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Hostile Reactions from Casinos, Gambling Authors against Ion Saliu's Theories, Systems, Super Roulette Strategy

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Super Roulette Strategy caused attempt to fraud Ion Saliu and sell it by another gambler.

Roulette system, strategy applied to stock trading, brokerage

A German gambler wants to apply Roulette Super Strategy to stock trading, brokering. The same gambler would turn hostile towards Ion, because he wanted the roulette strategy for himself only.


The pages 101-150 at deal with software, gambling, systems, strategy, probability, blackjack basic strategy tables.

Gambling Authors, Casino Executives: Intimidation Against Mathematics

Gambling system developers and casino executives try intimidation to stop winning gambling and roulette systems from being distributed.

Searching, Search Sentences, Key-phrases, Queries One Month

The top complete search sentences,key phrases, queries typed on search engines directing visitors to, May 2004.

Gambling author, thief wants new testing of Super Roulette Strategy Systems

A gambling author in disguise, Lutz, found Ion Saliu's roulette system to be a real winner. Then, he changed his mind and wanted new testing of the Super Roulette Strategy Systems.

Breach of contract - Illegal use of Ion roulette systems

Breach of a roulette gambling contract by a signed user of Ion Saliu's Super Roulette Strategy. The casino gambling contract is per one person only.

WINNERS Versus Losers, Genius opposite Talent

Winners versus losers: different actions different results. Genius does what it must, and Talent does what it can.

Casino Chairman Strengthens Threats Against Saliu Gambling Theory, Systems

The MGM Casino chairman threatened again gambling system players. He stressed that gamblers playing real gambling systems WILL be in trouble inside any Nevada casino would be barred.

Documentation for lotto software: Not best, lottery players can manage themselves

The latest versions of Ion Saliu's powerful lotto and lottery software has much improved tutorials and documentation.

Understanding meaning of filters and layers in lottery software

It is not necessary for users to understand the meaning of filters and layers in lottery software. Not to mention that some requests are blunt attempts at piracy.

Lottery newsgroups questions on LotWon lottery software

From newsgroups, rgl: LotWon lottery software users have no problem at all with the basics. The only remaining problem for everybody is how to select the filters.

What is the name of Ion's Keno software program?

A lottery player asks for the name of Ion's Keno software program or download file.

A Real Gambling Challenge in Casinos, Including Roulette

Why do gambling authors and developers avoid tests in real-life casinos? One, they know their systems are weak. Two, they might just be casino moles, paid-for by casinos.

Winning report, free roulette system #1; real casino spins

An intentionally false test of the Super Roulette Strategy by a hostile user who is also a gambling system developer. He wants Ion out of the casino gambling business!

Prices of Gambling, Lotto, Lottery, Software, Systems

Site visitors inquiring on the availability and prices of gambling, lotto, lottery, software systems, strategies created by Ion Saliu, the master of gambling.

Accuracy, error-free lotto, lottery software?

The expert lottery player DEZ did not doubt the accuracy of LotWon lotto software. He only wanted to know better how the best lottery software works.

Casino executives, competing lottery software, system

Most hostile opponents who want Ion Saliu to stop selling or distributing his lottery software and gambling systems: Casino executives and competing lottery software.

Beta MDIEditor and Lotto WE: Lottery software, gambling

The best, most comprehensive, lotto, lottery, gambling software: MDIEditor and Lotto WE a beta version 1.0_WE is ready for download and run.

Blackjack card counting by Edward O. Thorp footnote to gambling history

Card counting, as devised by Edward O. Thorp is a footnote to gambling history now. It offered a slight advantage in one-deck games, one player against the dealer, no penetration.

Lotto Software for Singles, Pairs, Triples, Quadruples, Quintuples, Sextuples

Three new lotto software programs work with single and multiple number groups for lotto-5 and lotto 6, 7: Pairs (twins), triplets (triples), quadruplets quadruples, quintuples, sextuples.

Casinos Show Ugly Faces Counteract if Intelligently Challenged

When somehow decent intimidation doesn't work, the casinos shows their ugly faces and curse the intelligent gambling system creators.

Ion doesn't like his roulette theories to be questioned

A roulette player and gambler doesn't believe that Ion Saliu's doesn't want his roulette theories and systems to be questioned. FALSE!

