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The James Bond Roulette System on Dozens, Columns ~
Threats from Casino Chairman Targeting Ion Saliu's Roulette Strategy, Theory

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

Don't play roulette like James Bond: systems based on two dozens, two columns, 2 to 1 betting.

Roulette systems, software, odds, strategy win in casinos, rattle casino bosses, gambling authors.

First captured by the WayBack Machine ( April 15, 2001.

The roulette system proposed by the MGM Grand Casino boss is a copycat from the James Bond books. Bond always played two dozens and always... won! The reality is very different: Mathematics is not fiction. My Super Roulette Strategy Systems demonstrates how to best apply a 2-dozen or 2-column roulette betting system. The casinos gave me a very hard time when I applied my roulette systems in Atlantic City (I exposed a lot of true facts, including casino employee names and badge numbers.)

Ultimately, more often than not, individuals of this type have their own gambling or lottery systems — albeit they publicly fight the validity of such systems! Their main concern is to keep the attention away from Ion Saliu's creations.

What a curious disease jealousy is when etched on a bloated ego and seeded in a deep complex of inferiority! It is a pathetic mixture of hypocrisy and schizophrenia!

"I received a phone call
From one who claimed was tall.
Then, he cursed me even worse
For my gambling on the horse."

Written on March 07, 2001.

There is an unselect group of computing beasts who keep their heads in the grass. Their desire is to see me stop my activities, idealistic and realistic endeavors. They are using all kinds of snaky tactics in their pathetic attempts: threats, intimidation, intimidation of my guests, curses… You get the picture. I do not hesitate to bitch, and bastard, and butt-kick the unselect bunch. I have no choice. It is a requirement of the ubiquitous FearSurvival system. Any time I meet a no-real-name, I must consider it a candidate for the above unselect bunch. Do I feel remorse? Absolutely not. Every kind of computing beast has a specific message-getting receptor. It has worked quite efficiently for this website. Honest websites have been closed of because of a few bullish idiots. There were attempts to bring this very site to the same closure. No way. I am not asleep and I am not alone. My sometimes-harsh words have done the job.

Shortly, to the troublesome passage in your post. I thought you were living in the Taliban Desert:

My only answer here, to you and anyone else. Nevada is a part of the United States. The United States of America is governed by the Constitution of The United States of America. The "right to refuse service to anyone" is flagrantly against the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. Just briefly now, a private golf club in the South refused membership to a minority player. A private fast-food chain refused service to minorities. The incidents were “Equal Protection Clause” tested. That's enough. Or am I expected to legally advise the casinos? Sooner or later, the long arm of the law will reach anywhere. The blow of the law will be even more devastating when class action suits are considered. Think of the once-mighty tobacco… I recommend to those who intend to use my systems to consider group playing. Class action suits would be more attainable.

• • Your post, actually, increased my appetite to make a terrible system... work! I am referring to the system you “presented” in your incipient post. You should have done the honorable thing and admit that it was the infamous “James Bond roulette system”. I presented previously the infamous system on my message board and also on the Roulette Mathematics, Systems page. In Ian Fleming's Casino Royale, James Bond ALWAYS plays the first two dozens: 1-12 and 13-24. James… James Bond is quickly ahead a half million francs! Well, he hasn't a clue what theory of probability is. Nevertheless, the winning probability playing two dozens in single-zero roulette games is p=24/37=64.86%, almost 65% (63.16% for a double-zero table).

In fact, chances are good that a player can win in the first try. But playing many spins in a row gives the player the probability to lose according to the house edge. I quote now from a good publication: The Encyclopedia of Gambling by Carl Sifakis, page 41.

Only a Kasino pfat-kat can recommend a system as such! (I know, Ian Fleming was not an affiliate! He only tried to make the fiction more exciting…) Only an Anti-kasino-phat-kat can have the guts to make a fruitless system work according to mathematics. I am the one! Your regrets came too late, incipient phony-system-presenter!

Anyone can use my free software FORMULA and especially SuperFormula. It's on my hundreds-times-a-day visited software download site (see link below). We are going to do brain surgery on the ill-fated Bond system.

