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The mathematics, probability theory regarding the casino games of roulette, ruleta, SPINS.

SPINS is a roulette spin generating application, plus a statistical analyzer of the roulette spins. This program is also a great complement to the free roulette system #1 presented on the Theory, Mathematics of Roulette Systems, Strategies, Software. According to the system, it is recommended to play after 2 consecutive '-' in the 'Result +/-' column.
The winning system #1 and winning system #2 represent the best FREE winning roulette strategies available anywhere!
Read more on the latest features: Updates to the lottery and roulette skip software.
The program is not compressed (zipped) and you can run it directly.
HAMB00.DAT. A data file with real roulette spins from Hamburg, Germany Casino. The 1968 spins were recorded in February 2000 to be used with the SPINS app.

Probability theory software for the casino game of Roulette.

ROULETTE does what SPINS does, and then some. This program adds a new system to the free roulette system #1 presented on the Theory, Mathematics of Roulette Systems, Strategies, Software page. Instead of tracking only the last 5 spins, Roulette tracks also the last 15 spins as displayed on the roulette marquee.

Probability theory software for the casino game of Roulette.

BJAQK or Blackjack
BJAQK is a probability and statistical analyzer of thousands of Black Jack hands from the perspective of a strict blackjack basic strategy player. This program is a great complement to the free blackjack strategy presented on the page: The Best Casino Gambling Systems: Blackjack, Roulette, Limited Martingale Betting, Progressions.
The software generates truly random blackjack hands based on the probability of winning/losing/pushing from the standpoint of applying strict basic strategy rules. The software user can choose to generate and automatically analyze any number of hands, from dozens to millions (even billions, if the PC is out of this world!) The analysis is saved to a text file that can be viewed in any text editor. The report is so logically organized that even a modest blackjack player will comprehend it.

No further support is available for free. Big-time casino gamblers, who want much more, can't have it both ways: for free and also win big. More formidably powerful systems, strategies, software from Ion Saliu are available for a minimum license fee of US $10,000 (ten thousand US dollars). There must be a reliable way to put the money upfront. No promises, no oaths just show me the money! There is a strong tendency from most gamblers or lottery players to attempt to cheat this great guy named Ion Saliu (aka JAQK Fowuru). Even persons who appear to be reliable, honest, and intelligent attempt first to cheat JAQK Fowuru out of his ideas, systems, theories, software and other fruits of creativity. The buck stopped here as of April 2005.
For more on the occult science of blackjack, its solid mathematics presentation, plus fundamental probability theory don't you hesitate to read this super blackjack page:
Winning Blackjack Systems, Strategy, Theory. Blackjack Theory of Probability, Systems, Basic Strategy Color-Coded Charts. You ain't seen nothing quite like it!
The program is not compressed (zipped) and you can run it directly.

Roulette systems, software, freeware, spins.

Bell-Curve Generator generates combinations within the FFG median bell. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling calculates the median automatically. The application handles just about any game: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, PowerBall-6, PowerBall-7, horse racing, roulette and sports betting (including the famous European soccer pools and American sports teams).
Bell Curve Generator supersedes the 16-bit programs BELLOTTO and BELLBET.
Read more on the latest features: Generate combinations inside FFG median bell: pick lotteries, lotto, horse racing, roulette, sports betting, soccer pools 1x2.
Download also the sample text file GAMES.5, a 5-game NFL file for sports betting.
Read also and download MENU: creating pretty menus for command prompt

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