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law on the Wrong Side of The Law

By Ion Saliu, Lawfully At-Large

 The spirit of the Law is meant to protect humans, not to destroy lives.

I wrote sparingly this autumn. Sometimes, some of the faithful readers of my web pages wonder what happened to the fiery Parpaluck? They remember older writings of mine, when my ideas were blazing all over the virtual world. That world was a lot smaller when I started my endeavor. My English was also rudimentary compared to my linguistic feats of today. I used to write clear-cut matter-of-factly even about painful personal events. I looked like a very strong person to many a reader. Writing matter-of-factly about not-so-pleasant personal facts takes strength.

Then, I had gone silent regarding my clear-cut matter-of-factly treatment of personal things. People wondered if my life had turned all-for-the-better. NOT! Was the reverse true? My life turning so dramatically for-the-worse that I wasn't even able to write about it? Perhaps it has gone that way.

It all started in 1987. Briefly — for many of you already read about such facts in my early writings. I had crossed the border of Communist Romania with my intent to live in the United States. I succeeded, and in 1985 I was resettled to the United States as a refugee. Then I had to fight a 2-year war for my family reunification. I succeeded just before it looked as if I had no chance.

As a last resort, I appealed to Ronald Reagan's White House. Everything moved fast after that. My ex-wife and my daughter joined me in the United States in 1987. I had a shock when my ex-wife, among other things, asked me to give her money so that she would be able to return to Romania! I couldn't believe my ears! After all those tribulations I had to go through! We moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan a few weeks after our family reunification. I lived a nightmare for a few weeks in Michigan. I was unemployed for the most part. My savings (hard earned as a farm laborer in Pennsylvania) reached rock-bottom soon. I found a job in a computer store (towards end of 1987) but I was paid the minimum wage. Very hard to care for one single person, let alone a family of three!

All the while, my ex-wife had two contradictory demands. Make the money so that she would return to Romania. Or, rent a separate apartment for her and our daughter. She didn't top live with me anymore. Either action — money to return or a renting a separate apartment — was mission impossible. My income barely allowed for rent and food (not much, though). I vehemently opposed when my ex-wife accepted welfare. She was directed by legal agencies to accept welfare. The same legal agencies, part of the Michigan state government would torture my future, would turn my life into a nightmare. My ex-wife was also part of it.

I had no choice but return to my farm work in Pennsylvania (first day of 1988). At least, I didn't have to pay rent. That's how the Mexicans live in the United States. Work hard and live in bare-bone places without paying rent. The cruelty is that many Americans deeply hate all the Mexicans who live under them lowly human conditions so that the Americans enjoy affordable food prices (and other affordable services that the Americans will not ever do)!

I hoped I would save that money and give it to my ex-wife so that she would be able to return to Romania. But she had changed her plans. She thought she would find men in much better financial situation than I was in. So, she decided to ask for a divorce. She got what she wanted. Of course, I couldn't afford to attend the court procedures in Michigan. I had to work six days a week, and still wasn't enough to buy a decent vehicle. Matter of fact, the police in Pennsylvania fined me over $100 because my car was in a such a bad condition that I had become famous for the noise when I drove that piece of junk (winter of 1988). One hundred dollars was significant money for me at that time. I had no choice but buy a better vehicle, good enough to pass the state inspection (required in Pennsylvania, but not in Michigan). That vehicle absorbed all my savings — and then some.

Luckily, my employer cosigned me for a loan. I was able to buy a good computer and take computing very seriously. My mind was my best asset and my best chance in the new world. I could only get a better job by honing my computing skills, among other things. Yes, I had high hopes of winning the lottery using my software. I almost did it — if I had played. You can read all the facts in one of my old writings. Search and you shall find.

My ex-wife started a child-support lawsuit in 1989. I did what I could to help my child. That lawsuit ruined my life from 1989 to 2008 (keeps running…) Again, I was unable to attend the court procedures. Traveling for me was a real luxury. I had to work everyday; I never owned a vehicle with a mileage under 100,000. I only wrote to various agencies and courts in Michigan presenting my situation. Perhaps it is my clear-cut matter-of-factly presentation. But the law is not a moralizing force and not a writing style enforcer. For the Law, only the facts matter. It should, at least.

All my points were disregarded. Later on, it is likely that my correspondence was also trashed. My ex-wife formed a strong union, with religious and ethnic overtones. My ex-wife had enrolled my daughter in a Polish-run catholic school. I opposed that. I wanted my daughter attend a public school. The judge, Polish ethnic, rebutted me strongly (by correspondence). So, it was a mixture of ethnic Romanians, Poles, a Jewish lawyer — and they united in fighting me to my destruction. Kind of a jihad under the cross sign.

