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Threatening email from the online gambling business

Online gambling always threatens Ion Saliu Parpaluck because of his theories in gambling mathematics.

From d oc Tue Jan 27 07:12:13 2009
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You guys are the biggest idiots i have ever come accross that have spoken about the online gaming industry. You absolute retards should be locked up for your complete ignorance of the subject. You should report facts and not speculate.

First off: online poker never takes a cut of 10%. never never never..... get your facts right. Its more like up to 5%... never more and most online poker rooms even cap the amount of rake they take from a single hand at $3. Do not slander sites over something you know absolutely nothing about you amatuer.

Secondly, random number generators are absolutely random and are tested over 100's of thousands of hands by companys put in place to be sure that every site is legitimate. Massive corporations like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and GaminAssociates test the softwares to every Reputable Poker room on a regular basis to ensure that the outcomes are completely random, these are tested over more than a million hands sometimes as this is the only way to make a fair and accurate opinion.

When you play poker and dont get a winning hand for more than 20 hands, this means absolutly nothing. I have played poker for over 10 years and have worked inside the gaming industry and when I play regularly in "brick and mortar" casino's I have gone even more than 50 hands without a winning hand. You even said that it took you so long to even get 2 pair, and then you lost, well 2 pair is a below average hand in holdem and in actual fact the odds on even getting 2 pair before any cards are dealt are 20/1, so if you were sitting there for 20 hands until you got a "winning hand", oh well then it must be rigged(sarcasm incase you retards didnt notice).

Next off, if massive companys like partypoker or fulltilt poker make 1 million a day as you say, which is wrong and speculative too, they actually make closer to 100000 to 1 million a day depending on the day of course, but why would a company that makes close to 300 million a year even attempt to rig software where no matter what happens they still make a profit. Why would a massive company risk the reputation they have done so well to build up over several years to earn a few more dollars? Absolutely no reason at all, the fact is they make a cut from every hand played (5%) just like brick and mortar casinos do. there is absolutely no difference at all except for the fact that you play 5 times more hands online in the time it takes you to play 1 in live poker.

Then you idiots say, "oh well any player can open 4 accounts a play 4 hands at the table and have an advantage" do you honestly think that you are the first person who has thought of this???? Are you smarter than the millions of people who play and work inside the industry? no your a retard. Online companys have thought of all the ins and outs of poker fraud and protect their customers to the best of their abilities, in play and also protect their money....

If someone was to play 4 hands at the same table they would be caught within minutes, the software of all poker companys trace IP addresses and PC ID's and constantly monitor players who always play at the same tables, these players are then associated and investigated constantly to make sure that there is no collusion or fraud taking place, and if it is found that a player is playing with another player at the table, then all the money is confiscated and then given back to the losing players. This is standard practise and they have thought of every in and out of fraud within the industry, there is no way of cheating at all unless the poker room has terrible software(which is unlikely today) and it could get hacked like what happened to paradise poker many years ago, again when this happened the site was shut down within minutes and all money that was won or lost at that point in time was returned.

The Online gaming company have nothing to benifeit from rigging their software and would never risk it as they are already making plenty of money for providing a service that has no overheads except for staff. So do not claim that these companys want to make 100% of the money that players play with. that is another ridiculous, speculative and inaccurate retarded opinion by you.

Idiots like you make me sick.....

Then you go on to say that the player with the biggest bankroll at every table always wins..... would you not stop to think that a player who has a bigger bankroll at the table is just simply a better player? If they are winning every hand then its just a case of calling them to see what hands they are playing with then you will see that they are bluffing more than not. Just because a player wins and has a bigger bankroll than you means he's cheating??? no.... it simply means that he is a better player than you. And that is obvious from reading your letters as you do not have any clue whatsoever on the industry and you are obviously a shit player.

Do not feed the world with your ineducated BS as you do not know what the hell you are talking about., if i ever saw you I would slap the face off you then give you a helmet with your name on it and put you on a special bus because you are retarded.

Threatening emails from the online gambling outlets and industry.

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Is online gambling cheating or is it gambler's stupidity?

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he online gambling establishment always threaten Ion Saliu because of his theories in gambling mathematics, plus systems.