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Software Utilities for Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horse Racing

By Ion Saliu, Generous Programmer At-Large

Software programming for lotto, lottery, gambling, loterie, loteria, loto, Powerball, MegaMillions.

The final version written by Ion Saliu on July 15, 2004 (4 WE).

1. Software Upgrades

Util532, Util632 version 11.0, May 21, 2004 (4 WE) - Lotto Freeware.
Major bug fixes and improvements in performance in version 11.0.
There are many new features in the 32-bit lotto software utilities. Convert lotto drawings to regular sums and single-digit (root) sums. The Ion_3 filter in MDIEditor Lotto WE is based on the root sum (Fadic addition). Create the wonder grid (pairings file) for any number of top pairs. Generate combinations based on the most frequent numbers position by position.

Also available the 32-bit lottery utility applications for pick-3, pick 4, and horse racing: Util332, Util432, Util-H32.

Available for the first time as freeware: UtilPB, the utility for Powerball, Mega Millions, CA SuperLotto. The utility calculates more precisely the winning combinations. The function follows more closely the procedure of calculating the lotto odds for Powerball or Mega Millions. Seven prizes are checked: 0 regular plus Powerball; then from 3 regular numbers and NO Powerball to 5 regular plus the power ball (or mega ball.

I made the same correction to the Powerball function in WINNERS (version 3.1 2004; also better user error handling).

The statistical function does calculations for the 6 positions of the Powerball, Mega Millions, CA SuperLotto. The player can select the most frequent numbers for each position. See the sample file RANGEPB consisting of the most frequent positional numbers in Powerball 5/53/42 for 184 draws. RANGEPB can serve as an input file to the POSITIONAL LIMITS function in UtilPB. It represents a very powerful way to put together only Powerball numbers of high frequency. If the numbers in each position represent 50% of total frequency, the final jackpot probability is 0.56 = 1 in 64. If the numbers in each position represent 60% of total frequency, the final jackpot probability improves to 0.66 = 1 in 22. The result file can be diminished further by using the PURGE routines in MDIEditor and Lotto or Command Prompt LotWon.

Older INI files might create some errors. It is recommended to delete the Pick*.INI files before running the utilities for the first time, or IF errors occur. Incorrect formats of the data files create also errors. Run PARSEL from time to time.

Lottery Software: Jackpot Lotto, Pick Lotteries, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno.

2. Complaints, Questions, Answers Regarding Ion Saliu's Freeware

“Someone who is familiar with Ion Saliu's Util-6 can explain me why do I have following discrepancy? He does not answer to technical questions to his software, he does not support it, that's why. - miami24”

“Well miami24,
If you cannot use a software without problems and the developer offers no support, there are only 2 solutions as seen from a blond point of view:
1- Dump that lotto software and use something else.
2- Make your own lottery software. – Babarlish”

"I have no idea how to write software, I'm not a programmer.
I have tried many free programs (and have bought one of them) and they are not as good as Saliu's program should be. I'm interested in his theories as well.
I've asked in this lottery forum because someone may have a useful tip. Maybe someone tried his software and have an idea what the problem could be. Maybe even Saliu himself may have compassion if he reads it. Don't be offended, but I expect real help here (if someone can help, of course) and I don't think other people who haven't used his software can be of help."

My young friend, Critser Thornc, the Roman Portuguese, responded:

"Just to show you how friendly we are here, I used the Canada-6/49 lotto history and fed it into both the programs you mentioned! These are the first lines of FREQ6 for Can649.txt:

                   Lotto-6 Analysis - Date: 04-06-2004
                   Data file analyzed: C649.TXT
                   Total drawings analyzed:  200 

    Lotto    Total    MOST drawn  Hits most    LEAST drawn  Hits least
    Number   Hits     with # :    drawn with:  with # :     drawn with:
      1        26          44         8           8           0 
      2        29          48         8           45          0 
      3        23          47         6           21          0 
      4        24          48         8           23          0 
      5        31          13         8           39          0 

And these are the first lines of the report from MDIEditor and Lotto:

                   Lotto-6 Statistics - Date: 04-06-2004
                   Data file analyzed: C:\TEMP\C649\C649-10K.TXT
                   Total drawings analyzed:  200 

   Lotto     Total    MOST drawn  Hits most    LEAST drawn  Hits least
   Number    Hits     with #      drawn with:  with #       drawn with:

     1         26         44           8             8           0
     2         29         48           8            45           0
     3         23         47           6            21           0
     4         24         48           8            23           0
     5         31         13           8            39           0

They are equal! Notice, however, that they are from different files because MDIEditor and Lotto requires files with more than 10000 lines in it! (Ion's note: More than 200,000 lines is even better!)

What I did was to get the history from BCLC, copy-paste it to c649.txt file, run my CoolRevGui on it to reverse it (yes, I'm the author of CoolRevGui!) and fed it to Util-6. Then I used util-6 to simulate a 10000-line of lotto6, appended it to the end of c649.txt and named the new one c639-10k.txt fed this to MDIEditor and Lotto and got the results!

