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Number of Times to Run BELLBET, BELLOTTO: Generate Combinations inside Gauss Bell Curve

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Posted by Ion Saliu on February 20, 2001.

In Reply to: Run BELLOTTO Gauss bell software in conjunction with LotWon lottery software posted by gfunk on February 19, 2001.


Thank you very much, indeed. I appreciate your input. I have been doing some checking of my own. I am also devising better checking tools. One thing I noticed is the WIDTH of the median zone. I made it narrow on purpose. It is dynamically larger in my in-house lottery software. Also, I use lottery filters. The big problem is to accurately calculate the median when lotto filters are enabled. I have gone back to school and been checking the formulas for every filter. It is pretty hard and time consuming, but I'll beat the elements. It is worth the effort, for sure.

I have a template for lotto and Powerball games as well. I might upload them sometime. I worked on a big lotto game with worst pairings. The median goes to under half-million. I noticed in the pick-3 lottery straight hits, by checking real drawings. I came across 2, sometimes more straight hits in 100 drawings. I would suggest using BELLBET in the following manner. Let's say the straight hit is around 2%. The chance is very slim to get the lottery straight hit in the first, or the second, or the first two dozen runs of BELLBET. I should run the program between 20 and 30 times. I would choose combinations after the last run. It is like playing 30 drawings for free…

As of additional lottery data files (combinations generated first by LotWon), the thing is, again, knowing what the median is. That's one of the (many) things I am working on.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

: I have been testing bellbet and the first 4 days of running 4 sets of ten numbers have had 3 set of BOXED pick
: 3 wins and nothing in the pick 4 with same 4 sets of numbers.

: My suggestion is a utility to check Lotwon lottery software numbers generated with filters set to low numbers to get more numbers. BigJer(k) Bijitser.

Generate lottery combinations inside Gauss bell curve.

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Number of times to run BELLBET, BELLOTTO: Gauss bell curve lottery software.

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