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Fixes to a Weird Error in Bright5, Bright6 Lotto Software

By Ion Saliu, Humbly At-Large

Lotto software: Fixes and Updates.

One user could not run Report5 and Report6 in the Bright lotto software packages. That was a tough one! I had a hard time finding what was wrong. I know it worked perfectly before the Rocktober revision!

The user gave me the indicating description: A blue screen. I realized what happened after many hours. I wanted to help users of Windows 95 who complained the display was too slow. I tried to help them (about 5% of all windows users) and I messed up the entire program! There was nothing wrong with calculating the lottery filters.

Sorry about this headache. Many of you reading this have the same feeling as I do. It must be, again, that mysterious FearSurvival inner force. It opposes me at times. The lottery software I release must be too good and I should keep it entirely to myself. Besides, the software makes me waste some time with the distribution. Meanwhile, I almost forgot when I played the lottery seriously for the last time! But I swear by the most precious dog in Egypt that I do NOT do such mistakes (in my lotto software) intentionally! Especially not now, when people have to pay a membership fee to get to the download area.

I uploaded the two Bright programs. I am also working with a screen capturing utility to create a visual tutorial for the Bright packages. You can see below a couple of screenshots of the potential visual tutorial. It is all about time.

Thank you for your cooperation. I do not have any problem with your cursing. I deserve the cursing this time.

Best of luck!

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Lotto software: Fixes and Updates.

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