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The Best Strategy for Lottery, Gambling, Sports Betting, Horse Racing, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps

It is all in never-deceiving mathematics!
By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Lottery Software Science

Ion Saliu's theory, software in lottery, gambling is the only honest, no-nonsense strategy.

I. The Best Strategy for Lottery, Gambling Is Founded on Mathematics
II. The Best Strategy in Casino Gambling, Blackjack, Roulette
III. The Best Strategy in Sports Betting, Football, Soccer Pools
IV. The Best Strategy in Horse Racing, Longshot Trifectas
V. The Best Lottery Strategy, Unusual Filter Settings
VI. Conclusion

The degree of certainty DC can be viewed as probability of a probability.

1. The Mathematical Foundation of Gambling, Lottery Strategies

Since I've recently (2015) received further questions and some expressions of doubt, I decided to write this article. I addressed these issues before, in one form or another. I did it at this very website, in my forums between 1999 and 2014. I also presented the foundation of my theories and software in lottery and gambling in various forums and newsgroups between 1998 and 2014. I also made presentations in the social media (Facebook, Twitter) from 2009 and ongoing (as of 2015). This article summarizes in one place my theories on strategies in gambling and lottery.

I do not offer detailed how-to, however. The overwhelming majority of requests target very detailed information on how to use my lottery software to develop strategies for just about any lottery game in the world! Who can possibly carry out such a task?! It is unspeakably crazy to even ask me for such "favors"! I will only present in this piece of writing the mathematical foundation. Mathematics never lies, never deceives, never cheats.

On the other hand, what I see on the Internet is the lack of mathematical foundation of various lottery or gambling systems, software. I am hated by some in the gambling community just for raising the issue of mathematics. Blackjack card counting community, the most notorious example, hates the guts in me for exposing the lack of mathematical foundation of counting cards at blackjack. Curse me as much as you want, but mathematics does not validate the strategy of blackjack card-counting.

One can only see long sales pitches and no concrete information on all sites dedicated to the topics of this material. (Sure, I have visited but a low percentage — but sufficient to say that proof to the contrary to what I say is very hard to find.) Several fragments separated by "Buy Now" buttons — not one single sentence about what the system is founded on!

And here is the best strategy in gambling, lottery. The mathematical foundation is known all over the world now as Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). I introduced it in 1997 on one of the very first pages of SALIU.COM: Fundamental Formula of Gambling: Theory of Probability, Mathematics, Degree of Certainty, Chance. I made a more detailed mathematical presentation on a later page: Mathematics of Fundamental Formula of Gambling, Logarithms, God.

Run the best software to calculate probability, degree of certainty, trials, chance, win, loss.

Casino gambling is the best application of fundamental formula, winning streaks, losing streaks.

2. The Best Casino Gambling Strategies: Blackjack Roulette, etc.

The best strategy in casino gambling is the most innate to FFG. Despite what the fallacious gambler's fallacy proclaims, reality proves that the winning chance grows exponentially with the increase in the number of trials. Mathematics is not to be denied.

There are losing streaks and there are winning streaks — that's undeniable mathematics. The casinos and many gambling authors, however, grossly disregard probability theory. They established a "law" that "assures" very long losing streaks for the player — but never for the gambling establishment. If there is honesty, things should closely resemble the calculations of my probability software Streaks. There should be also a reversed gambler's fallacy, Lady Chance says — the player too will win indefinitely! What? Can to be AND not to be "live" simultaneously? The truth is always in between, for there is no extreme (absolute certainty or absolute nothingness).

There is a popular freebie at this website: online random generator for a wide variety of games. Most pages here have this entry in the footer: Odds, Generator. Take the famous game of roulette, where long streaks occur and they are the stuff the legends are made of. Run the roulette generator as many times as you want.

We talk here sane lifespans. You'll never witness indefinite streaks of any kind. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the streaks fall within one standard deviation from the norm (the probability calculated by mathematics). Contrast that to the opinion of a gambling authority and casino consultant who wrote to me in strong terms that getting 200 Heads/Tails in a row was equal to getting just 1 Heads/Tails! Another gambling author (hidden behind a nickname) posted against me to the extent that losing 1000 consecutive blackjack hands was matter-of-factish! It would take the lifespan of the Universe for such events to occur…

The gambler's fallacy is disproved by gambling software as events fall within one standard deviation from norm.

And thus, the best casino gambling strategy is based on streaks. There is a gambling science and I call it the mathematics of streaks. I have applied it since the 1990s to the chagrin of casino executives, casino consultants, sore gambling authors. To my shock, even a chairman showed hostile reaction in my oldest forum! "Why do you all bother?" has always been my question. Don't you have that "shield" called the gambler's fallacy?! I've never bothered you or anyone else for that fallacy... or anything else, for that matter.