The court decided against me as if I were one of the worst criminals! But here is another important point, super crocodilule! I was not one of the worst criminals — and the court knew that with the highest degree of certainty. They do not take such cruel and unusual actions against people with real criminal inclinations (based on past behavior). They are scared to death of criminals with dangerous behavior. The legal system is very lenient regarding dangerous criminals — because dangerous criminals kill sometimes law enforcement and legal personnel. You see that all the time on TV! Yet, the law wants to prove that they protect the society that pays the bills. Why would the citizenry need law enforcement and legal systems if such institutions do nothing (other than wrist-slapping some criminals most of the time)? The agencies want to prove that they are worth the taxpayers money!

I can guarantee you (the evidence must be opened to the public when requested) that there are hundreds, indeed thousands, of child support cases in the greater Detroit area far worse than mine! Some of the dads are hard-core criminals who abused their spouses and children. Yet, they get a far better deal than me. Yes, it's the Fear factor! If they did in all those cases what the have done to me, most all of that legal personnel would be dead by now (as a result of mass murder). We always see such cases on TV. In my case — hey, all the bastards who want to destroy me are alive and kicking! They know how to choose their targets! Ion won't hurt anybody! He won't even crush a worm!

The Michigan legal agency named the Friend of the Court wanted me to send my child payments to them, not to my ex-wife and thusly my daughter. The naďve that I was did send the money to them crooks! Guess, what? My ex-wife would not get the checks! Them legal crooks tried to keep the money for themselves, as if they were my children! My ex-wife told me that she had a hard time getting the money! She had to call or go in person to that fuqing court agency to benefit from my payments! So, the two of us decided that I would send my payment, as much as I could have afforded, directly to my ex-wife. That's how I did and my ex-wife always cashed my checks.

But the fuqing bastards (a mixture of thieves and emotional destroyers) intensified their destructive attacks. They would harass me every year, sometimes two or three times a year. The timing was also carefully orchestrated, so that the destructive effect would be most efficient. It was on Easter, and/or Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas. Every harassing letter (using court paper paid by honest citizens to satisfy lowly-life instincts by persons hired to protect human life, not destroy humans) stated that I owed staggering amounts of money! Most of the time, the debt amount read over $200,000! Beginning 2005, my debt was established at almost a quarter of a million dollars!

Now, you can get all my income tax returns. It is called the freedom of information. You put together all that I earned as an American farm laborer and then temporary worker (now I am seasonal) — you won't get nearly near a quarter of a million dollars! Again, before taxes and before any other reasonable living expense! They say it is the American dream to own your house. I never even considered such a dream (mission impossible!) I couldn't even dream of a brand-new vehicle, another form of the American dream. Public transportation is very poor in the United States, especially rural areas (there is no public transportation around here). I treat a vehicle only as a necessary means of making a living. I am no longer at the age I had in 1985-1987 when I made a living riding a bicycle to work (3 miles one way). Not to mention that shingles almost destroyed my left leg in 2005.

I was unemployed for the most part of the years 1996 and 1997. Now, you make child payments — can you? I was working with a state government agency to find employment. I did my best to find work in the computer field. I am really good in that field. I have written software that is still unique at this time of writing. My ex-wife blamed me for not earning more money, to be more in accordance with my intelligence and skills! Tell that to the computer companies who took me for a ride! I solved a few things here and there, but I was not hired. There are things (science and mathematics) that very few computer programmers can solve. I can. Some took advantage of that. I was not offered any job, although I had to make expenses (traveling, eating, etc.) I filed lawsuits, although chances are very slim when you don't have a lawyer. Any lawyer in the U.S. is expensive, but you always need a good lawyer. A good lawyer in the U.S. is a luxury that only few can afford (like Mafia).

I got nothing from my lawsuits, except that the legal agencies agreed I had a good point! That point was unable to pay for my living. I incurred credit card debt. Then, I had no choice but apply for food stamps. That's the truth. Telling that truth and others is strength — not hiding the truth and committing serious crimes in the hiding. Only those with similar experiences can understand what I went through, and what I wanted to do. Again, only the strongest survive and live in freedom. Dreams of employment in the computer field were thrown out the window. It was by chance that I heard of a temporary employment agency. Temporary employment saved my life. It is not much money. Paying child support can be an insurmountable burden. Simply surviving under a roof, not in the streets, as homeless, is an achievement. I missed a couple of rent payments as well.

