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By Ion Parpaluck * Saliu, Founder of Gambling Science

Gambling is a science founded on probability, mathematics, theory of streaks.

The best in gambling mathematics, systems, strategy are all FRE.!

I. Introduction to Theory of Gambling
II. The Best Approach to Gambling
III. Interesting Gambling: Ceamciuge (Twenty-One with Players' Fingers)
IV. Essential Resources in Gambling

Casino Gambling, Gambler, Win, Rules, Probability, Fraud.

1. Introduction to Gambling in Searches

Search on gamble, gambling, probability, mathematics, strategy, systems, odds, chance, winning, software, money, keywords, keyphrases.You may not want to gamble again, without reading the materials at this Web site!
You may experience a shock, so take it easy. This is the only place where gambling is treated with utmost seriousness. Gambling is a branch of mathematics. The analysis of gambling is founded on theory of probability, more specifically on Ion Saliu's Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). Furthermore, all theory is embodied in very powerful gambling software. Absolutely no other gambling software title comes even remotely close to the scientific validity and the power of Ion Saliu's software.

Sound like a commercial? It probably isn't! The lottery/gambling software spoken here is totally free — with your membership to download software. The best gambling software is known under the names of LotWon ~ SuperPower ~ MDIEditor Lotto WE ~ Bright Ultimate Software ~ . You may regret that you paid for other gambling software, before landing here. We can't turn time back. Don't get mad at your friends, either. You'll do the same thing. Nine out of ten discoverers of this Web site and Ion Saliu's gambling theory and software will never tell anybody about it. Your friends and your foes will never hear from you about this site and goldmine—ever! Nevertheless, ninety-nine out of one hundred discoverers will keep using, studying, and delving more and more deeply in this powerful gambling software. The download site offers in excess of 100 software programs, in 7 targeted categories.

Just think how much others charge for software or systems worth less than 1% of what you get here. All other software applications elsewhere only come with lottery results, number frequency, or a few prepackaged lotto wheels — some asking you to pay $200, or yearly membership fees of USD 100! All creations here are founded on solid mathematics and the discoveries of this author. All theories are free to read — you might have already read several of Ion Saliu's Web pages. In every other place, you can only click on the Buy Now button without a clue!

This is to help you find more easily the information you have been looking for. Many Internet users search for common type of information. Sometimes, the search strings are identical; for example, free gambling software, best gambling software, theory of gambling, gambling mathematics, etc.

This site hosts a huge volume of information. Fortunately, it has a very capable native search engine. Take your time to search and read much as you can. It's worth your while.

Casino Gambling, Gambler, Win, Rules, Probability, Fraud.

2. The Best Approach to Gambling

This section is not meant to present Ion Saliu's casino gambling systems. The casino gambling approach presented here is nonetheless based on mathematics, as Ion Saliu's systems are. The difference is in the details.

1) Be mindful that many casino gambling books, software packages, videos, newsletters, etc. are commissioned by the casinos. Casino consultants write many of such "educational" packages. Such materials only serve the financial interests of the casino kingdom. Your skepticism is the healthy approach. Judge an "educational" package by its mathematical foundation. You'll see next a few examples of mathematical analyses.

The first "law of gambling" presented in the casino educational materials is:
Divide your bankroll into several gambling sessions.
That is, if your bankroll is $500 divide it into 5 sessions of $100 each. Don't follow that casino rule—ever! Your probability to lose your bankroll is at least 5 times higher. The only improvement is in the odds; i.e. your odds of losing all your money improve by at least a factor of 5! Divide et impera! Casino gambling terminates exponentially faster small bankrolls. The player needs a larger bankroll in order to withstand longer losing streaks. The goal is to reach situations when the player is ahead (i.e. made a profit). The player must quit when striking a profit. Read on.

2) Be aware of casino gambling systems based on doubling / increasing the bet after each win. Such "systems" are disguised as the creation of gambling authors. Many players have heard of the "Turnaround" gambling system. This is one of those gambling systems that double the casino advantage, therefore the player's disadvantage. Who else could devise turnaround gambling systems but casino men? Here is the mathematical analysis.

