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Winston Churchill – A Dream of Winning in the Irish Pub

By Ion Saliu, Drinker At-Large

Winston Churchill: Clear Dream, Dreaming Of Winning against high odds.

Written on January 25, 2004 (4 WE).

I had another clear dream on Saturday night, January 24, 2004 (4 WE). I dreamed with one of the strongest personalities of all time: Winston Churchill. I had clear dreams with other political personalities, but none of the stature of the British Lion. One of the owners of the orchard where I used to work will remember forever the dream I had prior to the presidential elections of 1988. My clear dream showed George Bush father winning by 8 points (symbolized by the 8 o'clock hour in the dream). During the administration of the same US president, and during the first Gulf war, I had a clear dream with Saddam Hussein. He was hosting a big party, of all human activities! I was working at the same fruit farm and tree nursery. During the civil war of 1989 that led to the fall of communism in Romania, I had a dream with Nicolae Ceausescu. It was about his hidden money! In fact, his regime cruelly robbed a potentially rich nation. Of course, I had that fantastically clear dream in May of 2003 (3 WE). The dream made a reference to another strong man: Salazar, the late dictator of Portugal.

There are no special political events around this time to lead to a clear dream of strong political personalities. The dream was…clearly inspired by my personal concerns and goals. I was not sure I would write about it at my web site. Then I received an email from Malaysia, from a winning user of my lotto software. So, my dream assumed the shape of this post. I'll quote also the main body of the Malaysian message, for it has some philosophical implications.

I am in the company of Winston Churchill. His image was as clear as I've ever seen him in photos or in TV documentaries. Hard to imagine anything closer to real life. Winston Churchill had only one bodyguard. It amazed me, given his immense stature. Apparently, we were doing a normal routine: go to a pub for dinner and whiskey. The place was called “The Irish Pub”. We would sit at the bar. Winston Churchill was smoking his cigar, exactly like in real life. Also as in real life, he would sip his whiskey. I was not drinking. In real life, I am not of fan of whisky. The only liquor I drink is cognac (brandy), and only in cold days such as this 2004 North American winter. To me, wine is the most creativity stimulating elixir. The pub had many patrons at that time. Some approached the bar (the law courts have bars, eh?). They said they had already made bets on who was going to pay for dinner. Churchill said that he only bet if he would pay for his own dinner. The guy who would pay for the dinner of all the patrons in the pub was I! I did think of that in terms of a bet. Money didn't seem to be a problem!

What a dream!

I interpreted it in the same manner I interpreted the Lisboa-Salazar dream. There is a place in Atlantic City named “The Irish Pub”. I tried it. “The Irish Pub” has good food, good beer, and good prices. They also rent cheap rooms. Given my involvement with the casinos in Atlantic City, the clear dream is a clear signal to keep my focus spot on. It's about my gambling theory (theory of games), the practical side of gambling, and the legal aspect. Didn't Winston Churchill face huge odds in World War II and won? Furthermore, Winston starts with WIN. Winston also consists of ION. Kentucky Derby, the greatest horse race, is held at Churchill Downs. I am deeply involved in horse racing, at least its theoretical side. Churchill himself must have been a big time fan of horse racing.

And this is the coincidental email message I received today.


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In Malaysia we have lotto4 (4/49). If you can produce lotto4 as the same of freeware lotto6 or freeware lotto5 as a package or you put in the freeware MDIEditor & Lotto WE then personally I'll pay you ex-gratia USD1000 (one thousand) even though this is not a licensed. Once you agree I pay first before you do my request.

I do hope to hear from you soon.

I know that many people win the lottery (and gambling, too) using my theory and software. I know also that several people have expressed concerns about acknowledging usage of my software in their winning. The legal aspect of it could be daunting. I make this statement here. I do not expect anybody pay me anything, if they win with the help of my software. There is no legally binding contract between the users of my software and the owner of my software. I am the only owner of my software and I do not REQUEST that any winner pays me if any winner wins with the help of my software. Whatever winners want to do with their winnings is a voluntary act of their own. If they publicly acknowledge the role played by my software, it is the act of acknowledging the truth. And that's all. Acknowledging the truth may never, and should never imply financial obligations whatsoever. It is very clear now, isn't it? I don't mean clear dreaming…

The philosophical implication is related to Malaysia. My web site has had very intelligent visitors. Some of the most intelligent guests are Malaysian. I think of Malaysia as the best model to follow by Muslims around this still living planet. For the Malaysians practice pragmatic Islam. Malaysia was once ruled by Churchill's Britain. Churchill appeared to be a strong believer in colonialism. Yet, he had no serious problems in agreeing with the strong anti-colonial language that Franklin D. Roosevelt imposed in the Atlantic Charter. Most likely, Winston Churchill viewed colonialism as a tool of spreading superior ideas. Superior is always measured relative to the human Individual. If the idea serves the Individual in a superior manner, then the idea is superior. The Muslims need to remember that the British went ahead of their European buddies because the Brits were the first ones to practice pragmatic Christianity.

The Americans took the model and pushed the pragmatic Christianity envelope all the way to Mars. We can compare the model to other forms of Christianity. At the other extreme, there is the Sicilian model. The Sicilian Mafiosi have always been “good” Christians. The American Mafiosi have always been “good” Christians. But they have never been PRAGMATIC. The extreme Muslims, such as the Al-Qaida gang, have always considered themselves “good” Islam followers. But they have never been pragmatic. Pragmatic means you may cut the throat of your business competitors—but not physically. Then you go to your worship place and pray for forgiveness. That's pragmatic religion. The other type, savage religion, means you cut, physically, the throats of everybody who don't share your beliefs. Then, you go to your worship place and ask your god to ask you for forgiveness.

There will be the SuperBowl next Sunday, February 1, 2004 (4 WE). Drinking is a requisite of such an event. After that, I'll let Winston do the drinking. Ion will only take care of Winning.

The great quality of the clear dreams is that they show the best path to take; the path with the highest probability leading to winning.

Winston Churchill: Clear Dream, Dreaming, Pragmatism, Religion.

Winston Churchill: Clear Dream, Dreaming Of Winning In The Irish Pub! Pragmatism, Religion.

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Winston Churchill: Clear Dream, Dreaming Of Winning In The Irish Pub! Pragmatism, Religion.

Read a dream about Winston Churchill in the Irish Pub in Atlantic City.

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Read about a clear dream of Winston Churchill in the Irish Pub in the gambling Mecca of Atlantic City. It is about winning against all odds, like Colonialist Winston Churchill did against Mad Hitler.