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The True Mathematical Foundation of Gambling Roulette, Systems, Prices, Casino Reaction, Hostility

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

This is the top site for science of gambling, software, winning systems.

Best Lotto Number Pairings Strategy for Illinois Lottery

BELLOTTO lottery combination generating software is much easier to use but how many lottery drawings going back to analyze (in Illinois the lotto 6 game has 52 balls).

Search Engines Directing Traffic to Web Site

Search engines directing traffic to Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, Netscape, Excite, Overture, Hotbot, Mamma.

Directory, Portal, Gateway, Entry Web Pages, Search

Search keywords, queries on search engines related to lotto, lottery, Powerball, gambling, roulette, blackjack, software, mathematics, probability, odds.


Ion Saliu created two new blackjack casino games based on two cards only and blackjack natural payouts, simultaneous BJ natural.

Message Board: Lottery, Lotto Software, Spreadsheets

Archive #4 of the forums offers powerful lottery and lotto software, plus filters and systems. Read also thorough presentation of gambling science for roulette

Dart Roulette: Probability, Odds, House Edge, Payouts

Read a presentation of dart roulette and winning roulette strategy, system based on mathematics. Get systems, strategies, software, spins for any casino game of

Can lotto software work with Keno 20-80 games?

A lotto player wants to know if LotWon lottery software could work with 20/80 Keno games. Draw 20 numbers, you play up to 10 Keno numbers.

Sum-totals, sums for 5 of 56 and 1 of 46 Mega Millions game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 5 of 56 and 1 of 46 Mega Millions game and the amount of corresponding 5 of 56 and 1 of 46 Mega Millions combinations.


The founder of blackjack mathematics proves that counting cards at blackjack has no mathematical foundation; card counting is casino deception.

Sum-totals, sums for 6 of 54 number lotto game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 6 of 54 number lotto game and the amount of corresponding 6-54 combinations.

Software for Roulette Spins: Random Roulette Spin Generators

A wide variety of roulette software can generate random spins for both double-zero (American) roulette and single-zero or French roulette; including MDIEditor and

Free online lotto lottery: strategies, software, systems

There are online free lotteries, lotto games. Play them if you trust them. But always use the best free lottery software and apply Ion Saliu's lotto strategies, free

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Search keywords, queries on search engines related to Internet, Web, HTTP, Errors, Virus, Hacking, IP, DNS, Convert.

Google AdSense Advertising, Referrals, Gambling, Mathematics

Google AdSense advertising, Referrals at Web site proved to be a challenge worth the effort. More analysis of gambling mathematics applied to lotto, lottery, roulette

Win sports betting, football, bet, parlay systems, software

Sports betting as a form of gambling is a very complex phenomenon ruled by theory of probability. This site offers multiple sport bet software and systems, including

Google Schizophrenia: Business against Personal

The Internet search engine Google follows a form of schizophrenia, by arbitrarily interfering business with personal emotions to the detriment of Internet searchers.

Latin American player to translate lotto, lottery software

Ion recommends to a lottery player from Latin America wants to translate lotto, lottery, loto, loteria software into Spanish, espanol since Ion's Spanish is not good

Free lotto-7 software: Tutorial plus menus

Winning lotto, lottery, gambling is possible only by using scientific software. LotWon is the most powerful software for lotto games drawing 7 winning numbers.

Wheel-6 wheeling software filters wheel system

How to select the lottery filters in the lotto wheels generating software. Improve your chances for second tier lotto prizes with dynamic lotto wheels created by Ion

Software to calculate odds: Lotto, Keno, Powerball, Mega

Programming software to calculate the odds (probability) as exactly in lotto, lottery, Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions based on hypergeometric

Regions, Countries, Provinces, World United

List of regions of this great world of ours sending visitors to web site: States, provinces, areas, counties, judete, etc.

Lottery software generates fewer than 10 lotto

A most effective lotto strategy or system needs triggers. The lottery triggers or announcers predict the best moment for a lotto system to win or hit in the nearest

Essays on Philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Dialogues, Apology

This is a collection of essays on Philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Dialogues, Apology, Republic, Symposium or Banquet, dreams and dreaming. Main keywords and

Posting enabled, lotto, lottery software updates

Winning lotto lottery gambling is possible only by using scientific software. LotWon is the best scientific software, based on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

Play 100 to 200 roulette spins daily to validate a

If a gambling system can be valid for 100 roulette spins, then for 200 roulette spins, then the roulette gambling system is valid for millions of spins (trials). It

Roulette software and systems: Sale, price, free

New roulette software offered for sale, then withdrawn. Reason: More powerful roulette software and systems came to life for free!

