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I Published My First Book: Probability Theory, Live!

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Probability Theory of Life

The book is about probability theory mathematics, life, lottery, gambling, intelligence in Universe.

I accomplished a great goal: I published my first book in print. The title of the book is Probability Theory, Live! Evidently, the book deals with theory of probability, a branch of mathematics.

The publisher is Xlibris. That name is very meaningful to me. I had around 10,000 books in my personal library when I lived in Romania. I have never reached that amount in USA—ever! Not even remotely close! I loved my collection of books. My ex-wife also loved them books. Granted, she contributed to the enrichment of my library. Communism forced me into self-exile—although it was a risky adventure. I crossed the border into former Yugoslavia, still one of my favorite countries. My ex-wife asked me not to send her many US dollars from America because would-be scavengers would swallow the dollars! She made money by selling the books in my personal library. Each and every book in my collection had this autograph on the first page:

Ex libris meis.

One of my books (textually, From my books, in Latin).

Followed by the Ion Saliu autograph:

How Ion Saliu has always signed the books in his personal library.

My book-love, including this Ex libris meis, is inherited. My parents have loved books—reading, that is. My father's books have this Ex libris meis Latin branding, followed by the Romanian translation: Din cartile mele. Then, my father's signature under the two lines. I also imitated my father's signature. I have never wanted to sign my name differently from my father's signature. His is better-looking than mine, however. I also admit that my father's calligraphy is unquestionably nicer than mine! Computer writing badly affected my handwriting! My signature is the most faithful reminiscence from the past of my manual writing.

I love reading as much as my parents, but our tastes have gone more and more divergent. I am farther intellectually. That's a natural thing. Society evolves as a generation becomes more intellectual than the previous one. The more intellectually divergent generations are, the more advanced a society is. If you look at so-called primitive cultures, the generational differences are virtually negligible. Although, the differences begin to look strident in the third millennium. For example, Amazonian tribes, who barely dressed one generation ago, wear now blue jeans, T-shirts, and baseball caps! It's all about comfort, an essential component of survival.

The women in harshly Islamic nations still wear headscarves and hide their bodies in textile armors. But they use cell phones asking their mothers-in-law for permission to buy sodas!

The societies evolve by creating intellectual gaps between generations. The gaps are essentially rational. The mind has two fundamental components: rational (reason) and irrational (beliefs). The most important change is in Reason. USA has a group of individuals — Amish — who still live like in the sixteenth century. The Amish kids, however, make cell phone calls when family members get seriously ill.

None of my books has been Ex libris meis-branded since I moved to USA! Furthermore, I have abandoned truckloads of books since my residency in the United States of America. Reason accepts abandonment as a component of evolution. It is all dated, but Time itself…

I know, the cover looks great! I created the images based on the Fundamental Formula of the Universe (FFG). The publisher, Xlibris, then created the cover design in consultation with me. I love that book look! I believe it is the greatest cover design of all time! I set it as the background of my Windows 7 desktop. Just right-click the book image at the top of this page.

From the publisher's press release:

Probability Theory, Live! * by Ion Saliu
More than Gambling and Lottery — it's about Life!
Publication Date: February 3, 2010
Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN): 2010901441
Trade Paperback; $22.99; 315 pages; 978-1-4500-3734-1
Trade Hardback; $32.99; 315 pages; 978-1-4500-3735-8
eBook: 978-1-4500-3736-5

There is a serious drawback to self-publishing. Most bookstores have very low regards for self-publishing companies. The idea is that everybody can publish a book, including crass idiots! Unfortunately, my book is not in a highly regarded company. Nonetheless, I wrote a revolutionary book that will be highly appreciated down the road in history. It is the Book of Truth: Randomness rules! Absolute certainty is absolute absurdity.

To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7876.

For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at

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Formula issues with Ion Saliu's Probability Book in print was corrected in the ebook version.

Buy the PDF version of the book Probability Theory Live not the eBook.

Ion Saliu's Probability Book is autographed and sold by the author.

Order Probability Theory, Live, the paperback edition, autographed and sold by the author.

Read a formal review of my book in ForeWord Clarion Review, kind of a little bible of the publishing industry. Then read a strong opinion regarding the Clarion review — kind of a short review of a review. You know, I like what they did…the ClarIon(s)! They chose a woman to review my book. She gave me an acceptable 2 of 5. Chances are, a man would have “rewarded” me with “zero out of five”! I'm not kidding! I am notorious for bringing out the worst in men! That really feasts my ego! I must be really good…I mean really great…if I make some men feel like dying out of hatred towards yours truly!

