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The following resources represent the blackjack at its best. The best theory — mathematics founded on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling — embodied in the best blackjack software. Incredibly, the best ever and most powerful Black Jack software is free software - with membership to download programs and results!

Sure, you have checked many other blackjack links and resources. Feel free to do that. Unfortunately, it could cost you an arm and a leg. You may find out that you could pay thousands of dollars buying all kinds of blackjack software. In the end, all those blackjack software titles combined do not offer more than 10% of the features of Ion Saliu's blackjack software! Lately, however, other software developers had no choice but offer some free versions of their blackjack software. Insist on getting some shareware version, or demo, if software is not available. Trust but verify, and thus save your money!

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• Ion Saliu's Paradox and Blackjack Gambling

Ion Saliu's Paradox of N Trials is presented in detail at, especially the probability page and the mathematics of gambling formula. If p = 1 / N, we can discover an interesting relation between the degree of certainty DC and the number of trials N. The degree of certainty has a limit, when N tends to infinity. That limit is 1 — 1/e , or approximately 0.632…

If you play 1 roulette number for the next 38 spins, common belief was that you expected to win once. NOT! Only if you play 38 numbers in 1 spin, your chance to hit the winning number is 100%. Here is an interesting table, which includes also The Free Roulette System #1 presented at the main roulette site.

Casino blackjack, Black Jack links, Web pages to learn the blackjack basic strategy, systems, software; NO to card counting.

The maximum gain comes when playing 38 numbers in one spin: 36.3%. Obviously, it makes no sense to play that way because of the house advantage. On the other hand, a so-called wise gambler is more than happy to play one number at a time. What he does is simply losing slowly! Not only that, but losing slowly is accompanied by losing more. That cautious type of gambling is like a placebo. A roulette system such as Free Roulette System #1 scares most roulette gamblers. "Play 34 or 33 numbers in one shot? I'll have a heart attack!" In reality, the Free Gambling System #1 offers a 28.8% advantage over playing singular numbers in long sessions.

The blackjack game is no different when it comes to applying Ion Saliu Paradox. Granted, you aren't allowed to skip but few hands — otherwise the casino personnel ask you to leave your seat and make it available to willingly active blackjack players. However, you can save money by playing the minimum bet for a number of hands determined by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). When the times come, you increase your bet for a limited number of blackjack hands; a Martingale is in tall order...don't be frightened by the reputation of the term!

You can gain an advantage at blackjack by keeping track of your losing and winning streaks.

For your convenience, a collection of so-called top black jack pages follows. There is a lot of garbage out there. Check it out anyway!

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• These are some blackjack pages you can check out and then dare to compare. Compare to this page on the subject of Blackjack theory, software, systems.

As you know, the virtual world (Internet) changes faster than the natural landscape, including the deserts and the glaciers. Therefore, I do not list clickable blackjack links here. The easiest action is to copy the URL (the line starting with www). Next, open a new browser window or tab. Paste the URL (Ctrl+V) into the address bar of the new browser window (tab). Sometimes you might need to delete all the characters after the root directory. The homepage might still be alive. If the blackjack link is no longer live — don't waste your time cursing for too long. Go to the next www link and copy-paste it… Blackjack Strategy Engine, Rules, and much more 
The Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine provides an accurate playing strategy
 for any set of casino blackjack rules. Try it! The Blackjack Strategy Trainer. 
Blackjack: Rules of the Game Casino Blackjack: Rules of the Game. 
Blackjack Rules: Table of Contents.
All About Blackjack | Free Online Blackjack & More 
Improve your game and improve your chances. All About Blackjack Online is your best option. 
All About Blackjack. 	