My first guess at your problem is that you either didn't reverse the files; append the simulated lines to wrong end; or a combination of both!

Now say "thank you" and I'll be happy!

Everything Depends; Nothing is Always; Everything is Sometimes -- Unix fortune output!"
(Ion Saliu's note: Great adagio, Critser, super crocodilule axiomatic! Would you, please put it in Latin, then in Portuguese? It sounds kind of Greek to me!)

Wide ranging lottery software to improve chances in most lotto games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

I noticed lots of links to my Web site from this thread at the lotto 6/49 message board in Canada. As the original poster noticed, I don't respond to most messages I receive directly. There are already too many to read. More than one million new visitors a year hit my Web site. The vast majority of the questions I receive are bona fide. But a few of the inquirers are hard-core crooks who only want to disrupt me, if possible. It ain't possible, though! Nobody and nothing can disrupt me, if I may paraphrase Critser. Unfortunately, I can no longer answer the bona fide messages, either. There are way too many in my inboxes!

I have added 32-bit replacements to the UTIL software at my download site. Actually, not real replacements, because the oldies are still there. Follow the link in the Resources section, or click the banner at the top of this page.

• UTIL-5; UTIL-6. These are statistical analysis utilities for the lotto-5 and lotto-6 games. Keep those programs handy, but use the 32-bit versions: UTIL532, UTIL632. The 32-bit lotto programs work with gigantic data files, long file names, and have more potent features. Pay attention to the last function under Make/Break/Position. Take one or two loto numbers with lower median skip(s) and a good probability of hitting in the next drawing. Add to the numbers their own top 8 or 10 pairings; or add the top 8 or 10 pairs of another frequent number that is not expected to hit the next draw. Break the 9/11-number strings into 6-number combinations.

The results are astonishing, more often than not! If budget doesn't allow playing all the lotto combinations, then shuffle the combination file and play combinations from the middle (approximately the FFG median). No matter what combinations you play, the following is a constant rule. The combinations from inside the FFG median bell always show a better frequency—around 25% better frequency. Read these convincing articles (conviction founded on mathematics and undeniable formulas):

Pain is sometimes beneficial. I lifted tons, I mean tons of books, last month. Even a toughest guy will fall in bed thereafter. But the rest gave me the chance to read more goingons at my site, or related to my website. NO, I can't respond personally, individually, no matter who or what. But keep in mind that there is nothing out there with a more solid foundation AND a more honest foundation than the lottery software known as LotWon or Ion Saliu's software for command prompt. No false modesty — only the truth.

You can pay for other lottery software, of course. Paying is always an option, in every culture and historical period. In the particular case of lottery/gambling, however, you can pay as much as you want — but get nothing real in exchange. The only exception is LotWon. The exception is not in price (free or much lower prices), but in the workings also. Yes, your phone calls may be answered nicely, usually by nice female voices — at other sites. Even your email messages may be answered nicely, but without any substance. Gambling/lottery are nothing but gut feeling anywhere you look at — except for my website.

Having more personal time, I asked myself: “Self, what is the worst thing about Ion Saliu's lotto software? Why don't I, the most knowledgeable user of Ion Saliu's software win BIG?” I tell you firsthand what the worst thing about Ion Saliu's software is. It is the jungle of options the software offers. A jungle of options requires a jungle of time. I repeat what I said many times at my site. I was a lot more successful using my lottery software when the programs were less powerful than they are now. The explanation is: I played much more before. There are many, many more options. Yet, only a few options are all that's needed to crush the odds. The key strategy is to focus on one, just one lottery filter.

Get on a filter value way outside the median range — something like 4 times or more the median/the median divided by 4 or more times. That filter value alone reduces the odds tremendously. Not only the random expectation is beaten, but also even the lottery player's disadvantage is overcome.

The cost of winning (the holy COW) is still expensive, however. We need use several other filters—and plenty of them are available. The lottery strategy checking utilities show very clearly how other filters would have fared. We don't need to enable every filter in the lottery strategy checking utility. Only enabling a minority of other filters leads to a drastic reduction in the playing cost. One Balkan correspondent told me how he used the Ver6 filter. He used other filters with very tight settings. The player missed the lotto jackpot, although he hit a dozen 4 of 6, or so.

Many pathetically jealous authors vendors of lotto software or systems hate and attack Ion Saliu, creator of the best lottery software in the world.

