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You may not want to take any of the following actions before reading the writings of the author of this web site. His name is Ion Saliu, but you might as well call him Jaqk Fowuru Disconqueror. For every human must be in possession of two sets of names, as the coin possess one up side and one down side, one east side and one west side, one face to north, one side facing south.

~ Believe in any ideas before doubting and dissecting the whole critically, therefore rationally.
~ Believe in any formula invalidated by data or concrete/logical facts.
~ Believe in superstitions or even gods.
~ Attack or blindly follow other humans, even if they claim divine status or hardcore-bastard aura.
~ Look at yourself in the mirror and believe you are the alpha and omega of the human race.
~ Look at yourself in the mirror and believe you are nothing—in truth, you are an extraordinary result of Probability, the favorite game of Almighty Number, Randomness, Universe, God, Order, History, Repetition. Almighty Number.
~ Create another piece without knowing what Divine Proportion is all about.
~ Complete that huge puzzle of life without knowledge of permutations, combinations, and everything combinatorics.
~ Enter a casino and gamble in a casino.
~ Enter a horse racing track and gamble at horse-racing.
~ Gamble in general: roulette, blackjack, sports betting, dice, craps, baccarat, chamchuga, parpaluck, etc.
~ Play the lottery, lotto, loto, loteria, Powerball, keno, pick 3 4 games, or any random numbers games.
~ Buy software, before you put to good use the freeware offered right here.

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You will see here a list of broad categories of human knowledge and the main pages that deal with the respective category. The entry (pivot) page will list the most common search strings that Net surfers are interested in. The common search keywords have directed other visitors to this website. The entry page is also a gateway to related pages at this web site. The analysis of the category is broken down in more detailing modules. Finally, a gateway to free software is provided, if available for that category. There is a lot of free lotto and lottery software available at this website. There is no software for philosophy or Socrates, however.

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