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Online Number, Combination Generator for Horse Racing Trifectas, Triactors

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Horseracing Mathematics

Generate horse numbers, trifecta combinations for all horseracing tracks in the world.

Run safely online the horse number generator of trifecta triactor combinations.

The online number generator can generate combinations for a wide variety of horse races worldwide. There is one restriction, however. The IonSaliuGen online number generator runs only in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The venerable browser comes bundled with the Windows operating system.

Version 7.0 of the ActiveX control generates 1000 horseracing trifectas in a text box. The combinations can be saved to files, using the Save button. The text box is a capable online editor: select, copy, cut, paste, undo, select font, edit, print, save to file… The app buttons boast also tool tips – a useful feature for newcomers.

Here is a sample of random horse numbers: top-3 finishers (a.k.a. trifectas in the United States or triactors in Canada).

  11  13   3
   4  10  11
   9   7  11
   2  17  10
   3   4  17
  15  19   5
  14  18   8
   6  16   9
  15  20  17
  18  14   9

Software generates random numbers for horse racing: Trifectas for winning betting, wagering.

The user clicks on the button labeled Horses, and enters Total Horses in the Race (e.g. 20, as in the Kentucky Derby).

• IonSaliuGenerator, version 7.0, January 2005 — The Best Random Numbers, Combinations Generator.

• Nota bene – If you do not see the generator control (online application), please follow the instructions on the dedicated page:
Online Odds Calculator, Random Number Generator.

The standalone program runs offline to generate horse trifectas, triactors, superfectas any time.

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Run the best online random horse numbers generator for all horses tracks in the world.

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