I tell you what, Kokostirk. Complaining to the search engines that I “fool” them to send me visitors won't cut it. Every normal person realizes that my website is absolutely and honestly the best of its kind. The other thing you trying, Kulai Parakelsus, Kotskarr et al., won't do it, either. That is, trying lots of hits to my Web site just to slow it down, or even shut it down. Those who crave for bad things can always read this verse at bedtime. Their dreams are easy to predict, almost easier than the loterie:

Perhaps the complaining and hacking work, unfortunately. Look what Dracgoogla and other search engines throw at you lately. Just search on lottery lotto software. You get a lot of garbage on the top result pages… The likes of,,,,,,  Lotto Logic Pro,,,, lottostrategies.lottoguy,,,… and on, and on…

They all claim that their lottery software is THE BEST. Some of those lottery software packages are very expensive. I guarantee you this, even in a court of law: Those software packages do virtually nothing. For the most part, said software packages collect for free lottery results (drawings) from the websites of the lottery commissions. Then, they absolutely cheat when they call every results file a lotto program! Now, that's big-time deception! Every lottery player can easily copy and paste for free every lottery result (lotto draw) at Web sites of lottery commissions or agents.

The “best” of that lottery software garbage packages add lotto wheels to the menu. But keep also in mind that just about all lotto wheels are free on the Internet! And I am the only one who offers free lotto wheeling software to convert the theoretical wheels to playing tickets with the player's picks (actual numbers to play): LottoWheeler! It's the only lottery wheeling program that works with Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions. As a Thank You note, my lottery, lotto software is nowhere to be found in searches nowadays! O tempora! O mores!

Keep in mind that most lotto / lottery / gambling authors / developers / vendors always hide their identity in public places. They never write about their lottery software/systems and sign with their authentic names. They write under assumed Internet names. They pose as bona fide users of said lotto software or systems. They are not real users. They're trolling for their “creations”. It's a simple advertising scheme.

I do not do that. This thread that made me write this article came as a full surprise to me. I just saw another thread at the “Lottery Post” message board (started in May of 2004). I did not suggest the idea of writing about me. In fact, somebody I suspect to be from the Kokostirk & Kotkoduck (BobP at & Kotskarr & Kulai Parakelsus (un)law firm. His “idea” is that one would spend a lot of time at my Web site, only to lose one's sanity. Tell you what. If one has sanity before getting to my site, one would not lose an iota of sanity. But if one is kind of stupidiot, one has all the chances to lose some idiotism. That result can be painful. Now, I am aware also that I increase the insanity level of those who are already plenty insane!

So, I have settled for just a few filters of my own. The lottery software works with data files of over 200000 (two hundred thousand) combinations for lotto-5 and 2500000 (two million five hundred thousand) for loto 6. The layers are, respectively, 25000 and 250000 combinations apart. Even MDIEditor Lotto WE works with four layers. I noticed, for example, that FivR(S) = 200,000+ for lotto 5 can achieve a ratio of one million in cost / to 1.8 million in winning. Using more filters reduces the winning, but also makes the cost much more manageable. Or just shuffling the combination file and selecting combinations from the middle of the output dossier — still offers me far better odds than playing anything else (lotto wheels, or quick-picks, or random selection).

There is a convincing fact in the optimized simulated lotto draws as implemented in Util532 / Util632. Accept the default for amount of draws to simulate (10200). Next, purge the resulting SIM file, using the Strip Duplicates modules in the two applications. I repeated the procedure numerous times. In the case of the lotto 6/49 game, the SIM-6 file has an average of 2-3 duplicate combinations (all 6 numbers are repeats). In the case of the lotto 5/39 game, the SIM-5 file has an average of 100 duplicate lotto combinations (all 5 numbers are repeats).

The optimized combinations as generated by Util532, Util632 have a hugely superior jackpot-hit rate. I noticed in my own data files. I also remember two users of LotWon who complained that my programs missed the jackpot-winning combinations, despite the correct setting of the filters. The problem is not obvious and is determined by the existence of the winning combination in the SIM file! By default, LotWon eliminates from the output ALL 6-number groups that exist in the DATA-6 file. (Or, ALL 5-number groups that exist in the DATA-5 file; the lotto-5 game offer an even more drastic repeat.) An output of 10000 combinations offers a jackpot chance equal to millions of purely random lottery combinations. One good strategy is to keep handy a 10000-combination optimized simulated lotto file that has not yet hit the jackpot in your lotto game...

Now, to bring closure to this little chapter. Take your time when using my lottery software. Be focused. You can take a look at every filter that Command Prompt LotWon lottery software employs. But after you've seen them all, settle for just a few filters and create lottery strategies pivoted on them filters. Be diligent - The lottery strategies do hit. Procrastination is the worst enemy of lottery strategizing. Read one of my personal happenings:

Can you believe it, axiomatic colleagues of mine? Many people complained when my lottery software was totally free! Now, lottery players pay a nominal fee to download all my software. The complaints subsided dramatically! The morale: Don't infatuate yourself when others are very generous with you!

Run the best-ever lotto software for jackpot and lottery software for pick daily games.

Ion Saliu's Theory of Probability Book founded on undeniable mathematics, also applied to lottery software and systems. Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to lottery, software, systems.

Software: Utilities for lotto, lottery, gambling, loterie, loteria.

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Software: Utilities for lottery, gambling, loterie, loteria, Powerball, Mega Millions.

Wide ranging lottery software to improve chances in most lotto games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

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