The worst situation for me occurred in the more tolerant Atlantic City: I was banned by a casino pit boss. I mean, I was physically prevented from gambling at a blackjack table. I wasn't even a card counter — it was obvious to everybody at the table, the dealer included. Instead of watching closely the cards facing up on the table, I was checking first the streaks in a plain notebook (paper). I also experienced hostile reaction at two roulette tables during the same gambling and researching action described in the link above.

The probability software that calculates the streaks and their length — based on probability formulas — is the most hated piece of software in the gambling business: Streaks.

The best probability software calculates winning and losing streaks based on mathematical formulae.

The best strategy in sports betting applies records, scores, results and streaks.

3. The Best Strategy in Sports Betting, Football, Soccer Pools

Sport betting is where I started in this field of gambling mathematics. It happened in my teenage years. Communist rιgimes only allowed football (soccer) prognostication and lottery games. There is absolutely no doubt that I was the first to apply the results of previous games to predicting future games. I made the sport betting strategy public at my website in 2000 while in USA. Nobody else has done anything similar before that date. All strategies or software applicable to sports as in my predicting methods appeared a few years after I published my theory.

1) The fundamentals of my sports betting strategy are the most effective statistics-wise. It is based on the cold fact that the teams play differently at home compared to away. Therefore, the best sports-prediction strategy should pit the home record of the home team against the away record of the visiting team. Just for starters.

2) The theory of streaks still applies. Since there is no absolute certainty, there will always be losing streaks and winning streaks. Increasing the bet is required after losing streaks, when the degree of certainty is higher. Also, the teams have their own streaks, including how in many games they cause upsets or surprises.

The best strategy in horse racing betting plays longshot trifectas for several races.

4. The Best Strategy in Horse Racing, Longshot Trifectas

1) My first horse racing strategy started with the streaks theory. I tracked the races at three horse tracks. I recorded 6 winning trifectas. I played by excluding the horse numbers that had come out in the same position. I did hit the winning trifecta immediately, but that is not expected to happen very often. The payout, however, covers the losing situations. Again, after certain-length losing streaks, an increase in the bet is applied.

2) The best horse racing strategy, however, is a mixture of lotto and pick (daily) lotteries as played in the United States. The first software I developed was for lotto (jackpot) games, and then for pick lotteries. That made my move to horse racing software so much easier. The software is mainly for trifectas (top 3 finishers) and, in a more limited scope, for superfectas (top 4 finishers).

There are off-track wagering (OTW) facilities all across USA. There are also plenty of horse-racing websites. The results at a large number of horse tracks are available for free in most cases. The best strategy for horse racing records the results of races that have at least 9 horses (for acceptable trifecta payouts). I discard of trifecta results with numbers larger than 10. The user is made aware of that detail in my software.

It is a laborious process, but worth it. I record results from previous days from several horse tracks with good payout record. I shuffle the results, as everything is random. That's the data file I use in conjunction with a much larger file of randomly generated trifectas. I run my software with filters (restrictions that reduce the amount of outcomes). I get an output file consisting of trifectas that have not come out in the races I had recorded in the database. Longshot trifectas do come out and they do pay off!

A bankroll of $5000 is sufficient. This best strategy is played at a OTW. The data recording is laborious and patience is also required. The strategy requires a few days of play, if not winning. When a trifecta hits, it is crossed out on the printout.

3) I have never found handicapping to be an acceptable horse racing strategy. The favorites do NOT win as in coin tossing. The best betting horse race, the Kentucky Derby, shows that the favorite has won around 1 in 5 of all races. I thoroughly tracked races across North America for one day. The non-favorites won 169 horse races out of 272 or 62.13% of the time. The payouts were significantly higher than in the races when the favorites won.

Handicapping requires a big bankroll, as the favorites do not win 1 in 3 races. Therefore progressions like Martingale are required. It is disappointing when the favorite wins and the payout is really low.

The best strategies in lottery, lotto are based on wacky filters to reduce many combinations.

5. The Best Lottery Strategy, Unusual Filter Levels

Lottery is the hardest of them all gambling events because of the high odds or probabilities. Yet, I had my first American success in the mid-1980s. My lotto strategy was based on frequency of numbers and pairing. We hit 4 of 6 two consecutive drawings. It made me buy a personal computer before I even owned a car! It was a discontinued (cheap!) Atari 800XL with 64 KB of RAM. I knew only software could handle lottery. That's how I became a self-made computer programmer. In fact, I founded the lottery programmer science.

Filtering (imposing filters or restrictions) — that was the name of the game. Lottery cannot be handled in the same manner as gambling, where the odds are much lower and the bet is usually one outcome (e.g. a blackjack hand). I knew that groups of lottery numbers would repeat within a certain range of drawings, while other groups would not come out in various ranges of draws. Those groups define the lottery filters, lottery filtering, reduction: my discovery.

My personal computer didn't offer me the "luxury" that I have acquired in later years: More and more powerful computers — and more affordable. Nonetheless, it was in the 1985-1987 that I won the lottery most frequently than ever. I played in a group. I let my Atari generate 6/40 lotto combinations that passed the restrictions (filters) imposed by my quite small program. The computer would run for days and nights continuously. The combinations were randomly generated and consisted of 12 unsorted numbers. I would choose the last combonation generated by the computer. Then, I applied my by-now-famous 12-number lotto wheel, converting the combinations to 6-number tickets.

