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Download effective software for lotto, lottery, pick 3 4 lotteries, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, SuperLotto, Keno games, lotto wheeling programs.

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        • Moreover, most software titles at this Web site, founded on mathematics, are absolutely unique. You will not find similar lottery applications regardless of prices. Mind you, "lotto software" from others will cost you even $200... Just for collections of lottery drawings (that are otherwise free to copy-and-paste over the Internet!)
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        • Unless otherwise indicated, the applications available for downloading here are compiled as 32-bit software. The software runs under all 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Highly recommended to read the fundamentals:
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Reviews, presentation of lotto programs, lottery software, run free with membership.

Bright is the best software for lotto jackpot games and effective lottery software for pick 3 4.

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All standalone programs listed below are automatically included in the Bright software bundles.

Calculate lexicographic order indexes for lotto drawings, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Download DrawIndex
This unique lotto software program opens a lottery data file (past drawings or past winning numbers) and calculates the combination lexicographical order for every draw in the specified range. The rank, or index, or lexicographical order, or combination sequence number (CSN) is written to a new file, next to the corresponding lottery draw. Applicable to most lotto game formats: lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, plus 5+1 Powerball / Mega Millions, and 5+2 Euromillions. Read the article: Calculate the Combination Lexicographical Order of Lotto Data Files.

            Powerball Lexicographic Order of Drawings
            File: C:\PBALL\PA59-35 ~ Date: 06-28-2013
            Game Type: 5 / 59 / 35 
            Total Combinations in the Game:  175,223,510

 Draw     D R A W I N G      Lexicographical   Difference From  % Difference /
  no.                            Order          Previous Draw    Total Combos

    1   13 19 23 33 57  28     123786313          39560091          22.58%
    2    7 46 47 52 57  17      84226222         -84704254         -48.34%
    3   28 36 40 48 55   1     168930476          29964694          17.1 %
    4   16 22 23 42 55  32     138965782         117392848          67.  %
    5    2 11 22 26 32  19      21572934         -30361113         -17.33%
    6    4 26 33 36 55  32      51934047        -106840072         -60.97%
    7   22 28 33 53 59  14     158774119          63325757          36.14%
    8    9 14 17 49 57   2      95448362          77394147          44.17%
    9    2  6 19 21 27  25      18054215         -82219271         -46.92%
   10    9 31 35 41 57  26     100273486          -1976365          -1.13%

In 4 out of 10 Powerball lottery drawings, the winning combination was between indexes 100,000,000 and 160,000,000, with at least 1 drawing between hits (the skip of the lottery strategy). The skip = 2 sometimes, therefore 2 drawings can be skipped after a win (hit). Another lotto program, Combinations, can generate Powerball (also Megamillions and Euromillions) combinations between any lexicographic ranges (indexes). Furthermore, other programs in the Bright software packages or MDIEditor And Lotto can purge output files (or reduce the amount of combinations to play) by applying unique dynamic filters (restrictions). Best way to go with lottery games of humongous odds!

Generate lottery, lotto combinations, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Download Combinations combinatorics software.
Combinations: Software to generate combinations of any N taken M at a time in steps from 1 to C(N,M). The program looks at all the combinations in the set, in lexicographical order. For example, in a 10/6 game, there are 210 combinations, C(10,6); if step=90, then only the combinations index #1, #91 and #181 will be generated. The generation always starts at index #1. The default step is 1: no skipping; i.e. all the combinations in the set will be generated. The program also covers the Powerball-type of games (sets of numbers where the last number can be equal to any of the preceding numbers); Euromillions too.
Read more on the latest features: The Universal Combinations Generator For Lotto, Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions Games: N Numbers Taken M at a Time, in K Steps and Software, Algorithms to Generate Exponents, Permutations, Arrangements, Combinations, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Run the most powerful lottery software tools.

Download BreakDownNumbers lotto tool software.
Break Down Numbers app takes one or more lines consisting of numbers and breaks down each line into smaller number-groups: from 1-number groups to groups of 7 numbers per combination (line).
The integers in the original lines must be in text format, the numbers being separated by spaces or commas; 1, 2, 3 ... or 1 2 3 ...
Each number-group will be sorted in ascending order (per line); the duplicate groups will be stripped; i.e. all combinations will be unique.
Read more on the message board: "Strategy Error: Pairs, Triples, Quads, Quints".

Download lottery software, lotto wheels, tools.