We are going to make good use of the standard deviation. I ran the program for the Bondish roulette game. Here is the file FORMULA generated:

The standard deviation for an event of probability   
p = .64864862 
in  100  binomial experiments is: 
                     BSD = 4.77

The expected (theoretical) number of successes is: 65 

Based on the Normal Probability Rule:  
· 68.2% of the successes will fall within 1 Standard Deviation  
from  65 - i.e., between  60 - 70   
·· 95.4% of the successes will fall within 2 Standard Deviations 
from  65 - i.e., between  55 - 75  
··· 99.7% of the successes will fall within 3 Standard Deviations 
from  65 - i.e., between  50 - 80 

I would recommend a player play first in 100-spin sessions. If you are afraid of writing (hey, why, that's one of the things that differentiate us from the monkeys: we can write!), you can memorize a few numbers. If you play always two dozen/two column (any two you want), you should expect 65 wins in 100 spins. In most, by far most situations, the number of your wins will not be exactly 65. (Use the option #2 in the same program to see the actual probability of EXACTLY 65 successes in 100 trials.) The number of your successes will be sometimes less than the expectation, sometimes above the expectation.

And here is how you can mathematically improve the outcome of playing the once-phony-now-mathematical Bond roulette system. You play your very first session at the table's minimum bet. Keep a record of how many spins you play—until reaching 100. Keep a record of HOW MANY TIMES YOU WON. If you won more than 65 times, play the next 100-spin session at the same bet level. If you won less than 65 times, increase the bet level in your next session. If you still lose the second session, just increase the bet above the previous level. Chances are pretty that your sessions will fluctuate above and below the standard deviation. They don't call it such a beautiful name without a reason. By the way, if your bankroll is smaller, you can apply this system in 50-spin sessions.

I have offered even more tools. Download also SPINS or, better still, SuperRoulette, and use the mathematical roulette software as training. Generate 100-spin sessions; they are as good as real casino roulette spins. You can see how things emerge.

Best of luck to all intelligent and honest casino players!

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How James Bond played a losing roulette system based on two dozens or two columns – it's FICTION!

This message was provoked by an alleged casino top executive, John Schroder, Chairman of MGM Grand (who almost swore he was for real): Roulette System, Threat by Casino Chairman of MGM Grand.

In a way, the alleged executive's message is an endorsement of my mathematical theories and systems. If the gambling systems were not valid, why bother to risk being rear-end kicked by an understandably angered author?! I want to stress again that the casinos have no legal grounds for banning record-keeping by the players. Record-keeping is also a requirement of tax laws. The rules imposed by private entities do not take precedence over the laws.

The conspiracy is proven in this post signed Jackal, who is none other than noted gambling system developer and book author John Patrick: Anti-gambler advice from John Patrick, casino mole extraordinaire and conspirator.
They “planned” (in fact, conspired) their thread in my forum and published it in a coordinated effort. The Old Jackal (in his late fifties or early sixties at the time) posed as a teenager with a strong interest in gambling! The Chairman wanted also to hit me for “condoning underage gambling at my Web site”! They were certain I would get intimidated, fold up shop, close down my website... and possibly gamble only on my own, if I were not totally scared! NOT!

What rattled them and other casino executives and gambling “authors” and gambling vendors, was a collection of roulette systems I generously promoted under the name of Super Roulette Strategy. There is a link below. There is also software that supports the theoretical roulette systems. The special roulette software, SuperRoulette, can analyze both real casino roulette spins and randomly generated spins — thousands of them. Single-zero and double-zero roulette games are supported and treated separately.

The best roulette software creates gambling systems named Super Roulette Strategy.

Roulette systems and threats were issued by casino chairman of MGM Grand John Schroder in my forum.

For the best mathematical casino gambling strategy for big–time gamblers (a.k.a. kokodrilos) read:
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Casino chairman John Schroder offered the fictitious James Bond roulette systems.

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John Schroder, gambling author John Patrick conspired to force Ion Saliu out of gambling systems.