My decision was to change the 12-number lotto combination after each lottery drawing. The big event did happen: The lotto jackpot occurrence. I know exactly it was a Friday in February 1986. I had no car. One of the fellows in our lottery group gave me a ride to groceries every Friday. But before that, we would stop by a lottery agent and play our tickets. And his son had nothing better to do on February 12, 1986 but visit his father! So, my colleague said he did not have time to wait for me to wheel and fill out the lotto tickets for that drawing. We decided to play the previous combinations again. Had we played the new lotto combinations, we would have hit a 3-million dollar jackpot! The "American Tragedy" reads: History of Lottery, Experience, First Lotto Software, Systems, Strategies.

I was affected because I know how hard it is to hit the lotto jackpot just once. The repeats are even harder, given the huge odds. Just one jackpot is a life-changing experience like few others. But, looking at the bright side, that unfortunate event stimulated me a lot. I improved my software by orders of magnitude. I created software in different fields, especially probability theory, statistics, combinatorial mathematics, random number generating...

The first lottery strategy I derived from the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) is presented on one of the earliest pages of my website: Lottery Software, Lottery Strategies, Lotto Systems. Each lottery combination has an equal probability p as the rest, but the combinations appear with different frequencies. The FFG median and standard deviation are the key factors in the biased appearance. The lotto numbers tend to repeat more often when their running skip is less than or equal to the probability median. The probability median or FFG median are calculated by the FFG for the degree of certainty DC = 50%.

Many more lottery strategies followed, including for the pick or digit lotteries. There are numerous lottery strategies at this Web site, spread over numerous pages. Luckily, this site has a competent search facility, plus a well-organized content directory, plus a comprehensive sitemap. All are listed in the footer of this page and all Web pages of this site.

Playing just one lottery ticket every drawing is a losing, bad lotto strategy.

The best mathematical lottery strategy plays more tickets less frequently, in fewer drawings.

Download the best software for strategies in lotto, gambling, blackjack, roulette, horses, sports.

6. Conclusions

Axiomatic one, you just heard my long answer to the question raised at the beginning of this dissertation. I don't ask anybody to take me at my word. This is about mathematics. Everything mathematical can be verified or disproved. It has nothing to do with emotions, feelings, likes or dislikes, love or hate.

I do not encourage you to apply my theories and strategies, either. You are the only one who can decide what works for you. It is not a disclaimer, because I can tell you some. Many people have communicated with me and they informed me that they won using my ideas.

I can also attest that I am the first winner of my theory and strategies and systems and software. I have documented as much as I've been able to. I have also been as open as anyone. Not to mention that my theories and strategies have been available to read, even scrutinize, by everybody FREELY. My software was offered for free as well for a long period of my career – some programs still free.

Speaking of free: My site offers the best random generator for a multitude of lottery games, roulette, horse racing, sports. The outcomes are also optimized (for most lotto games). That online random number generator alone does improve the odds of winning and does create a larger number of winning players. It is undeniably mathematical. Since many, many less frequent outcomes are eliminated, there are fewer combinations to choose from; therefore there is a higher winning chance for a larger number of players.

Also, the generator allows for repeating the process very easily. The mathematics is: The chance to win in fewer trials is lower. The more combinations are generated, the higher the degree of certainty to hit big wins. The player doesn't pay anything while repeating the random process. The player saved money by not playing a large number of outcomes that would have lost anyway.

And here is one more rub: "Why don't I win BIG?" There is no absolute guarantee. I always stress that absolute certainty is absolute absurdity. I'm talking now about honest people. It is not guaranteed that my theories, strategies, systems, software will make everybody a winner. But they are guaranteed to create more winners; therefore, everybody has a better chance to become a serious winner. And there is that Sword of Damocles hanging above my head forever it seems like... threats of withholdings due to abusive application of law. They take everything from the bank, although gambling winnings require costs in real money!

As for those who hate me and attack me and denigrate me — they always wanted badly to do what I have done. We have the same interests. But them googoos have been incapable of doing, mainly because of bad emotions — envy, jealousy turned into hatred. Meanwhile, I have succeeded in our common interests because I do not care about the negative reactions of others. Or, should I say, I pay attention to other people's reactions towards yours truly — but I am not deterred by others' mouth-foaming, or fall ecstatic when praise hits my eardrums! Besides, I hate nobody because of their achievements. If they are wrong, I say so honestly, mainly based on mathematics, without starting wildfires...

"I received a phone call
From one who claimed was tall.
Then, he cursed me even worse
For my gambling on the horse."

Best of luck from Parpaluck (Ion Saliu's royalty-name)!

The best winning scientific strategies for gambling, lottery have always been free at Ion Saliu's.

I devised the best gambling systems, roulette systems, lottery software, lotto strategies.

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