Download FileLines
The lottery, lotto software writes to disk the lines of specified indexes in a file, usually a strategy file created by STRAT*. This represents one situation when working with LotWon and also MDIEditor And Lotto. For example: You created the WS files in the command prompt LotWon. You also generated the statistical reports in MDIEditor & Lotto. You then created the strategy file for the stats in MDIEditor And Lotto. You can't have one strategy file across the two platforms. You want to see the same line numbers in WS files for a more comprehensive strategy. Read all information: Cross-reference lottery strategy files created by LotWon and MDIEditor Lotto.
Download also a sample input file: INP-FILE.TXT.

Lottery, Lotto Software -- Tools, Utilities, Free Downloads.

* Download WheelCheck5
* Download WheelCheck6
— Software to verify lotto wheels for missing combinations; it also generates lotto 5 and lotto-6 systems. Read more in the article: Software to verify lotto wheels for missing combinations and generate lotto-6 systems.

Lexicographic wheeling software: Wheels for lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Download LexicoWheels
The best generator of lotto wheels based on lexicographical indexing; applies to any lotto, Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.
Read the following article:
Comprehensive Generating: Exponents, Permutations, Arrangements, Combinations, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horseracing.

Lottery wheeling software converts lotto wheels to play tickets.

Download LottoWheeler.
The best and most comprehensible 'lotto wheeler' - an application to substitute theoretical system numbers by a user's lotto picks.
The program takes a source wheel file with theoretical numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. The user types her/his picks - the lotto/Powerball or Mega Millions numbers to play. The picks replace the numbers in the original lotto system file. Finally, the software saves the new lotto combinations to a destination file. Lotto Wheeler works with any text file, with up to 100 numbers per combination and thousands of lotto combinations (lines).

Please read the following messages:
Lotto Wheeling Software, LottoWheeler: Lottery Wheels to Play Slips, Cards.
The myth of lotto wheels or abbreviated lotto systems.

Download freeware: Lottery, Lotto Software, Wheels, Utilities.

* Download FillWheel
The best and most comprehensible lotto wheeler - an application that substitutes theoretical system numbers by lottery player's picks.
The program takes a source lotto wheel file with theoretical lotto numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. The only field delimiters accepted by the program are commas and blank spaces. Many lotto wheels are available for free with this piece of lottery software.

  • Lotto Wheeling Software, LottoWheeler: Lottery Wheels to Play Slips, Cards.

    Lottery, Lotto Software -- Tools, Utilities, Free Downloads.

    * Download DatePick3: Lottery software that simulates EXACTLY dates and pick-3 combinations. Inspired by the New York draw 9-1-1 on September 11, 2002.
    Date Pick-3 has two functions: generate dates in one column; generate pick-3 combinations in the second column. The dates follow the US format: 'month/day'. The dates start at 101 (January 1) and end at 1231 (December 31). The program does not consider the leap years. The program runs continuously in cycles of 365 days, until the user stops the execution (pressing X or the function key F10). The lottery date-combination lines are saved to disk. The file looks like:
    101 093
    1231 345

    The second function opens the output file and records all occurrences when the date and the pick-3 lottery combination are equal. Thus, only the 911-on-September-11-type of occurrences are counted.
    I ran Date-Pick3 many times. The program generated and checked millions of pick 3 combinations and dates. There are occurrences of date-equal-to-the-combination. The probability of such patterns is not 1/1000; it is closer to 1/1216. The difference is caused by the dates that can be expressed only as 4-digit numbers. 365/273 * 1000 = 1337 to 1.
    Read more on the latest features: Probability, Odds of New York Lottery Draw 911 on September 11.

    * DatePick4: Computer program that simulates EXACTLY dates and pick-4 lottery combinations. Inspired by the New York Lottery drawing 9-1-1 on September 11, 2002.
    Both programs are now components of the Bright pick lottery packages.

    Download freeware: Lottery, Lotto Software, Wheel, Wheeling Utilities.

    Download SUMS lottery, lotto software calculates and/or generates the combinations that add-up to a certain sum-total. It handles: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball '5+1', Euromillions '5+2', Quinto 5-digit lottery. The program has a fast option: only calculates the amount of combinations that add-up to a sum-total. In addition, the program can generate the combinations and save them to file. The file naming is smarter; it uses the game type and the sum-total.
    The program has another nice feature. It can take a lottery data file and add-up each draw. The user can see the streaks of the sum-totals. Be sure to save the sum file under a different name in order to preserve the original data file!
    Finally, the application calculates meaningful statistics for lotto, lottery data files: sum-totals, root sum (Fadic addition), average, standard deviation, average deviation from mean average, average of deltas.
    Read more: Lottery software for sum-totals, sums, odd – even patterns.