Roulette Gambling Systems: Illegal Use of Intellectual Property

The disgruntled roulette player Lutz had no rights to use the roulette gambling systems legally, as he breached the contract. Actually, he wanted the roulette systems for himself only, possibly to sell the gambling systems.

Admirers, Critics: Gambling Theory, Systems, Lotto, Lottery

It is about Ion Saliu's gambling theories, mathematics, lotto, lottery systems, software. He has admirers but also critics and ferocious enemies, including casino executives.

The biggest lotto 6-49 number in lottery drawing is UNDER 40

If a lottery drawing that has the biggest lotto 6/49 number under 40, we successfully filtered out 9 lotto balls, 33% of the times. Play with only 40 lotto numbers.

Monthly Search Keyphrases, Sentences Directing Traffic to Website

A number of 8521 different keyphrases (search sentences) were typed in search engines and directed Internet surfers to this website in July 2003.

Ion Saliu accepts the idea of his roulette systems be tested

Ion gladly accepts the idea of his roulette systems be tested or questioned. He developed his gambling theories because of debating, criticism, even hostility.

High Web Traffic, Software, Upgrade, Upgrades

Ion Saliu's Web site has experienced a surge in Internet traffic beginning 2003. The online operation is more expensive, requiring policy changes since the Web host wants higher fees.

Euromillions Lotto Numbers by Frequency, Positional Limits

Analyse the meaningful statistical reports for Euromillions. The Euromillion numbers are ranked based on frequency.

Faithful users want Ion to stop selling lottery software

A category of people who want Ion Saliu to stop selling or distributing his lottery software and gambling systems: Faithful users!

Lottery software competitors campaign to smear LotWon

Lottery software competitors campaign to smear LotWon lotto software. Lottery software developers in disguise pretend not to understand the lottery filters and skips.

Response to Threat, Attack from a Casino Chairman and Gambling Author

Read a strong response to threats and attacks from casino chairman John Schroder and gambling writer and casino mole John Patrick. They also conspired to accuse Saliu of condoning underage gambling.

Legal issues of team programming lottery software, lotto applications

There are serious legal issues when considering team programming in the field of lottery software, lotto software, and gambling software. Copyright infringement is a potential risk.

Lottery pairings reduce millions of lotto combinations

The aim of this test is to look at the relationship between the least lotto pairings and the numbers drawn in 100 consecutive lottery drawings.

Disappointed Craps Player: No Casino Gambling Systems

Here is a disappointed craps player: no casino gambling systems specifically for the casino game of craps. But there is the Super Roulette Strategy, applicable to craps as well.

False tests of roulette gambling system to intimidate and stop distribution

A customer who tested illegally Ion roulette gambling system allegedly had negative financial results, but no real casino data were provided.

Explanation of filters and strategies in the best lottery

There is explanation, description for some filters in the best lotto and lottery software. Max-Pot filter is the foundation of the main lottery and lotto strategy, systems.

Meaning of filters and layers in lottery software

Lottery players want to know the meaning of filters and layers in lottery software, lotto software created by the lottery guru and lotto mathematician.

Improvements in pick-3 lottery, and horse racing software

Notice improvements in LotWon: the best pick-3 lottery software and horse-racing software for horse races.


Google released Panda, Penguin updates with new search algorithms in April 2012 to hurt business sites, quality content websites and force pay-for AdWords.


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Price of Ion Saliu Roulette Systems - FREE

Methods to win at roulette, especially online casinos. The player has many choices, says a visitor (probably related to online casinos). Can neural software be used with lottery software?

Gambling, Roulette, Culture of Bullshitting, Harper's Magazine

Read Ion Saliu's sharp-tongued notes on casino gambling, roulette, Culture of Bullshitting - as it appeared in a philosophical article in Harper's Magazine in the 1980s.

Powerplay roulette system is just another scam and rip-off based on "magic numbers"

The essence of Power Play (Powerplay) roulette and baccarat system is yet another scam in the gambling system realm. False claims to have won big and scare the casinos!

MDIEditor and Lotto WE has good lottery documentation, online help

Ion Saliu has written excellent documentation for an excellent collection of lotto software and lottery programs unlike any other. Get the latest version of the software.

No big documentation for free lottery software, lotto

The 2000 powerful free lotto software did not have a standalone documentation manual, but it provided intelligently embedded help.

Government-Condoned Attacks against Intelligent Gambling

The world governments at all levels are hostile to winning gamblers because they lose money in tax revenues. Even governments in the United States hate winning! Huh?

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