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Prophet Mohammed Cartoons and the Schizophrenic Children of Mankind

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Mathematical Atheism

Fanatical Muslims, Islamic fanatics reacted violently to publication of Prophet Muhammad's cartoons.

Authored on February 08, 11 & 18, 2006; edited in 2007 and Ginuary 2008.

You heard for sure this maddening noise. It erupted in flames in January of 2006. It's about some cartoons of not real artistic quality. The cartoons were published in a Danish newspaper. Danish humor (or humour) sounds like an oxymoron in the civilized world. Associating humor with Germanic–ethnic populations sounds like an oxymoron in the civilized world. Their main characteristic is no–nonsense seriousness. Even the British, the self-advertised most humorous Germanics are only capable of dry humour! The Brits need to feather-tickle a different-ethnic human in the civilized world in order to produce laughter! In any event, the civilized world knows what humor is about. The president of the United States knows it best, because the Prez is the main target of humor or joking. The Americans are very good at joking. It's okay to mock the president, but it's still taboo to joke about Geez.

The real oxymoron is Islamic humor. Humor is a blasphemy in the Islam-subjugated civilization. The Islamic fundamentalists are the only human group in history that can be killed by laughter. They possess venom-holding glands. The venomous bubbles burst under humorous circumstances and self kill the possessor.

The Danish cartoons (another oxymoron?) depicted the founder of Islam, the prophet Mohammed, as a villain character. I haven't seen any of the cartoons, but they supposedly show Mohammed with a suicide bomb on his turban. The implication is that Islam is a violent religion (society, civilization in general) because it reflects the nature of its founder. In a nice twist, a French hebdomadaire added a 13th Mohammed cartoon. The prophet is perplexed: "I can't believe that a Danish made me laugh!"

The cartoons went unnoticed at the time of their first print. The Muslim world became incandescently scandalized after a Norwegian newspaper republished the Mohammed cartoons. Violent manifestations erupted in several cities in nations ruled by Islam. The Danish embassy in Beirut was set afire. The Danish embassy in Iran was under siege two days in a row. Four people were killed during a manifestation in Afghanistan (this one against a Norwegian military base). At the time of this writing, a number of 11 schizophrenic children are known to have been killed in violent demonstrations in Afghanistan. I swear by the dog in Egypt, I swear by the sanctity of Axiom, I do NOT feel good about any human death — and that includes the death of schizophrenic pupils.

In the name of freedom of speech and in an act of solidarity, several European newspapers reprinted the Mohammed cartoons. Bravo, les copains! I would publish the cartoons at yours truly website in a jiffy if permission is granted at no cost. The act of reprinting, like an amorous affair in Islam, added gasoline to the fire! More violent Muslim reaction erupted around the globe. Not only in Islamic–subjugated nations, but also in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, even in remotely Muslim New Zealand! Fanaticism and schizophrenia more explosive than a thousand…suicide bombs! It's incredible, crocodilule! Armed Palestinian militants took control over the office of the European Union with the intent to destroy it and kill everyone inside. Without the aid from the European Union, the Palestinians would slowly but certainly die of starvation and disease.

The Islamic fanatics claim that the simple act of painting the prophet Mohammed (or Mahomet) is a most grave form of blasphemy! No kidding? Who the hell gives them the right to hold all human spirit enslaved to their schizophrenic brains? There is also hypocrisy here. There are paintings (or drawings) of prophet Mohammed created in the 13th, 14th, or 15th centuries — created by Muslim artists. Most of the said paintings reside in museums in Islamic–subjugated countries! Actually, according to Mohammed himself, the depiction of the human body is a blasphemy. Hot–headed schizoid, he never looked at a beautiful Greek statue or a Renaissance painting! Either he had miserable tastes, or he was too busy fighting bloody wars.

Take a look at the cartoon at the top of this page. I created it to depict myself. Ain't the depiction blasphemously wonderful? The cartoon was inspired by the best cartoonist of all time, in my belief. He is Grigore Buleac, a.k.a. Ceacir, or Chuckirson of Hunedoara, Transilvania. He was my best high (secondary, lyceum) school friend. He sat next to me for four years. He even had to go through the ordeal of being ousted from high school forever because of my anti–Marxist joking, due to a hotheaded philosophy teacher who was also a Greek communist refugee. The Hungarian–ethnic mathematics teacher who was also the school principal (headmaster) put us back in school after a week of girl–conquering standing in the school hall… Ceacir was the first to draw the page–top cartoon you can joyfully see at the top of this page. He was inspired by a French comics magazine named "Pif", or "Pif Le Vaillant", if I recall accurately. I remade the cartoon to resemble me philosophically. The cartoon you are looking at represents the 'Computing Beast'. Well, yeah, I am a computing beast, the best that ever was, baby!

Islam is a civilization populated in an alarming proportion by schizophrenic children. Some schizo kids claim to be in the 20's, 30's, 50's, even 70's and 80's; document–related ages, that is. Europe was also populated preponderantly by schizophrenic children in the Dark Ages. A large proportion of schizo kids continued to inhabit Europe and America even after Renaissance. Dispersed bands of schizophrenic kids still roam in the Western world. But the Classical–founded civilization is no longer subjugated by the Christian doctrine or any other religion. In case you didn't know, Islam means submission; subjugation, that is, that it is.

The Islamic civilization was more advanced (and powerful) than the Christian civilization at one point in history. Unfortunately, Islam has violently opposed the liberation of human subjects from the chains of religion. That's why Islam failed so miserably in human advancement.