Somehow, my ex-wife realized I did mean something in her life. She agrees (not too openly, though) that she is a beneficiary of my risking my life to cross a Communist border. No, I did not do it primarily for her. I did it primarily for myself. As now, here, my ideas in a Communist country came close to kill me. My ex-wife was close to absolutely destroy me. I had a dangerous time with the Romanian security forces (the secret police, known as Securitate) because of my Western ideas and request to emigrate. I didn't think it was fair for my ex-wife to live my nightmare with me. I wanted her to go free. I plotted with another woman to flee Communism. My ex-wife used my secret diaries to make me return to her. She unquestionably wanted to stand by my side and support in my effort to flee.

If the Securitate had put their hands on my secret diaries — chances are good you would NOT read this now. Chances of my destruction would have been very high. So, my ex-wife and I stood together. We even plotted my escape together (1984). I only secretly burnt my diaries. Perhaps she still doesn't believe me now that I did burn my diaries! It wasn't me the Inquisitor, though! I have reasons to believe that the woman I gave my diaries to executed my ideas by burning my notebooks at stake! My diaries have never resurfaced (since 1982-1983?)

A few smart people in this country (USA — in the 1985-1986 period) warned me about the diary incident. They thought it was a strong case against my fighting for family reunification. A woman who put you in a dangerous situation like that has a character prone to do it again. Go with an American woman, Johnny! Don't you love that great song, American Woman? (I really do!) I had never considered that path. It looked dishonorable to me. I swore to my woman that I would put every effort to make sure she joined me in the U.S. She mostly stressed the curse factor: She would curse me to live in hell forever, if I failed to bring her next to me! I never gave a damn on curses, or that stupid stuff! If humans think rationally, hell is a place on earth, where part of our lives gets consumed. Blessing and curse (in alphabetical order) are just factual acts caused by other humans, not by gods or ghosts.

I thought of remarrying after my ex-wife remarried. I thought of a young (and super beautiful) Mexican bride. My ex-wife vehemently opposed my idea. She brought to my attention the several-children concept! Would I ever be able to take care of my daughter while the father of several other children? I never remarried, and never will. Think this one case is killing me? How about two cases? More cases? But I always detested the fact that my old woman applied her right to a new life, with a new man.

Anyway, I thought we put all that behind us. My ex-wife realized she benefited from the risks I took by fleeing Communism. She nicely recreated her life. She remarried to a man with a far better financial situation than mine, indeed. They have a daughter, who seems to be as intelligent as my daughter. Those two human beings (our daughter and her second daughter) give a blessing to all my risky and unwise actions! My ex-wife, based upon what she told me, she asked the Michigan legal agency to terminate their adverse action against me. Destroying me would not bring about any good, especially to the most interested party: Our daughter. Problem is, when you unleash the crazed hunting dogs you'll have a terrible time trying to stop them krazed dawgs!

Matter of fact, the plaintiff in the case is no longer the same! My ex-wife changed her last name. The legal agency didn't even change the records. They didn't care a bit about our requests. They just don't care, for as long as I am alive. I can guarantee you that they would not stop even if after I die. My daughter would suffer the consequences for a court order that was meant to help her. They would hunt her instead, and perhaps her children! Have the illiterate stupidiots read Kafka's Trial? I don't think they can read anything (except for the amount on a check that they steal from an honest parent!)!) Truth is, my ex-wife expressed to me her dismay at how idiotic and crooked government employees could be! They couldn't read or write properly — but they could steal alright!

That Fuqing Foe of the Court agency of the state of Michigan attacked me worse and worse, especially after I went online. They went frantically crazy about my destruction especially starting the year 2000. That's when my daughter reached the age of 18. It is also when I opened a message board at my website to express all my ideas. Yes, my ideas are atheistic. I am a philosopher. I am Socratic equally by nature and by choice. Our ideas are part built-in, part acquired. What they call the Socratic irony (a form of sarcasm) I call reductio ad absurdum (for opposing ideas). What I said in the beginning — clear-cut matter-of-factly presentation — is the result of the reductio ad absurdum philosophical method. The ethnically-frenzy religious zealots must have gotten mad at my openly anti-religious ideas! And I was married to a modern-day Xantippe!

Year after year, after year, after year! Since the Fuqing Foe of the Court agency of the state of Michigan totally ignored my correspondence, I took their threats as simple harassment. Regretfully, I should have filed federal lawsuit years ago. I already had the experience (a complaint against the U.S. Postal Service for badly mishandling my employment application). But, then again, I was having a hard time just finding work and making a surviving living.

