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Lottery mathematics and Ion Saliu's Paradox.

• Ion Saliu's Paradox Applied to: Lottery, Lotto, Gambling

Ion Saliu's Paradox of N Trials is presented in detail at this Web site, especially the probability page and the mathematics of gambling formula. If p = 1 / N, we can discover an interesting relation between the degree of certainty DC and the number of trials N. The degree of certainty has a limit, when N tends to infinity. That limit is 1 - 1/e , or approximately 0.632…

If I play 1 pick-3 straight combination for 1000 lottery drawings, my chance (degree of certainty) to hit the winning combination is approximately 0.632 (63.2%). On the other hand, if I play all 1000 pick-3 straight sets in one draw, the chance is 100% that I'll hit the winning lottery number. Of course, I still lose money because of the (monstrous) house edge. Things look very different now. The gain is 100 – 63 = 37% when playing all 1000 pick-3 lottery combinations in one drawing as opposed to playing one combination in 1000 lottery drawings.

Let's say one persistent pick-3 lottery player plays 10 tickets (straight combinations) each and every day of the year. The individual probability is now p = 10/1000 = 1/100. The total cost amounts to 3650. What is the probability to hit at least one winning combination in one year (365 trials)? You can run my probability software SuperFormula, option L = At Least M Successes in N Trials. The degree of certainty is 97.4%. It's not 100% yet! It's for real that none of 10 lottery numbers you select hits on a particular day. But let's consider the degree of certainty 100% — therefore one success. Meanwhile, if I play 1000 tickets a draw in 3 pick-3 lottery drawings, I'll be assured of 3 successes.