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Lotto Wheels or Reduced Lottery Systems ~
Balanced, Randomized and Free for Games Drawing 5, 6, 7 Numbers

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Wheeling Mathematics

Lotto wheels are balanced, randomized by mathematical lotto wheeling software.

I. Introduction to the Best Free Lotto Wheels, Lottery Wheeling
II. The Best Software to Create Lotto Wheels and Lottery Wheeling
III. Mathematical and Statistical Analyses of Lotto Wheel Performance
IV. Resources in Lotto, Lottery Wheeling, Software, Free Lotto Wheels

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1. Introductory Notes to the Best in Lotto Wheels, Lottery Wheeling

We present here the most advanced theory of the concept of lotto wheels or reduced lottery systems. The concept, as everything else at this web site, is founded on mathematics. Validation (or invalidation) of data is always implemented by specific software, lottery-wheeling software in this case.

Moreover, a number of lotto wheels are available to you for free from the lottery software downloads site. They apply to lotto games drawing 5, 6, or 7 winning numbers (the bonus numbers are ignored). These lotto wheels have two main qualities:

1) Balance: all numbers in the lotto system are treated fairly equally. By contrast, most lottery wheels are biased: Some lotto numbers are used very frequently, while other number groups are barely embedded. That way, other lotto wheels achieve a lower amount of combinations (resulting in lottery tickets to play). On the other hand, that unnatural reduction leads to much lower probabilities to hit higher lotto prizes.

2) Randomization: The lines (combinations) of the lotto wheels are not generated in lexicographical order. The lottery drawings conducted by the state commissions are not lexicographic. If you check the lotto drawings with my free software LexicographicSets you will notice that the lexicographical indexes come randomly from the field of combinations. In order to achieve high randomness, I start the wheeling process with my Wheel (or Wheel-632) lotto wheel software. Such software generates lotto combinations in randomized form. I repeat the process several times, depending on how many numbers the lotto wheel consists of. Then, I run WheelCheck. to check what lotto combinations are missing in the resulting system. The result is an original lotto wheel, which is well balanced and randomized.

Lottery Utilities Software, Tools, Lotto Wheels, Systems.

I also wrote lottery-wheeling software named WheelIn, part of the Bright / Ultimate integrated lotto software packages. This special breed of software opens an output file and inputs only combinations that create lotto wheels. For example, you generated first all 18564 combinations for 18 numbers. You want to input only combinations in such a manner that you create a 4 of 6 lotto wheel. Wheel-In will do that with ease.

There is a lot more! You can further reduce the size of your lotto wheel by randomization. Still, the balance of the wheel will not deteriorate! First, you randomize or shuffle the output file (e.g. the text file containing 18564 lotto combinations). Again, my free software is ready for the task: Shuffle. You can read more on the page dedicated to the software to check lotto wheels for missing combinations (presenting the WheelCheck wheeling software).

The lotto wheels (abbreviated or reduced lottery systems) are compressed in three self-extracting EXE files: SYSTEM6, WHEEL5, WHEEL7.

1)WHEEL5: Lotto wheels for 5-number lotto games. The package consists of 13 reduced lotto systems, from 9 to 24 numbers. The files have SYS in their name; e.g. SYS-15.35 means 15-numbers, 3 of 5 lotto wheel, a total of 21 combinations (lines).

2) SYSTEM6: Lotto wheels for 6-number lotto games. The package consists of 13 reduced lotto systems, from 9 to 30 numbers. The files have SYS in their name; e.g. SYS-18.46 means 18-numbers, 4 of 6 lotto wheel, a total of 51 combinations (lines). The name of the package is different in order to avoid confusion with a lotto-wheeling program named WHEEL6 (uploaded long before the reduced lotto-6 system collection).

Some of the lotto wheels in this package are designed for favorite numbers (F1 or F2 in system name). I have a favorite here... without favorite lotto numbers (bankers)! SYS18.46 = 18-number 4 of 6 lotto system, 51 combinations.
This must be the ideal and the only lotto wheel to play IF you can't live without wheeling your lottery numbers!

There is also a special group of lotto-6 reduced systems. Those are wheels for big lotto numbers:

3) WHEEL7: Lotto wheels for 7-number lotto games. The package consists of 12 reduced lotto systems, from 10 to 20 numbers. The files have SYS in their name; e.g. SYS-20.57 means 20-numbers, '5 of 7' lotto wheel, a total of 253 combinations (lines).

These lotto wheels may not be reproduced or distributed in any way, form, or shape. They are for the individual use of the person who downloaded the reduced systems created by Ion Saliu's software.

The best free lotto software to generate lotto wheels and lottery wheeling.

2. The Best Software to Tackle Lotto Wheels, Lottery Wheeling

Of course, everybody loves to feast on great software, especially when it is free! My lotto wheeling software (and other categories) is absolutely free to run, for an unlimited period of time. However, only the registered members have a right to download the software. Membership requires a nominal fee the most reasonable there is to connect to the greatest and most useful software ever created. No kidding! Read the conditions to becoming a registered member: Download Great Free Software: Paid Membership Required.