Now, they went to the maximum maximorum. The Michigan state agency shook hands with a similar Pennsylvania state agency. They decided swiftly, without due process. On December 12, 2008, they issued a court order to freeze my bank account. Neither legal state agency bothered to inform me about such a draconic action. It was the wimps of my bank (they'll be no more my bank) who informed me. I trusted the bank with my money because they stated legally that the money would always be mine. My life depends on that. I pay my rent by check. I also have online payment for utilities. Look at the timing. We get freezing rain. It is cold at times. People had far worse conditions north of here. There is no guarantee that we won't get the same climatic deal. Okay, so 'tis the Christian-loving time to throw an atheist in the streets! No rent, no electricity — no right to a life! That's one of the goals of the draconic act by the Fuqing Foe of the legal agencies in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Look at the timing from another perspective. Just before Christmas, when lots of companies and agencies take long vacations. As I said, they totally disrespected me. No information was sent to me by the two criminally inclined nests with legal schooling. I complained online. That shook them somehow. "Oops! This guy is not a wimp, as we hoped! We treat the citizens as wimps in the first place. You ain't got no lawyer to handle this: You must be a wimp, and we treat you as a lowlife!" That was their initial thinking. Furthermore, I already filed online legal complaints with the Attorney general of the two states. Opps! I can bite, too (although I have never had enough money to take care of my teeth…they look bad…I try to hide as much as possible…but not including in a court of law).

So, the legal agencies rushed to me a bunch of legal documents, by email and by postal mail! That only took place AFTER I started complaining! The law, above them, requires them to inform a subject of law BEFORE an action is taken, and not after the injured subject demanded an explanation. How else should I have called them, but Fuqing Foes Of Law and Criminally Inclined Nests? What? They don't agree that endangering my life is a criminal act? Only if endangering their stinky lives is criminal, they believe?

So, they sink they gave me a chance to defend myself! Now, they say, I can rebut the decisions via postal mail. Something like the Office of the governator of meechigan advised me to do. File a legal rebuttal by January 2, 2009 with a legal agency that took a long holiday between December 19, 2008 and January 5, 2009. Knock, knock! Anybody home? NOT!!!

The action of the Pennsylvania agency might have been also triggered by my essay on the despicable tactics used by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania towards the end of the 2008 Electoral campaign (follow the “Hey Joe…” link). Read the brain essay and my angry Christmas diatribe in the new forum. My ex-wife started her hateful campaign on Thanksgiving Day 1987 and made it even worse on Christmas 1987. There is no human being in this world that hates more deeply those three Christian days (add Easter). And there is no more aggravating situation than to pressure me to celebrate those days with Christians, especially in the workplace! Not that I would accept celebrating with people of any religion!

The fact that I express the Truth in strong terms does not give any legal entity the right to judge me on a moral basis (style, actually). It is not what you, as a person in the legally official field, like or dislike — It is the Spirit of the Law that matters. When you represent the Law, you are Persona, not a person.

The fact that I can use computer software (e.g. a word processor) better than you, and I might print on paper of higher quality than yours — doesn't mean I am rich and I must be punished by all means. Nor should I have to pay a citizenship price because I am openly a strong atheist. Your freedom of religious beliefs is equally guaranteed and protected by the U.S. Constitution as my right to NO religious beliefs. Our rights are set forth in the same sentence in the Bill of Rights — The First Amendment. I print on the highest quality paper I can afford to as a sign of respect.

When I first became unemployed (1996), I felt the pinch of PERSONAL from official personae. A shrew at the local office of unemployment compensation and re-employment assistance had a hard time accepting my rights as a citizen. She would openly offend me with the pronunciation of my name. The law only requires proof of legal residence to be eligible for unemployment compensation — not proof of citizenship. The old stinky shrew added insult to injury by repeatedly asking me if I was a U.S. citizen. Other government employees at the same agency felt for me. One was outraged by the way the old shrew treated me.

The shrew also had serious problems with the quality of the paper I used, the fact that I showed computer printouts…even with the plastic paperclips I used! The printouts of the state agency looked bad — a kind of sick yellow — but I had never had a problem with that. I used plastic paperclips because they felt better on my fingers that the rust-prone metal paperclips. The price was almost the same. The higher-quality paper I used in my official dealings was only marginally more expensive. All the books you read on employment advise higher-quality paper for résumé writing. Believe it or not, even those two é attracted negative attention! Talk about stupid and damaging bias from bitches and sons of bitches in official positions of authority! They are obligated to apply the Constitution when they are offered their jobs — not to satisfy their filthy subconscious misery!

