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By Ion Saliu,
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Paid membership is required to download software for lottery, lotto, gambling, statistics.

One. Why Paid Membership: It's All about Give-and-Take
Two. How It Works: Legal Agreement, Signup, Registration, Permanent Membership
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Necessity of pay-for download services, software, programs, resources.

1. Why Paid Membership: Effort and Reward

All pages, theories, formulas, systems — even software tutorials — at this Web site are absolutely free to read, study, save, etc. Moreover, the software is always free to run, with no limited runs. There is only one condition: Downloading the software requires fee-based membership. It is NOT a contradiction in terms. The software you download is fully working, and free to run for an unlimited time, with no strings attached. The software is not crippled in any way whatsoever, nor does it have annoying screens asking you for your money.

Consider this. There are software titles available only at SALIU.COM. You would not find similar software anywhere else in the world, regardless how much you would be willing to pay. I have written totally unique programs in the field of probability theory, statistics, combinatorics and lexicographical order, gambling mathematics... and more...

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2. How It Works: Legal Agreement, Signup, Registration, Permanent Membership