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Casino Chairman Strengthens Threats Against Saliu Gambling System Players

By John Schroder, Casino Chairman At Large

The casino chairman strengthens his threats against gamblers playing Ion Saliu's roulette systems.

The casinos prove that Nevada is the Taliban State of ISA: Islamic States of America.

Posted by John Schroder on March 06, 2001.

In Reply to: Response to Threat, Attack from a Casino Chairman and Gambling Writer posted by Ion Saliu on March 05, 2001.

Mr. Saliu,

As tha apparent webmaster of this site, I am not surprised at your response to my previous post.

Unfortunately, you made a few things unclear in your post. For one, John Schroder is my name. I am sorry that you disagree, but I am quite certain that I am not mistaken here. After all, I have lived with this name for 55 years now.

As for not using "a real email" you are also mistaken. I did not post my email for the simple fact that it is a corporate email address. As I stated in my original post, I did not want any correlation between my personal opinions and that of the casino corporation. You made it sound like I posted false email information, when in fact I didn't post ANY email information whatsoever.

Now that we're on the same page, I would just like to say that I appreciate your prompt response... however I didn't quite understand much of it. In fact, it took an entire paragraph of writing to simply tell people that casinos are governed by strict laws.

Although your statement is true, you should read up on the "right to refuse service to anyone" clause of any business establishment in Nevada. This also applies to casinos, and trust me... is used EACH AND EVERY DAY to remove suspicious people from our realm.

Thanks again for your response, but please do me a great favor:

Next time you attempt to rebutt anything that I write... use some logic and common sense, and actually REBUTT what I say. You simply told people to "fear not" but gave no grounds for such a statement. If you are so confident that people will not have casino difficulties, then why don't you explain yourself a little further.


John Schroder

The MGM Grand Casino chairman threatened again gambling system players.

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Casino Chairman and Old Jackal John Patrick stressed threat at  gamblers playing real gambling systems.

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