The mythical crucifixion of Christ did not make the European Christians the conquerors of the world. The Renaissance rediscovered the Reasoning of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The Classical Civilization liberated the Europeans from Christianity and religion in general. That Renaissance created a great (and powerful) civilization in Europe (and America later on). In order to be powerful, Reason needs detachment from the imperiously suffocating religion.

• • The most important effect of the publishing of the prophet Mohammed cartoons is an illuminating one. The Western civilization is now more aware of the blessings of freedom from tyrannical religion. People in the Classical–based cultures feel so fortunate to express themselves without fear from violent reactions of the heightened madness. Unless, of course, they travel to Islamic nations. Small peoples like the Danish and the Norwegians are also very generous. When they travel to impoverished nations, as most Islamic nations are, the Danish and the Norwegians serve a humanitarian purpose most of the times.

As I said, the West is not vacated of the schizophrenic children of humanity. Some Christians belong in that category. I can only refer to two events that make my point. The Fabulous Four (The Beatles) said once that they were more popular than Jesus Christ! A number of Christians around the globe (especially in the Land Of The Free) smashed, broke, and crushed the Beatles records in an act of heightened madness. In truth, The Beatles have always been significantly more popular than (the fictitious) Jeezus. The Beatles are much more popular than Geez all around the planet, including Islam (and, of course, in the so–called Christian civilization). After all, Homo sapiens possess not only brains (the animals also do) but a mental operating system (MOS) as well. And Homo sapiens possess a special emotion named taste for the arts.

A great film creator — Martin Scorsese — gave life to a movie named The Last Temptation of Christ. The film provoked an outrage among adult Christians of the age of schizophrenic childhood. The film was boycotted and the film director stigmatized. Even today, Martin Scorsese is victimized by that stigma born in the 1980's. He will never be rewarded with an Oscar for "Best Director". Even worse, he is crucified, artistically speaking, by being nominated for the "Best Director" Academy Award. He is nominated when everybody knows he will NEVER be granted the Oscar because of "The Last Temptation of Christ".

Martin Scorsese created a great film in the early 2000s: Gangs of New York. A great film idea, excellent acting — an in–a–class–by–itself creation — yet, NO Oscar for directing! Gangs of New York is a top–dozen best film of all time, from an art standpoint. It's up there with Sergei Eisentein's The Battleship Potemkin (the greatest film ever, with the best film music ever, by Shostakovich), Orson Welles' Citizen Kane (the most influential film ever), Federico Fellini's Satyricon (the most philosophical film ever), Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker (the most beautiful film ever) and the like.

No Oscars for acting, either! The actors who work with director Martin Scorsese are themselves victims of the schizophrenic children who wanted to set afire the U.S. theaters that showed The Last Temptation of Christ in 1988-1989. Daniel Day-Lewis had a rare Oscar-crushing performance (as the gangster William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting who controlled the politicians of New York)! It was at the same level as his Oscar-winning performance in My Left Foot.

Martin Scorsese was nominated in 2005 for his film Aviator. Of course, no Oscar once again. Martini, Super Crocodilule, they torture you! Be the man that you are and reject the future Oscar nominations you receive. Do not show up at the ceremonies. It's undignified what the schizophrenic children keep doing to you! Do you want me to dress in a suicide bomb and take your place at the ceremonies?


Just kidding! I would not turn myself into a schizophrenic kid for the gold weighing all prophets in history! Mohammed himself said that the ink of the writer (creator, that is) is much more valuable than the blood of the martyr...

Yea know, Homo sapiens have a specific form of behavior, not found in the world of their ancestors (the animals): epilepsy. The epileptics see sometimes the non–existent that can be. Religion today is for the most part the creation of epileptics. Dostoyevsky, a great epileptic, wrote extraordinary works of art, epitomic novels. Mohammed was, undoubtedly, an epileptic. The fictitious Jesus was clearly an epileptic. Jesus was created in the image of that theological epileptic named Saul. Paul's on–the–road–to–Damascus–epiphany is a medical description of an epilepsy. Paul's epilepsy (not epiphany) took roots because his love–your–neighbor–communities really worked in an impoverished world (as the Roman Empire was at that time; mind you, the Roman Empire was the best of the worlds back then).

Humans have always paid more attention to epileptics than to the most brilliant scientists. Epilepsies tell brightly lit stories delivering a bright message of hope. Harming the mad man, the epileptic included, is a harsh taboo in the Islamic civilization. Islam is to be commended for such protection.

I created a religious joke on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2006. Enjoy it, O colossal sinner of exquisite tastes!

Good question: What is the culmination of romantic love?

One: The Pope falling for Madonna.
Two: The Ayatollah singing along Madonna's "Papa, don't preach" during the Ramadan.

Ion Saliu is the master of Randomness: No gods, no prophets. Yes to FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
~ Discover profound philosophical implications of the Formula of TheEverything, including prophets and prophesy, epilepsy, schizophrenia as the womb of religion; in Truth, it is All Random.

Martin Scorsese received the Oscar for Best Director in 2007, not for his anti-Christ film.

Editor's Note — February 2007
Martin Scorsese
received the Oscar for Best Director. His film, The Departed, also received the Oscar for Best Film. The awards were based on merit. But if you ask Martin Scorsese, he will tell you in all honesty that Gangs of New York is his best film to date! He is still afraid to say loudly that "The Last Temptation of Christ" is his most beloved child! Amen!

Sure looks like even Hollywood is now free from religious fear… Mel Gibson has updated the scorecard:
Jews: 1
Christians & Muslims: 0

Islamic fanatics reacted in mad violence to Danish newspapers cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

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The cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, Muhammad triggered Violent reaction in the Islamic world.

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In fact, all religions are violent, including Christianity, not only Islam.