    Lotto software checks if your lottery numbers hit any winners.

    Download WINNERS: Lottery, lotto software checks for winning combinations in output files. It handles pick-3, pick-4, horse racing (trifectas), lotto-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Quinto 5-digit lottery.
    Read more: Wonder Grid: Worst-Case Scenario in Lotto, Lottery, Software, Systems.

    Lottery software generates lotto wheels on the fly, balanced, randomized.

    * WHEEL-5; WHEEL-6; WHEELS. These are combination-generating lottery, lotto software for the lotto-5 and lotto-6 games. They generate so-called "wheels" or abbreviated lotto systems.
    Highly recommended to use the newer LOTTO-6 instead of WHEEL-6 or WHEElS. See file description.
    No longer available separately. They are now integrated in the most comprehensive and powerful lotto 5 and lotto-6 software on the market: Bright lotto software, including lottery wheeling.

    Run special lottery software to check the files of your lottery drawings, draws.

    Download PARSEL is the first lottery, lotto software that corrects most errors in lottery draw files. It handles pick-3, pick-4, lotto-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball, Mega Millions, Big Game, Euromillions, and horse racing. The program makes sure that the lottery draws files comply with the LotWon requirements. For example, a lotto 6/49 data file must have exactly 6 unique numbers per line; every number must be in the range 1 to 49; the file must not have any blank lines. The lottery program does not change the data files; rather, it creates a log file listing all erroneous lines and the specific problems.

    Avoid lottery wheels - they skip the lotto jackpot!

    Download SORTING lottery, lotto software sorts the combinations in ascending order. It handles lotto-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Quinto 5-digit lottery.
    The improved version formats also the pick-3, pick-4 and horse racing (trifectas) data files.
    The application can catch some errors in your data files: empty lines or too few entries per line (e.g. 5 or 4 numbers per draw, instead of EXACTLY 6 for lotto-6). The program will back up the original lottery data files before sorting them.

    You need to download the batch file Download COPIER.BAT as it is required by SORTING to create a .BAK file of the original.

    Lottery, lotto software ranks numbers are ranked by frequency from hot to cold.

    Download FrequencyRank: Software to generate frequency reports two ways:
    1.- Regardless of position;
    2.- Position by position.
    The numbers are ranked by frequency in descending order. The software covers Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horse Racing, Roulette, NFL Football, Quinto 5-digit lottery.

    Lottery program, lotto software creates systems for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

    Download SkipSystem: Software to automatically create lotto, lottery, gambling systems derived from skips and based on the FFG median. The heart of this system is the skip, more precisely the last two skips for each lotto game. Those are the first two or three values of the skip report that starts every lotto, lottery numbers.
    Read more on the latest features: Skip Systems Software for Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horse Racing, Roulette.

    Lottery software analyzes the skips or gaps of lottery numbers: how many drawings a number missed.

    * Download SKIPS: Lottery, lotto software generates two skipping reports on pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto–7, Powerball/Mega Millions, and Euromillions. A draw like:
    '13 16 23 28 31 32' shows a string of skips like:
    3 6 1 4 7 8 | 20 18 1 18 8 8. Meaning:
    number 13 was also drawn 3 draws back; 20 draws back in 1st position;
    number 16 was also drawn 6 draws back; 18 draws back in 2nd position;
    number 23 was also drawn 1 draw back; 1 draw back in 3rd position, etc.
    The draw file must be sorted in ascending order first!
    The second report shows the skips of every lotto-6/lotto-5 number, regardless of position and position by position.
    Read more on the latest features: Lottery and roulette skips software.

    Calculate the odds, probability of most lotto and lottery games.

    Download ODDSCALC probability theory software.
    The program calculates all the odds in lotto games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions Keno, following the official method used by the lottery commissions.
    The user should be informed that some lotto cases are impossible (such as EXACTLY 1 of 6 or 0 of 6 in 6/9 or 6/10 "lotto" games).

    The best lottery software as combination generator for any number or lotto game.