Talk about the reason why the Constitution included a specific article to protect the citizenry against cruel and unusual punishment! The law is meant to protect humans, not to destroy lives. That's the spirit of the law. That's prevention from injury by filthy emotions of bitches and sons of bitches that all humans are prone to be.

Here are the legal foes of the law I am talking about:

Michigan office of Child Support
Central Enforcement Unit
Lansing, MI 48909-8244
Phone number: 517-241-8507

Initiating IV-D Case Number: 9100222928
Initiating Tribunal Number 1988817409-DM
Date of Support Order: 02/01/89, Wayne County, MI
Support Amount: $72.00/week.
Date of last payment: 7/30/08
Amount of Arrears; $92,472.76
Period of Computation: 02/01/89 thru 11/03/08

Wayne County FOC (Friend of the Court)
Penebscot Building 3rd Floor/ 645 Griswold
Detroit, MI 48226

Adams County Domestic Relations Section
Courthouse, Room 36
111 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325-2385

Adams County National Bank
PO Box 3129
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(Soon I might owe another quarter of a million dollars, as the bank charges me for any payment I made beginning December 2008, including for health insurance! I owe a payment? I gotta make a payment! Guess what? The bank rejects the payment and they charge me...for paying with my own money! The payee also charges me... That's how millions of people get into a deadly form of debt: They owe only a small percentage in real money, while the brunt of the debt is cruelly artificially calculated! You learn about debt-caused suicides everyday in the media. Ain't gonna be me, bitches and sons of bitches! I betcha I'm gonna publish your obituaries here, and it'll be long before people would read my obituary!)

Life threats against Ion Saliu to stop him dead in his tracks regarding legal action.

Consequential Consequences — an Editor's note January 17, 2009 CE 9 (2008 years since Augustus tribunicia potestas)
As you, the rational, or, at least, reasonable, homo sapiens, expected with a high degree of certainty, there were consequences to my harsh-toned real-life essay. But we all have to do that: When life-threatening-cornered, we all must harshly self-defend. Homo sapiens would have not lasted very long if giving up easily. The bullish-strong would have enjoyed a short-lived success. But, then again, the strong would have collapsed as well — for none would have been around to slave for the strong!

My harsh-tongued tones also signaled that I added some degree of misery to my behavior. You know what? It has worked wonders! I am in a far quieter situation. Humans respect miserable behavior a lot better than all-clean behavior! What a wimpy stupidiot I was (actually, I knew it but it's just me that I am the ultimate gentleman!) Now I only have to raise my voice by just a little tone to demonstrate I am ready to fight for my justice. Before, I had to yell and scream to convey the same message (it did happen before, especially my workplaces).

On the other hand, I brought out the worst in the legal bastards, and bitches, and sons of bitches. Their complaint now is my language. Could anyone teach them the difference between person and persona? I know, it's the same difference in the Latin language. But the English-speaking legal establishments differentiate between a person (private individual) and persona (a human being in an official capacity, be it political, legal, or work-specific). When I am at home, I may use the worst of language to express my freedom of speech. I am a PERSON. In a court of law, I may only be a PERSONA: My freedom of speech is severely restricted expression-wise. I have no right to call the presiding judge a 'son-of-a-bitch' while I am in the courtroom. But when I am in the setting of my privacy (as guaranteed and protected by the constitution) I have an inalienable right to call the same judge or any law officer a son of a bitch or a bitch or curse her/him any way I want to.

I asked them how I was going to survive…to stay alive. They don't answer my question directly because they don't care. Actually, they prove that their intention is to lead me to suicide! If I can't survive the harsh winter cold — then why don't I kill myself? That's the message they strongly want to convey to yours truly.

There is something it might have looked disturbing before the beginning of December 2008. I have paid closer attention to the statistics regarding my website. The bitches and sons of bitches know it too — that I look at my web stats. There are things (search strings, or search phrases) that I pay serious attention to. It is easy to notice certain search sentences. They mean to get your attention. On January 15, 2008, my web stats recorded this meant-to-be disturbing search:

"dream interpretation about my father were killed"

The search string (on Yahoo) had 2 counts and came from Michigan.

I don't believe it was my beloved daughter. She would not want to play the real-life role of Electra (her father is far, far stronger than any Oedipus). Yet, why would Michiganders be so stupid and play with Greek-tragedy fire? If they are god-believers, don't they fear the deus-ex-machina?

I love being miserable! Feels so good adding misery to my behavior! Long live behavioral misery! People of the world, unite in being miserable (as a response)! I belong to Homo miserabilis species...


A child support case was meant to destroy the philosopher and atheist Ion Saliu.

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