The Mathematics of Blackjack
Online Blackjack - guide to playing blackjack in online casinos. 
Best free casino bonus offers for internet blackjack gambling games. ONLINE BLACKJACK,
Blackjack at 
Learn how to play blackjack, black jack rules, basic strategies, read blackjack stories 
and articles and play a free blackjack game. casino.
Blackjack Strategy, Rules & Online Casino Reviews 
Find winning strategy, rules, casino bonus guide 
and free games at 
Stanford Wong's Blackjack & other beatable casino games. Beatable Casino Games. Professional Blackjack is 350 pages of 
card-counting advice for beginners to experts. 
Blackjack Review Network - Online blackjack, poker, casino, card. 
Online blackjack, poker and gambling information site for advantage players 
and card counters. 
Blackjack Review Network. Click Here For Our CATALOG. 
Hit or Stand - Blackjack Strategy Game, Trainer. 
A free black jack game that teaches blackjack strategy while you play. 
There's a message Free Blackjack Strategy Game. Hit or Stand | Welcome. 
Quick Search. June 10, 2004 - has become a club! 
We have lots of features coming. 
Multiplayer Tournaments; Head to Head; 
Blackjack King - Play free game, strategy, payout charts, odds and 
features strategy, tips, odds, history, articles, books and latest news. 
King's Vegas Style Logo, Your Guide to Online Blackjack Game. 
Beejack -- Home of Blackjack 2021, The Best Black jack Analyzer. 
advanced point count blackjack, become a blackjack dealer, best and1 moves, 
best gambling software, best poker games, betting, betting line, betting lines
Blackjack StatWiz Strategy Tutor: 
Blackjack game software gives you the odds of any play & Basic Strategy. 
Includes utility for internet casino black jack. 
Download a FREE TRIAL Blackjack StatWiz Now! 
Blackjack Windows and Macintosh Shareware Game from Gypsy King. 
Black Jack Gold has double down, split, insurance, even money, surrender, 
Charlies, DAS, and let's you set custom strategies for your players. 
Blackjack strategy - How to win at online blackjack and where to Black Jack strategy cards for online casinos, test your basic strategy with free play blackjack games. Learn The Six Steps to Winning Blackjack. 
rec.gambling.blackjack FAQ. There are reader questions on this blackjack topic! What special terminology is used by blackjack players? 
Blackjack Pro is a silent, pocket-sized device, designed by 
Emerge Innovations to allow blackjack players to count cards easily and discreetly at casinos. 
Blackjack at Home will teach you how to play this wonderful game 
from the convenience of your chair, without having to get up anywhere. 
Black Jack Australia: 
Information on blackjack in Australian Casinos. 
Free Basic Strategy tables and card counting information. 
Blackjack rules in Australia. u. Card counting overview. 
 Ace High Blackjack YOU POT + NET - 
Insurance Click here for Insurance against a Dealer Blackjack. Your out of cash! 	
Blackjack 101 exploits the casino tactic of BJ card clumping. 
Where do you play? Free Introduction to Blackjack 101 Send this e-mail FREE. 
Blackjack Books, Seminars and Advice by Blackjack Expert Richard. 
Richard Harvey's cutting edge way to win at blackjack. 
Proven HIGHLY successful in casino tests. Acclaimed worldwide. 
21st Century Blackjack Is Here! 
Online Blackjack Players; Online Internet Blackjack and Casinos. 
Guides for online black jack players to free or real online blackjack at online casinos. 
Multiplayer and progressive blackjack games, rules, tips, and strategy. 
Black Jack and Reinforcement Learning: Blackjack or twenty-one is a card game where the blackjack player attempts to beat the dealer, by obtaining a sum of card values that is equal to or less than 21. 
Learn 21, BlackJack Without Tears, Card Counting, Betting Systems 
Win at blackjack. Optimal betting, card counting, and Signature cards. 
Learn about Basic Strategy, casino gambling. 
Blackjack Man - free blackjack! 
The Blackjack Man offers great free blackjack, plus tips, strategies and 
information for blackjack players. - With «Free Black Jack» Plus Rules. - The Ultimate Online Blackjack Portal - 
Rules, Strategies, Downloads, Tips, Odds, Table Guide & More. Your Blackjack Info Site. 
White Knight Blackjack Australia :
In the end, there is no gamble in Blackjack Coaching. Blackjack Newsletter. 
Our Newsletter is Australia's best regular source of Black Jack information. 
Blackjack Statistics 
Blackjack statistics, calculators and Internet casino information. 
70000 pages of gambling information. Blackjack Data Repository. 
Online Blackjack Strategy & Casino Guide - Online Casinos & 
Black Jack Strategy guide, blackjack software guide, best casinos, 
Strategy Cards & charts. Best Casinos Online. Online Blackjack Strategy Casino Guide. 
Rules of Card Games: Blackjack 
Black Jack (21). Sponsored Links. Blackjack Ballroom Black Jack is 
a popular American casino game, now found throughout the world. It is Books: Best Blackjack. 
We'll set one up for you. Best Black Jack by Frank Scoblete. 
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Sponsored Links ( What's this? tg/detail/-/1566250579?v=glance Books: Knock-Out Blackjack: The Easiest Card-Counting 
Knock-Out Black JACK JAQK: The Easiest Card-Counting System Ever Devised, 
Olaf Vancura, Ken Fuchs. Visit the Video Store Blackjack VHS ~ Winning Strategies. tg/detail/-/0929712315?v=glance 

Online Blackjack: 
Download Now and Play Black Jack, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat and more at 
Be The Dealer Casino. Play blackjack free or play for money. 
Win other player's money. 
Online Casino Blackjack Strategy: 
Download Now and Play Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat and more 
at How to Legally Cheat the Online Casinos at Blackjack. 
Best Blackjack Software at ANY Price: Black JAQK 6·7·8® Software 
"We've always touted this program as the best deal on Basic Strategy software, but now it's untouchable." Las Vegas Advisor, May 2003. Best Blackjack Software. 
Casey - The Ultimate Card Counting Perfect Strategy Blackjack. 
Casey offers a perfect strategy card counting black jack computer. 
Blackjack - Card Counting - Black Jack Strategy - Card Counting Blackjack - 21. 
Super BlackJack - Award Winning BlackJack Training Software 
Super BlackJack is now available at 
Please visit form more information on 
Super BlackJack and other great games! 

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