Coin tossing hit by date: Heads, Tails - Saliu

More on the probability of a random lottery combination to match its index (date): coin tossing. Heads = 1, tails = 2.

Results, Draws, Winning Numbers in Euromillions: Paid

Download your results, drawings, draws, past lottery winning numbers) for Euromillions from the beginning of current loto game format: Euromillions, Euromillónes

Best of Sports Betting, Sport Bet, Links - Saliu

The best of sports, betting, portal, directory, links, webpages, software, systems. See many pages and web sites, plus the best resources, including systems and software

Lottery newsgroups disputes on lotto wheels, random play

Disputes in lottery newsgroup rgl on the performance of lotto wheels, the best lottery software to wheel numbers and generate lottery combinations. Main player is

NFL American Football 2004 Results, Scores 2004 Season

The schedule and results of this season 2004 in NFL pro football. Includes the games of every team, the time of every game, the scores of all games, plus the Super

Horseracing software: up to 8, more than 9 horses

The number of horses in a race varies wildly. Divide the software for two groups: up to 8 horses, and from 9 horses per race.

Message Board: Sports Betting, Blackjack, Roulette

Archive #5 of the forums offers casino gambling systems for blackjack, roulette, even craps. Introducing new powerful lottery and lotto software, plus Keno. Look at

Roulette Mathematics Challenged by Casino Dealers Cheat

Possibility of cheating by casino roulette dealers challenges gambling mathematics theory. It makes a strong case for team-play in casinos, including at roulette tables.

FFG, Median, prediction, lottery filters, software

The question is if the median calculated by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling can predict reliably future values of a filter in lottery software.

Predictions for Belmont Stakes, Triple Crown Horse Racing

Win at horse races as pick-3 lottery: trifecta, exacta, win. Combining 5 favorite horses while eliminating groups of the bottom horses lead to wins at Belmont Stakes.

Roulette Advice, Gambling Systems Not Always Free

Fundamental Formula of Gambling is a free probability and even gambling tool. But specific tips and gambling systems should be paid-for, including roulette. Casino


Get the scoop on Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, including special lotto wheels.

Ion Roulette Systems versus Turnaround Gambling System

Ion Saliu's roulette strategy, gambling systems compared to other casino systems. Roulette betting strategy systems versus Turnaround gambling system and other

Error in lotto, lottery, strategy checking software

Find and fix errors in lotto, lottery strategy checking software; error 62 related to lottery filter values outside the normal range. Generate a new file of simulated

NFL American Football 2005 Results, Scores 2005 Season XL

See the results of 2005 season in NFL professional American football. Get every team and the final scores of all games in 2005, including the grand finale: Super Bowl

Roulette software, spins random generator single-zero

A French roulette player inquires on the best software to generate random spins for the single-zero roulette wheel (0-roulette or French roulette).

Standard Deviation, Variance, Fluctuation, Mean, Average

Analysis of Standard deviation, variance, fluctuation, variation calculations and software: standard deviation, mean, average, median, sum, minimum, maximum.

Roulette gambling systems, suspicion towards casinos

Ion Saliu has a founded suspicion when visitors ask him about his roulette strategy, casino gambling systems in general. Almost always casino agents in disguise!

Expert tips to run the best lottery software

The lottery master himself offers expert tips to run the 2000 powerful free lotto software, especially the generator of balanced and randomized lotto wheels.

Stud Poker Probability, Probabilities, Gambling Systems

How you calculate various probabilities for stud poker? Apply the mighty Fundamental Formula of Gambling! Be mindful of the degree of certainty for number of poker

Internet Search: Illinois lotto drawings; state lottery

Lottery players can use a search engine to find lottery drawings or past winning numbers. Search examples: Illinois lotto drawings; Illinois lottery past winning numbers.


Law, legislation and regulation of online gambling, Internet casinos is about why the online casinos fear mathematics, probability theory in gambling.

Politics, Oppressors, Turncoats, About-Face, Profiteers

Politicians, especially oppressors, are the most inclined to become turncoats. Their about-face serves their surviving and profiting interests.


State and U.S. federal courts protect casinos, discrimination on the grounds of financial viability! Read Doug Grant casino lawsuit, appeals court's ruling.

The foundation of gambling roulette, systems, prices, casino reaction, hostility.

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