Study statistical analysis of winning for free lotto 5, lottery 6 wheels.

3. Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Lotto Wheel Performance

I do not recommend wheeling lotto numbers anymore. You still want to play lotto wheels from time to time? Or, you want to test if lotto wheeling works better than random play? Well, then, you can use these free 5, 6, 7-number lotto wheels. The wheels are balanced. Keep in mind that they are also randomized a keyword here. The randomized wheels perform better than ordinary or static lottery wheels. The lexicographic indexes are also very important. You may test this statement, or any other. The testing software is also free, plus other lottery freeware programs at this site. Testing will come at no cost to you; playing the lotto wheels will cost you an arm and a leg, however.

Still, the best method of playing lotto wheels is in the Wheel wheeling packages. They are incorporated in the Bright / Ultimate lotto software packages. The main characteristics of Wheeler are: randomization and filtering. You can apply a multitude of lottery filters against the results (drawings) file in your lottery games. Yes, you can use as many lottery data files as you please (or have available). There is no need to buy a lotto software package for any state lottery you want to play.

The key concept in running Wheel is repetition. By repeating the combination generation several times you improve the probability to win higher lotto prizes. The statement is founded on the famed Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). The degree of certainty is determined by the individual probability and the number of trials (drawings).

There is a large, but limited, number of lotto sets (systems or wheels) for any given amount of numbers to play. One of the sets offers the lotto jackpot. The degree of certainty is very low that the first lotto wheel or system Wheel generates is the jackpot winner. The lotto wheel is largely determined by the first line (combination) or the top combinations generated. By running Wheeling again and again you improve the chance to come up with the lotto jackpot system. In any case, you improve the probability to generate lotto wheels that offer prizes higher than the design. For example, generate lotto wheels that hit 5 of 6 although you ran Wheel for the 4 of 6 minimum guarantee or assurance.

One more tip, lotto wheel aficionados! If you run the universal random number generator at this site a few hundred times, the probability to hit higher prizes is undoubtedly higher than of any static lotto wheel out there. The lottery random generator and odds calculated can be accessed directly from the footer of this page. The ActiveX controls are totally free to run, without the membership requirement.

If you can't live without lotto wheeling, avoid non-balanced, non-randomized lotto wheels. They offer the worst results of all sets, especially when the highest prizes are concerned.

Proving that only Randomness is Almighty. I can generate balanced-randomized lotto wheels for any numbers. I generated one 39/5 wheel to meet the minimal guarantee 2 of 5. Total lines: 49 (file: WHEEL-39.5.25). Then I ran Bell Curve Generator and generated 500,000 combinations. I wheeled in 49 random lotto combinations. I repeated the process 49 times (file: LOTTO139-5.49).

I checked for winners against Pennsylvania 5/39 lotto game, 400 drawings (a little over one year worth of draws). The cost of winning (COW): 49 x 400 = $19,600. The results not only beat ordinary random play and ordinary lotto wheeling, but also the house edge. Both sets made a profit. Indeed, the COW may not be affordable for most players. Nevertheless, the two randomized sets hit prizes regularly.

The lotto wheels only make money for those who sell lottery software. The lotto wheels and wheeling are the essence of all lottery software, except for LotWon. Some pushed the envelope so hard, that everything in lotto is now a... wheel! It is the only justification left for most lotto software packages to sell. They say now full wheels. That's an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. The lotto wheels are, in fact, reduced lotto systems. Reduced is the keyword here. On the other hand, full is a reference to all the combinations of a loto set. Wheeling lotto numbers is a way of reducing the number of combinations to play, instead of playing all lotto numbers in a set. They can't have it both ways: full and reduced!

                   LOTTO-5 Winning Number Checking 
                   Files: LOTTO-WHEEL-39-5.25 (49) against PA-5 (400)

   Line    Combinations                          5       4       3       2 
   no.       Checked                            Hits    Hits    Hits    Hits

      1    3  4  9 14 38            in draw #                            5 
     49    1 10 17 18 27            in draw #                            399 

         Total Hits:                             1       5       195     2047 

                   LOTTO-5 Winning Number Checking 
                   Files: LOTTO-WHEEL-139-5.49 (49) against  PA-5 (400)

   Line    Combinations                          5       4       3       2 
   no.       Checked                            Hits    Hits    Hits    Hits

      1    7 18 25 30 39            in draw #                            7 
     49    7  8 25 30 34            in draw #                            391 

         Total Hits:                             2       5       206     2010

Read an advanced theory of the concept of lotto wheels or reduced lottery systems.

Resources in Lottery Software, Lotto Wheeling

Lists the main pages on the subject of lottery, lotto, software, wheels or abbreviated lotto systems.

Ion Saliu's Theory of Probability Book founded on mathematics, including lotto wheels theory. Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to lotto wheels, or lotto designs, or lotto coverings.

"The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'
I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'."

Journey, "Wheel in the Sky"

The free lottery wheels come with the best lotto wheeling software created by Ion Saliu.

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