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Beginnings of the Winning Science of Lottery, Gambling, and Software

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Top sites on start of winning science of lottery, gambling, software, mathematics.

Lottery system, strategy: Lotto sum-total, sums parameter

The lottery system based on the lotto sum-total UNDER 100 would be a tremendous strategy if validated statistically in more lotto games worldwide.

Sum-Totals, Sums for Euromillions

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the Eurpoean Lottery game of Euromillions. Calculate and generate number of EuroMillon combinations for each sum-total.

Illegal Roulette System, Piracy, Roulette Computer Sales

The group of Australian roulette system piracy of Ion Saliu's roulette strategy based on wheel half decided to stop selling the pirated gambling roulette system.

Brain, Seizures, Beliefs, Religious Behavior Religion

Read an essay on brain, seizures, beliefs, religious behavior, neurological research, temporal lobes, religion. Religious behavior is controlled by the brain temporal lobes.

Message Board: Analysis of Lottery Software, Lotto Systems

Archive #6 of the forums offers a thorough analysis of the science of lottery and lotto software, programming lottery systems and strategies, including Powerball, Mega Millions.

BETUS: American sports betting, bet program software

The input files for the sports betting software BETUS are simple text files that hold the team names.

Create own table for Degree of Certainty, probability

A visitor wants to know how to apply Fundamental Formula of Gambling FFG and create his own table of degree of certainty DC for a given probability p.

Winning Lotto Strategy, System to Keno Game, Duke

The idea is to apply the Power Lotto Strategy to the Keno game. You would pick a favorite keno lotto number and take its top 25% pairings.

Lotto Tools: Software Utility for 6-Number Lottery Games

ToolsLotto6 is a special upgrade to the lottery utility software for 6-number lotto games.

Software Formula Standard Deviation Gauss Curve Normal Distribution

Run the best statistical, gambling mathematics calculations. Calculate formula, equation of standard deviation, binomial distribution, Gauss curve, normal distribution.

Socioculturology, Philosophy, Science, Art, Culture, Politics

Socioculturology is science of artistic philosophy, philosophy of scientific art, art of philosophical science.


The founder of randomness programming, randomness philosophy created software to shuffle numbers or text: Shuffle exe program.

Censorship Ideology Religion Money Jealousy Piracy Hatred

International censorship: Microsoft MSN Search, Communist China, Islamic world, decided to ban Ion Saliu and his website.

Software: Lottery, Lotto, Gambling, Powerball, Mega Millions

Winning lotto, lottery, gambling is possible only by using scientific software. The best and most powerful lotto, lottery, gambling, probability, statistics software.

Powerball lottery discovery: Need for algorithm, software

A lottery player skilled in statistical analysis fields, made a discovery in Powerball lotto. He wants collaboration in creating the algorithm and lottery software.

Probability or Odds that Player Index N Draws Ticket Number N

Calculate the probability or odds that Player index N will draw Ticket number N when M tickets with unique names or numbers are dropped in a hat or jar.

Lottery, Lotto Software Galore, Plus Lotto Wheels - Forum 3

Archive #3 of the forums offers powerful lottery and lotto software, plus lotto wheels. Presents also the mathematics of gambling systems for roulette, blackjack.

PHILOSOPHY: Resources, Humans, Ideas, Theories, Truth

The philosophy content category: Ideas, daring new concepts, truth, resources, web pages, links, theories, philosophies.

Electoral, Presidential Elections, Dirty Tactics, Partisan

Electoral, Presidential Elections, Dirty Tactics, Partisan Misery By Ion Saliu, Democratically At-Large. Written by Ion Saliu on Rocktober 28, 2008.

Software: Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Keno, Pick 3 4, Mega Millions

Creating lottery software, strategies and systems is a branch of mathematics. Lottery mathematics covers lotto, Powerball, Keno, Pick 3 4, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Lotto combination 1 2 3 4 5 6 has equal probability?

A lottery player with an interest in probability is convinced that lotto combination 1,2,3,4,5,6 has the same probability as any other lotto combination.

Lotto deltas in powerful, winning lottery software by Ion

The deltas in lottery and lotto represent the difference between neighboring numbers in a lottery drawing or combination. The lotto deltas can be an effective lottery strategy.

Sum-totals, sums for 5 of 43 number lotto game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 5 of 43 number lotto game and the amount of corresponding 5-43 combinations.


casino winning percentages in atlantic city in 2008 beat the odds and house advantage by wide margins!