The wins and losses can be counted as streaks. There are two categories of streaks: single win/loss streaks and multiple wins/losses streaks.
The number of streaks can be determined by math formulas. The number of streaks is dependent on the probability of the event. Let's consider here the event of a roulette player betting on red/black at double zero roulette (even money, or 1-to-1, or 1-for-1, or 1-on-1; it's even because both terms are equal).
The probability to win is closely equal to 0.474 (pW = 18/38 or 47.4%).
The probability to lose is pL = 0.526 (or 1 – pW).

WINNING streaks for the player:
• 130 single win streaks (W) in 1000 spins
•• 118 multiple win streaks (2 or more Ws: WW, WWW, WWWW, etc.) in 1000 spins.

LOSING streaks for the player:
• 118 single LOSS streaks (L) in 1000 spins
•• 130 multiple LOSS streaks (2 or more Ls: LL, LLL, LLLL, etc.) in 1000 spins.

The ratio 130/118 = 110.2% shows the advantage of single win streaks over multiple win streaks, OR, equivalently, the advantage of multiple loss streaks over single loss streaks. You can bet baby milk money on the fact that the casinos know extremely well about that ratio. There are games (sluts, anyone?) that offer to the player, after every win, this wager: "Double your win?" or "Bet it all?" That is, if you win 1 unit, your total becomes 2. The casino wants (badly!) that you bet 2 next. The percentage greatly favors the house. Every player should be very suspicious when such a betting "system" is offered.

3) The mathematical casino gambling strategy for non-system players
"What are the probabilities for the player to be ahead in various numbers of trials?"

Everybody can use my probability software Super Formula:
Option L: At Least M successes in N trials.
Winning probability: p = 18/37; M must be at least (N/2) + 1.
Here is a number of cases from the Player's perspective.

The figures are applicable to all even money bets: black or red; even or odd; low or high (1-18 or 19-36).

1 trial (spin)
- probability (odds) to win: 48.6%; odds = 1 in 2.05
- probability (odds) to lose: 51.4%; odds = 1 in 1.95
(The probability to lose is 19/37; adding zero to unfavorable cases).

2 trials (spins)
- probability (odds) to win 2 of 2: 23.7% (1 of 2 doesn't mean 'being ahead')
- probability (odds) to lose 1 of 2: 76.3%

3 spins
- probability (odds) to win at least 2 of 3: 48%
- probability (odds) to lose at least 2 of 3: 52%

10 spins
- probability (odds) to win at least 6 of 10: 34.4%; odds = 1 in 2.91
- probability (odds) to lose at least 6 of 10: 41.1%; odds = 1 in 2.43

20 spins
- probability (odds) to win at least 11 of 20: 36.5%
- probability (odds) to lose at least 11 of 20: 46.2%

100 spins
- probability (odds) to win at least 51 of 100: 35.5%; odds = 1 in 2.82
- probability (odds) to lose at least 51 of 100: 56.8%; odds = 1 in 1.76.
It's getting worse for the player...

Probability, odds to win at roulette, blackjack, baccarat with strategies of streaks, dynamic progressions.Always keep track of the losing and winning streaks. Be strong and put an end to a winning streak. You are ahead (made a profit), you quit the roulette table. Go to another table and wait until you are ahead. The bankroll is of the essence: It must assure going through long losing streaks. Divide the streaks in 10 spins or 20 spins. Never fight aggressively short or mid-term losing streaks. A good approach to gambling is the next best thing to a good gambling system! Applicable to blackjack and baccarat, too.

This strategy is a must when playing the slot machines. No gambling system can work if the outcome is programmed against the player. That's why Ion Saliu so strongly advises against playing at Internet casinos. The player faces computer programs that run for one purpose only: To make big profits for the cyber casinos.

The slot machines are NOT fair random generators, either. The slot machines are controlled by computer chips that serve one purpose only: To make big profits for the casinos. Some jurisdictions require that the slot machines return at least 90% to the players. That is, the house edge (player's disadvantage) would not exceed 10%. The method used by the casinos to count the player's wins is deceptive (to put it mildly). The tie (draw, push) is considered a win for the player. "You won 1 unit", lies the slot machine. If the player cashes out, the player realizes that he/she simply received the original bankroll. The player won absolutely nothing!

