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The Best Software for Pick (Digit) Lottery, Gambling, Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Horse Racing, Sports Betting, Probability, Odds, Statistics, Combinatorial Mathematics, Lexicographical Ordering, Random Generators

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Science, Gambling Mathematics

Pay at PayPal for lottery software, lotto programs for Powerball, Mega Millions, Keno, Euromillions.

Paid membership is required to download software for lottery, lotto, gambling, statistics.

I. Paid Membership: It Is All about Give-and-Take
II. Products, Services, Membership Types
III. How It Works: Signup, Registration, Access to Restricted Areas
IV. Resources Available to Registered Members and Visitors

Necessity of pay-for download services, software, programs, resources.

I. Why Paid Membership: Effort and Reward

All pages, theories, formulas, systems even software tutorials at this Web site are absolutely free to read, study, save, etc. Moreover, the software is always free to run, with no limited runs. There is only one condition: Downloading the software requires fee-based membership. It is not a contradiction in terms. The software you download is fully working, and free to run for an unlimited time, with no strings attached. The software is not crippled in any way whatsoever, nor does it have annoying screens asking you for your money, or more money, or renewals, etc.

Axiomatic one, I wrote this introductory chapter because of the... past! I was one of the very first authors to offer totally free software to serve real-life purposes, such as winning the lottery, casino gambling, and also answer important scientific tasks. Many users during the pioneer years of the Internet became used to my free offerings. It shouldn't be felt as disappointment now that I decided to require mutually beneficial fees. The fees are definitely the lowest anywhere... never mind my software is undoubtedly of the highest quality.

Software, books, services included in specific membership types.

II. Products, Services, Types of Membership

  • Following is the list and description of the products and services available at this Web site. The subscriptions are based on the one-time payment model: No renewal required.
  • The visitor can order one or more products and pays online via PayPal.
  • Please be mindful that the registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. The overwhelming majority of visitors are honest. They register because they want to download AND run the software, as it is the only offering with mathematically real chances to win the lottery, horse racing wagering, sports betting, roulette, blackjack gambling. Everything is based on mathematical formulas, including taking into consideration, possible but rare, long losing streaks.
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    1. Permanent Membership to Download Software

  • Fee: US$ 29.99
  • This type of membership gives you the right to download software, even source code for selected programs, plus lotto results and statistics for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.
  • The registered members of this type of subscription can download a great deal of software, with the exception of the applications covered by the Ultimate Software membership.
  • There is a dedicated material describing all software included in the Permanent Membership, plus relevant Web pages (free to access and read):
  • Download Software, Source Code, Lotto Results, Statistics for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

    2. Ultimate Software

  • Fee: US$ 29.99
  • The Ultimate Software membership requires the Permanent Subscription above no way around it.
  • This type of membership gives you the right to download ALL software, even source code for selected programs, plus lotto results. All future upgrades or updates are absolutely free.
  • The new software in the Ultimate packages were highly requested by members of my forums. Just one program, for example, dealing with lottery last digits, just for 5-number lotto games, was desired to be had at 100 US dollars... you do the math(s)...
  • There is a dedicated material describing all software included in the Ultimate Membership, plus relevant Web pages:
  • Download the Ultimate Software for Lotto, Pick 3 4 Lotteries, Horse Racing.

    3. Probability Theory, Live! Paperback Copy

  • Fee: US$ 14.95, including shipping
  • While supplies last! Available only to customers in the United States of America must provide a valid postal address in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.
  • I received from my publisher complimentary copies of my book, Probability Theory, Live! I autographed every paperback copy.
  • There is a dedicated page describing the book:
  • Probability Theory, Live! Book in Bookstores, Online, Amazon.

    4. PDFBook 2012 Probability Theory, Live! PDF eBook Edition

  • Fee: US$ 9.95
  • There are a few issues with the electronic version (the eBook). I've seen it in several formats. The formulas are distorted. It is very hard to read the formulas or equations. The eBook format in general is still primitive when it comes to scientific writing.
  • Moreover, I activated all bookmarks and links. Navigation is a lot easier by clicking on the hyperlinks. You can read the PDF book, while opening Web pages for useful related information.
  • I updated also all information regarding calculation of the bust odds in the game of blackjack; pertinent URLs are provided.
  • There is a dedicated page describing the book:
  • Probability Theory, Live! Book in Bookstores, Online, Amazon.

    Run the best software for your money, regardless of price, currency, country via online payment at PayPal.

    III. How It Works: Signup, Registration, Access to Restricted Areas

  • It works like this in the majority of cases. You want to download one of those great software titles you came across at this site. You click on the download link. The Login page will pop up. A member in good standing enters his/her login information: Username and password. The downloading process starts immediately.
  • If the visitor is not a registered member, the login form has a Register field. Clicking on the registration button will take you to the Signup page. The registration form shows the types of membership and fees, first name and last name, user name, password, email, and form of payment. Please be as careful as you can with username, password and email. I always use a password manager (LastPass) with my login information all over the Internet.

  • The only type of payment accepted at this time is via PayPal. Other forms of payment such as by check or money order will delay membership approval (due to mailing time, bank clearing, etc.)
  • The easiest and fastest way to register is if you have a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account and don't want one, you can pay at PayPal with a credit card. They accept many credit cards and the online processing is very secure. The membership service at my Web site is available all over the world, not only to residents of the United States.

  • The PayPal service validates your payment, if it is valid. Payments at PayPal via eCash or other financial methods may require 3-4 business days to process (including bank clearing). Please be patient. Do not apply for a subscription more than once. Wait for the membership system to email you when your eCash payment was finalized by PayPal.

  • PayPal informs you and my membership facility immediately and automatically via email.
  • A valid payment approves your membership immediately. You will be redirected to your Membership domain.
  • After registration, you can go directly to your membership page any time. You might want to add it to your Favorites (bookmarks).
  • Once there, you should click on any type of subscription you paid for. The links direct you to the protected areas of SALIU.COM that you have a right to access. Your subscription links send you to dedicated pages where further information is provided to you, including clickable links to download the software.
  • The validation email you receive automatically also provides you with the most important links available to the registered members. You might want to bookmark these important links in a special folder (e.g. SaliuMembership). And, again, please use a password manager for saving and editing your login.

    Software packages require a one-time payment to download all of them and always run for free.

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    MDIEditor Lotto is a very intelligent piece of lottery, gambling, probability software; pay to download, free to run forever.

    Links to download great software for registered members, or not.

    IV. Resources Available to Registered Members and Visitors