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New Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Big Fiasco, Again!

By Ion Saliu, Truth-Browser At-Large

The new Mozilla Firefox 3 Web browser is yet another fiasco.

I found out that the new version of Firefox was released.

I just installed Firefox 3. I shut down and restarted my PC. I had expected better.

I don't understand stupidity and bullishness.

But first, the positives.

1) Firefox 3 starts faster — but still 4-5 times slower than IE7! My IE7 has 3 home pages at start-up, compared to Firefox 3's one-only startup page. I haven't found a way to have more than one home page at start-up in Firefox 3. Yet, IE7 is much faster with 3 home pages that Firefox 3 with just one startup page!

2) The look in Firefox 3 is improved. It looks more modern than those gross symbols in previous incarnations. I don't care that Firefox 3 stole a lot from IE7 imaging!

Now, back to reality.

3) This point is still the WORST regarding Firefox 3. NO OBJECT meta tag working! Are they, the Mozilla Firefox guys, that stupid or incompetent? I can implement the OBJECT feature in any browser in a day, if I were to offer a Web browser! If it were not stupidity or incompetence, it must be moral bullishness.

Google shows that tendency lately. They say that, for moral reasons, they don't accept online gambling in Google ads. They still show such ads! But what morality is Google talking about? They ban, in CHINA, all web sites that the Communist government of China requires to be banned! Google follows like a little puppy! Yet, Google decides that it is immoral to email EXE attachments! If I email or accept EXE attachments — I know what I am up to. I am a mature individual and I know how to take my chances. Yet, Google condones government policies that send innocent individuals to harsh-labor camps…even to execution! How's that for safety … and morality?!

Why doesn't Firefox run ActiveX controls (in OBJECT meta tags)? They would tell you that you are a stupidiot who doesn't know how to take care of your system! In fact, they are the stupidiots who are incapable of implementing the OBJECT meta tag in their browser. Or, if they can, they must be that breed of pathetic moralists like the Googles. They might say:

“Implementing the OBJECT meta tag is immoral because it is dangerous. But banning websites that expose the execution of innocent humans is moral! Morality is what makes tons of money!”

I've already seen much more that I can take in Firefox 3. I start the browser, and it keeps warning me of so many add-ons that are not available! Why addons? IE7 doesn't require any add-ons! IE7 has it all right in there, in that desktop shortcut!

Ion Saliu,
Truth-Browser At-Large
The sleep of Reason bears monsters: The Internet search fiasco.

Firefox 3 starts faster — but still 4-5 times slower than Internet Explorer 7.

The WORST regarding Firefox 3. NO OBJECT meta tag working

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