There is one more trick employed by the sluts. The player is enticed to increase the betting amount. There is a bias that favors the player when betting the minimum limit. The idea is that many players go over the head and increase the betting amount. "Play the maximum bet?" Or: "Play your win (double it)?" Such displays by the slot machines are very common. You saw above that doubling (betting the previous win) increases the casino advantage mathematically. Worse, the computer chips inside the slot machines are programmed strongly in the favor of the casino when high bets are placed.

The slot machine approach is to play the minimum limits until the player gets ahead. Then, cash out and move to another slot. Not only does the player avoid losing his/her bankroll quickly. There is another advantage for the player. Playing at a bigger number of slot machines increases the chance to hit higher prizes.

Gambling mathematics always creates winning strategies in casinos.Ion Saliu challenged, dared, and double dared any casino gambling author to a competition, in any casino, at any roulette, blackjack, or baccarat table. No gambling author or skeptic mathematician dares to take the challenge…

Casino Gambling Software: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Systems.

Casino Gambling, Gambler, Win, Rules, Probability, Fraud.

3. Interesting Gambling: Ceamciuge (Twenty-One with Players' Fingers)

  • Singular: CEAMCIUGA, pronounced chumCHEWgah in English.
  • Plural: CEAMCIUGE, pronounced chumCHEWjeh in English.
  • The plural form is the most commonly used term.

    Axiomatic one, this is some form of gambling! I used to play it in Romania. I first learnt about the unusual twenty-one game when I was an army conscript in Communist Romania. We were more like an army unit under punishment. Some of the soldiers were former convicts; I and a few others were expelled college students. (In truth, I was a good person and a brilliant student, by my ideas put me on collision course with the rigid hotheaded communist ideology.) The ex-convicts introduced me to an entertaining mixture of blackjack and poker psychological warfare.

    The game I'm presenting here was allegedly the creation of Gypsy inmates. The Gypsies were the American Blacks of Europe: Oppressed, unprivileged, segregated and condemned to be the largest contingent of humans behind bars. The Gypsies were much better treated in Romania than in the rest of Europe, but they were still incarcerated in larger numbers than the rest of the population. They always claimed they had to steal because the society didn't give them Gypsies a fair shake. But there was guilt of their own volition as well: The Gypsies, by and large, disregarded, even hated, the education.

    Anyway, I went back to college after one and a half years of forced military service. But I had learned something interesting as a pastime: Ceamciuge (call it chumchewjeh, Yanks, White or Black or Brown or whatever your complexion is, for I luv you all, brothers and sisters... You all will luv ceamciuge!)

    * Parpaluck is inspired by another concept coined by the Gypsy inmates in Communist Romania. The Gypsy inmates called the long winter coat parpalac (pronounced like parpa-LUCK). All inmates received the long, warm winter coats just before Christmas. Parpalacele (the plural of parpalacs) made the inmates happy campers. Joy is so many different things to so many people! Parpalac is now an accepted word in the Romanian vocabulary (officially rejected by the “linguistic police” under Communism!) O tempora! O mores!

    “People call me Parpaluck
    Because I wish them 'Good luck!'
    Then, I give them software
    To get lucky with fanfare.”

    Casino Gambling, Gambler, Win, Rules, Probability, Fraud.

    4. Essential Resources in Gambling

    The World Best Software Guarantee.

    Science Software: Statistics, Probability, Odds, Combinatorial Mathematics, Algorithms.

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    Most software titles require a one-time payment to download – all software for one very reasonable price. The software is then free to run forever. Pay safely online via PayPal —

    The best mathematical casino gambling strategies are not allowed easily by casino bosses, supervisors, security personnel.

    For the best mathematical casino gambling strategy (approach) for non-system players, read:
    Casino, Casinos: Gambling, Gamble, Win, Winning in Casino; the instruction, training materials are attempts by the casinos to create bad gamblers a.k.a. losers or suckers!

    Occult Science of Gambling: The Best Casino Gambling Systems: Blackjack, Roulette, Limited Martingale Betting, Progressions.

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