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Report: Low Lottery Skips Dramatically Increase Chance to Win Lotto Jackpot

The Greatest Discovery in Lotto Mathematics
By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Report in Pennsylvania Lottery: Lottery Skips Systems, Best Chance at Lotto Jackpot.

The lotto numbers skip or jump an amount of drawings before they hit again.

Axiomatic one, the skip represents one of the hottest parameters in creating lottery strategies and systems. The skip is simply the range of drawings a lottery number/digit missed since last hit. It is calculated in two manners, and the results differ by 1:

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This report is for the 6/49 lotto game in Pennsylvania Lottery. The latest drawing in the results file is 1 11 17 20 24 28 recorded on June 15, 2017. Total drawings in the file: 1268. The report was sorted on the POT column. It represents the largest skip in a lottery drawing. For example, in draw #43, POT was 3: None of the 6 lotto numbers missed (skipped) more than 3 draws since last hit. Two of the lotto numbers hit in consecutive draws (represented by 0); that is, they also came out in the previous drawing (draw #44).

The report shows an accented bias in favor of low skips. For around 15% of the situations (real drawings), all 6 skips were in single digits (0 to 9). By contrast, none of the 1000 lottery drawings had all skips in double digits. In the majority of cases, there are no more than 3 or 4 skips in double digits. Evidently, not all lottery numbers are created equal! As demonstrated in this article, Lottery Systems on Skips Greatly Improve Lotto Jackpot Chances. Why, then, play all numbers that have skips in double digits?!

The statistical report was created by SkipDecaFreq6, component of the powerful Bright / Ultimate software apps.

By the way the COL column (filter) represents the highest positional skip. See the same analysis, but with the skips sorted by COL: Report: Lotto Skips Sorted by Position.

Play systems based on lotto skips and you increase your odds to win big.

Only lotto numbers with low skips or gaps or misses between hits win lottery jackpots.

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The lottery skips are a good tool in choosing strategies or systems to win big in lotto games.

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If you play only numbers that have not hit in a long time, you waste your money big-time.