to know anything about my interests, nothing about my computer or creative endeavors.

I am trying now an unorthodox explanation. There are no tools to date to detect brain currents or waves outside the brain. I am trying to hint that the human brains might be able to communicate with one another via electro-magnetic signals! Something similar to radio signals. Again, there are no instruments to measure, not even to detect such signals. Please bear with me a little longer.

As I informed you, I do practice meditation very often. I also get frequently in alpha and theta states of mind (brain waves with specific frequencies). I use sometimes audio-video brainwave machines. I probably created zones in my brain, which are capable of emitting stronger currents. Perhaps other brains are capable of detecting these stronger currents and react to the messages they detect. These reactions occur only in persons in the close group I am with. Meanwhile, I do not receive any brain messages, my reactions towards others tend to remain constant. Also worth noting, this phenomenon does not take place between distant persons and me. Sometimes the signals from my brains generate very positive reactions. It usually happens with some of my female colleagues, even before exchanging any words. I know this theory sounds strange. Using Socrates' dialectic, I look at the entire theory from the opposite angle. What appears to be brain communication is actually what they call "body language". Our bodies could express sometimes messages deeply encrypted in our brains. Who knows...

Maybe the research departments of some universities know more facts about related phenomena (brainwaves, etc.) Soon after I posted the info in this table, I noticed several visits from the medical departments of several well-known universities. I assume they conduct research in the field of brainwaves and the possibility of energy exchange between brains. I am sure this type of research is conducted on a large scale. Even CIA and the U.S. military implemented similar projects for many years. In some points, the CIA project entered the paranormal territory (clairvoyance, telepathy, etc.) The programs were abandoned and declassified. They are now known as remote viewing.

Here are a few more facts about myself. I am most of the time in an alpha state of mind. Many years of practice allow me to easily lower my brainwaves frequency from beta to alpha. I look relaxed and even serene most of the time. Sometimes my serene look irritates some persons who are usually in an alert beta state. It's the kind of people who never take an orderly and calm approach to their job or other things in life. I also show a lot of stamina. I was asked point-blank several times if I have been using narcotic drugs. I have never used drugs. Actually, I have seen drugs only on TV or in movies. I took three drug tests in 1999 as employment requirements. I was totally clean every time. I have no other addictions. I do not smoke. I can go without a drop of alcohol for weeks, even months.

I have no gamble addiction. I have gambled very little and just won a little more than that. I am not addicted to the computer, either. I do not use my home computer more than two hours a day, on the average. I am a very fast and efficient programmer, reusing a lot of code (my code and others' code, in public domain). I know now that I am predisposed to alpha because my brain is predisposed to creating new ideas. I have moments in which my brain demands solitude. The human brain is the most selfish human organ. For example, it consumes around 40% of human body energy! It also requires spending extra time by itself, as in my case, and others'. Hope the universities will tell us more about their brain research. I would open this Web site to their materials...

It may well be that the Fear and Survival system is always at work. Including situations when we think we send negative messages to others via unconscious channels. Probably I dealt with persons with low self-esteem in all the cases I described. It may also be that the persons with low self-esteem have high goals or ambitions. Then all of a sudden an immigrant shows up. His presence causes an unwanted reality check. In any society, the immigrant has always been at the low end of the social scale. That's how many people perceive an immigrant. It is a common view. I have no problem with that.

Then the immigrant comes in contact with a person with somehow high ambitions or goals or expectations. I speak with an accent and many believe I am from many countries of the world. In fact, my English sounds “like in school”. “This immigrant speaks like an educated person. He knows more things than I know.” Moreover, the immigrant has special skills: Computing. This immigrant perceived low and humble speaks like a doctor and is also computer literate! I simply shook perceptions. As false as they may be, a few people cannot handle shaken perceptions. They simply lose the handle!

This reaction is the result of a conflict between a person's strong perceptions, low self-esteem, high expectations, and a reality check. A person with high expectations or ambitions is usually considered a big ego. A big ego with low self-esteem is usually aggressive towards another ego with better Survival elements. By contrast, a big ego with high self-esteem is in competition with himself/herself only.

I can't comprehend how brainwaves or body language would work over the Internet. I have attracted so much more hatred over the Internet than in any other place! I received incredibly hateful messages as soon as I published the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). One person, who strongly reacted to FFG, came back and begged me twice to remove it from my Web site! There is another hateful act on the Internet with a morbid reaction when FFG is mentioned. Somebody said that person was the first man killed by a formula!

The body language is excluded, since we all are “invisible” on the Internet.

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Brain waves, mind, communication, behavior.

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Ion Saliu raises questions on brain waves, mind, behavior.