    * Download BELLOTTO. The program generates lottery and lotto combinations within the bell (Gauss) curve, 20 around the median. The median is calculated automatically by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling. The application handles: lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball-6, Megamillions.

    Unique software shuffles or randomizes lotto numbers, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno.

    Download Shuffle
    This is a general-purpose shuffling lottery, lotto, gambling software: lottery random generation and text files scrambling. The program applies three methods of randomization or shuffling.
    Read more: True Random Number Generator: Software Source Code, Algorithms and FORMULA, SuperFormula, Shuffle: The Definitive Probability, Statistics, Gambling Software.

    The lottery wonder grid was discovered by Ion Saliu in Grid lotto software.

    * Download GridCheck632
    The lotto software checks the past performance of the lottery wonder grid files of lotto-6 for various draw ranges. The program starts a number of draws back in the draw history and creates 3 GRID6 files: for N*1, N*2, N*3 draws. N represents the biggest number in the lotto game. Read: Winning reports for the wonder grid for very important details.

    Special lottery software reverses order in lotto data files or text files.

    Download UPDOWN, lottery software, text file reverser.
    The lottery, lotto software that reverses the order in ASCII files: The bottom of the file becomes the top of a new file.
    Useful application in arranging the lottery data files in the order required by LotWon software. Nasty lottery sites publish lottery histories in unnatural order: The most recent drawing goes to the bottom, instead of the TOP. As a Lotwonista, you always start with the most recent lottery draw, and go all the way down to the oldest drawing (bottom of file).

    See source code of software: Random number generator for all lottos.

    Download RandomNumbers. The program generates combinations of random numbers - N taken M at a time; e.g. 49 lotto numbers, 6 per line (drawing).
    The first function generates lotto combinations without explicit delay.
    The second function mimics lottery drawings with random delays.
    Read: Basic source code, algorithm to generate truly random unique numbers.

    Lottery software, generates lotto combinations inside bell.

    * Download BellCurveGenerator
    The software generates lottery, gambling combinations within the FFG median bell. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling calculates the median automatically. The application handles just about any game: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball, horse racing, roulette and sports betting (including the famous European soccer pools and American sports teams).
    Read more on the latest features: Generate combinations inside FFG median bell: pick lotteries, lotto, horse racing, roulette, sports betting, soccer pools 1x2.
    Download also the sample text file GAMES.5, a 5-game NFL file for sports betting.

    The best Pick 3 software ever was Pick-3 and still delivers good results.

    * Download Pick332
    Pick_332 is, indeed the superior pick-3 lottery software package. The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit LOTWON3. A comprehensive pick 3 lottery package.

    Lottery software brilliantly superseded by Bright3.

    The Pick 4 software of yesteryear is better than any software from other lottery developers.

    * Download Pick432
    Pick_432 is, indeed the superior pick-4 lottery software package. The most comprehensive pick 4 lottery software package.
    Be sure to read the accompanying README.TXT file. Read also: PICK432: Integrated Pick-4 Lottery Software.

    Lottery software brilliantly superseded by Bright4.

    This lottery software is the best lotto 6, pick 6 software ever.

    * Download Pick632
    Pick_632 is, indeed the superior lotto6 lotto software package. The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit lotto-6 programs. It's OK to keep older packages, but this is the million dollar way to go as far as lotto 6 is concerned. It is comprehensive lotto 6 package software.

    Lotto software brilliantly superseded by Bright6.

    Lotto-5 Software – The most powerful pick 5, lotto 5 software.
    * Download Pick532
    Pick_532 is, indeed the superior lotto-5 lotto software package. The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit lotto-5 programs. It's OK to keep older packages, but this is the million dollar way to go as far as lotto 5 is concerned. This is a comprehensive 5-number lotto package – but forget about it – read below!

    Lotto software brilliantly superseded by Bright5.

    The best lotto wheels, including Powerball, megamillion lottery wheeling.

      • The following is a big bunch of lotto wheels or reduced lotto systems. Please be advised that the lotto wheels do more harm than good. Read the mathematical presentation of this fact in my messages:
    The myth of lotto wheels or abbreviated lottery systems, The best lotto 5, lotto 6, lotto 7 wheels, reduced systems: balanced and randomized and Fundamental Formula of Lotto Wheeling.

    Software packages require a one-time payment to download all of them and always run for free.

    Download your software utilities and wheels for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Keno, Euromillions - everything lottery software.

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