I. The Fundamentals of Probability Theory......7 1. The Best Introduction to Theory of Probability 2. The Logical Foundation of Probability Theory 3. Calculating the Essential Elements of Probability 4. Precise Definition of the Probability Events 5. The Probability of Binomial Distribution 6. The Probability of Hypergeometric Distribution 7. The Probability of Combined Events 8. The Probability of Inseparable Events, Single Trial 9. The Probability of Separable Events, Multiple Trials 10. Nothing without a Degree of Certainty — Ion Saliu's Paradox 11. The Best Tools to Calculate & Verify Probabilities: Software II. Combinatorics: Mathematics of Numeric Sets......27 1. Introduction to the Mathematical Sets of Numbers: Exponents (Saliusian Sets), Permutations, Arrangements, Combinations 2. Exponents (Exponential Sets or Saliusian Sets; Ion Saliu Sets) 3. Permutations (Factorial Sets; Exponents without Duplicates) 4. Arrangements Sets (n Permutations m) 5. Combinations (Boxed Arrangements) 6. Lexicographical Order: Each Element in the Set Has a Rank, Index, or Numeral Order III. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG)......38 1. Theory of Probability Leading to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling 2. Mathematics Leading to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling 3. The Fundamental Table of Gambling (FTG) 4. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling: Games Other Than Coin Tossing 5. The Practical Dimension of the Fundamental Formula of Gambling 6. The Profound Implications of the Fundamental Formula of Gambling IV. Standard Deviation: A Measure of Randomness......54 1. Introduction to the Concept of Standard Deviation 2. The Binomial Standard Deviation Formula (BSD) 3. The Statistical Standard Deviation 4. The Best Software to Calculate or Determine Standard Deviation 5. Real-Life Case History: Standard Deviation and Politics V. The Birthday Paradox or Probability of Repetition (Coincidences, Duplication, Collisions)......66 1. Introduction to the Birthday Paradox: Probability of Coincidences, Repetition 2. Mathematics, Formula of the Birthday Paradox: The Saliusian Sets 3. The Best Software to Calculate the Probability of Collisions, Coincidences, Duplication 4. Relation of the Birthday Paradox Probability to Lottery 5. Relation of the Birthday Paradox Probability to Roulette 6. The Birthday Paradox and the Social Security Number 7. The Birthday Paradox and the Genetic Code, DNA, Forensic Coincidences 8. The Birthday Paradox and the Chance of Duplication of Intelligent Life in the Universe VI. Important Probability Caveats......87 1. The Fundamental Mathematical Caveat: Probability Equals Degree of Certainty 2. Events Cannot Repeat Ad Infinitum 3. The Probability Theory and the Mechanical Elements 4. The Past Is One of the Essential Elements of Probability Theory 5. How About the Streaks? Probability Is the Theory of Streaks VII. Probability Paradoxes, Famous Problems......103 1. Introduction to the Concept of Paradox 2. The Monty Hall Paradox: A TV Game Show 3. The Classical Occupancy Problem or the Coupon Collector's Problem 4. Ion Saliu's Paradox and the Law of Large Numbers 5. Montmort's Problem or the Couple Swapping Paradox 6. Reversed Montmort's Problems or Paradoxes 7. No Problem! There Are Solutions to Every Probability Problem VIII. Games of Chance: Real-Life Probability Theory......123 1. Games of Chance and Probability Theory: An Historical Perspective 2. My Contribution to Probability Theory and Games of Chance (Gambling, Lottery, Sports) IX. Theory and Strategy of Sports Prognostication or Betting......137 1. The Statistical Approach: American Football Betting and Italian Soccer Pools (1, X, 2) 2. The Randomness Approach: Resemblance to Lottery Games X. Theory and Strategy of Horseracing Wagering or Betting......148 1. The Paper-and-Pencil Approach: Horseracing at Off-Track-Wagering (OTW) 2. The Lottery-Like Strategy Applied to Horseracing Wagering XI. Theory of Probability Applied to Blackjack (Twenty-One)......156 1. The Fundamental Probability Issue: The True Odds at Blackjack 2. The Fundamental Myth of Blackjack Gambling: Card-Counting 3. The Theory of Streaks: Foundation of my Blackjack Gambling Strategy XII. Theory of Probability Applied to Roulette......189 1. My Early Roulette Strategies and Systems 2. The Wheel Bias: Roulette Strategy Based on Wheel Half (Hemisphere) 3. The Wheel Bias: Roulette Strategy Based on Number-Pairing 4. The Super Roulette Strategy 5. Roulette Software: Significant Titles XIII. An Introduction to Lottery Mathematics......225 1. The Protomathematics of Lottery 2. Mathematics of Lottery XIV. Theory of Probability Applied to Lottery: Strategies, Systems, Software......244 1. Selecting Lotto Numbers Based on Skips 2. SkipSystem.EXE: Powerful Software to Create Lottery Systems Based on Skips 3. The Wonder-Grid: Lottery Systems Based on Pairings 4. Lottery Strategies Based on Eliminating the Least: Number Groups with the Worst Frequency 5. Lottery Strategies Based on the Birthday Paradox 6. Lottery Strategies Based on: Frequency Groups, Skips as Filters, Decades…and More… XV. Lottery Software, Lottery Filtering......287 1. Lottery Strategies Based on True Filters (Saliusian Filters) 2. How to Run My Lottery Software 3. My Lottery Software: Major Titles Index

Ion Saliu in 2010: Happy for writing a revolutionary book explaining best The Universe.

Read my decision to publish my works in print first for copyright protection.

Probability Theory, Live! at

The book represents the most thorough introduction to the Theory of Probability, a branch of mathematics. The presentation is scholarly precise, but in an easy-to-understand language.

Buy the hardcopy and kindle probability book at Amazon.

Probability Theory, Live! [Paperback 2010]

Probability Theory, Live! [Hardcover 2010]

Probability Theory, Live! [Kindle Edition]

Buy the 2012 paperback edition of probability book at Amazon.

The book is a lot more than gambling and lottery! The author, Ion Saliu, has made important discoveries in probability theory and mathematics in general. For example, the most natural way to calculate e (the base of the … natural logarithm).

Probability Theory, Live! [Paperback 2012]

The book that deals with very important issues not only in probability but in life as well.

Deal with self-publishing companies before traditional book publishers? Not much money for you!

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