Freeware MDIEditor and Lotto WE: lottery software excellence

The best, most comprehensive software for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Keno, gambling, horseracing, Mega Millions, Euromillions is FREE.

Site under virus hack attack: Code Red Nimda

Computer virus attacks to intimidate, disrupt, silence ideas over the Internet.

Optimal Lotto Drawings Range to Analyze for Lottery Wonder Grid

For lotto: the statistical range should represent three times the biggest lotto number in the game.

UpDown: Software to Reverse Order in Lottery, Lotto Files

UpDown is lottery software to reverse the order in lotto or lottery data, draw, drawing, history files. The command prompt program reverses the order of any text file.

Microsoft Windows 7: Computer Operating System Done Right

Microsoft Windows 7 was a much needed upgrade to Windows Vista. Windows-7 discarded the cumbersome features in Vista, thus resulting in a far superior computer OS.

Ion Saliu's Gambling Systems: Pirated in Casinos

Acts of Piracy Against Ion Saliu's Gambling Systems, Lotto, Lottery Software By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics.

NFL American Football 2006 Results , Scores 2006 Season

See the results of 2006 season in NFL professional American football. Get every team and the final scores of all games in 2006, including the grand finale: Super Bowl.


Casino lawsuit by Doug Grant, blackjack gambling author, tutor; he challenges blackjack card counters to use their card counting systems in real casino play.

Lottery Software to Generate Random Combinations, Winning

BELLOTTO, BELLBET: software to generate random combinations for lotto, lottery, gambling. Easy, but the winning probabilities are lower than the LotWon lotto software.

Sports Television Employs Drama, Tragedy to Boost TV Ratings

To increase the ratings, television abuses sporting events with many dramatic, even tragic stories surrounding the athletes. Who causes those tragedies on cue?

Wheeling lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions Lotto wheels

Wheeling lotto numbers or playing lotto wheels (abbreviated lottery systems) is the tool of the so-called expert lotto players.


Even reputable organizations like Wikipedia commit rampant piracy and plagiarism and fight anti-piracy laws SOPA.


True record on Chip, real name Frank Accardi, illegal, criminal behavior. Read also on Powerplay roulette, baccarat casino gambling systems.

Sum -totals, sums for 5 of 55 and 1 of 42 Powerball game

The following chart shows all sum-totals in the 5 of 55 and 1 of 42 Powerball game and the amount of corresponding 5 of 55 and 1 of 42 Powerball combinations.

John Paul II Papal Dream: A Dream During Pope's Funeral

The Flying Chair was a dream during the funeral of Pope John Paul II. The dream strengthens Ion Saliu's theory regarding Fear, Survival, life, religion, childhood.


Read a true story about gambling prediction with astrology, astronomy, geography in Atlantic City. Isaac Newton was also an astrologer, astrologist.

Non-programmer participation in lottery programming software

Non-programmer is willing to participate in lottery programming software with ideas in the statistical analysis field, linear and nonlinear regression / extrapolation.


There are reasonable limits to the debate and argument. There is a reasonable modality to debating and validating an argument.


State lotteries, official lottery commissions might get involved in intimidation by harassment of lottery software, systems developers.

Probability, Median Calculator, Calculate, Lottery

The Fundamental Formula of Gambling is the most precise and useful instrument in analyzing random events. If properly understood, the formula can create numerous systems, strategies.

Lotto skip analysis

Lotto systems based on skips (drawings or draws without hits). Lotto software to create lottery systems based on skips. NKS, New Kind of Science.

Lottery software filters for lotto 6-49 UK National Lottery

Lottery software filters set for the lotto 6-49 game in UK National Lottery by lottery player and author Nik Kulai Barker.


Random numbers generation is true random in my software, it is tested statistically by generating any number of events, millions, billions of tests.


The correlation between Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG), the amount of lotto numbers or lottery digits, Degree of Certainty (DC), number of drawings N.

Winning Lotto, Lottery, Gambling: Truth or Myth?

Mythology or Reality: Is Ion Saliu a true master of gambling mathematics and lottery, lotto? Are random events winnable on a consistent basis? Gambling mathematics is real.

Beginnings of the Winning Science of Lottery, Gambling, and Software.

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    Beginnings of the Winning Science of Lottery, Gambling, and Software.


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