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THE LOGIC SYSTEM: Free Horse Racing Betting System

By Gene Nichols, Horse Bettor At-Large

Get the free LOGIC System at horse race betting tracks or OTW.

Hi Everyone!

I am taking Ion's advice and going public with this horse betting system to see if any of you can improve on it by checking it with some of Ion's program's for checking these types of system's. I must admit I am not too sharp on how to use Ion's program's but after reading this board for a long time I see many of you can tell right off if some of them can be used to check the system and improve on it. The horseracing betting system does work, but if it can be improved on then all the better! The WHOLE Horse Betting System is below.

Here is the best site I have found to check its results as they show the odds for all the horses in each race.

Please let me know what you have come up with, good or bad? The Link will take you to it also if you want to save it.

Thanks Everyone, Gene.


To make money betting on horses, you don't need inside information or luck. The best way to beat the bookies is by using logic - the same logic they use themselves. This incredible but simple system was designed by a mathematician who knew nothing about horse racing. He simply used common sense and proven mathematical laws to turn a small starting bank into a small fortune.

The fact is, most people lose money because they don't have a system and they fail to understand that mathematics is the governing force, not luck, form or instinct.

Another fact is that no system, not even this one, is 100% guaranteed. Every betting system will have a losing streak at some time, and so a starting bank is required to cover the losing bets. You can start with any amount you choose, although some bookmakers may have minimum bet sizes. I recommend a starting bank of $250.

Whatever you do, DO NOT blow you entire bank on one horse race! Stick with the staking plan, which will be introduced later.

The Logic System is based on the fact that around 33% of all horse races are won by the favorite. If you bet on six races a day, logic dictates that you'll win 2 out of 6. To succeed with this system you just need to pick one horse winner a day. Buy a racing newspaper or use the internet. Find a meeting with 6 races or more. In each race, stake just 2% of you bank on the favorite. With a bankroll of $250, you'd stake $5 and the aim would be to win $5 (so you bet $5, and get $10 back, including your stake). You must only bet on the favorite horse if the odds are 11/8 or better. For those unfamiliar with odds, just divide the first figure by the second. So, 11/8 is 11 divided by 8, which is 1.375. Now, if you find that the odds on a particular horse are less than 1.375, forget about it, wait for the next race.

When you have a winner, quit for the day, otherwise bet again. Use the following staking plan - 1-1-2-4-8-16. That means, with a bank of $250, you bet 2% ($5) multiplied by the staking plan figure, which is $5 (5x1) on the first race. If it loses, bet $5 (5x1) on the second race, if that loses bet $10 (5x2) on the third, $20 (5x4) on the fourth, $40 (5x8) on the fifth and finally $80 (5x16) on the sixth. If the sixth race loses, quit for the day. It is HIGHLY unlikely you'll go for six races without the favorite horse winning.

Remember, always bet 2% of your bank, that way you'll never run out of funds. If you lose $160 by failing to win on six horseraces, you've got $90 left. The next day, bet 2% of $90 on each race, which is $1.80 (multiplied by the current number in the staking plan). However, if your bank rises above $250, stick to the original stakes (i.e. 2% of $250, NOT 2% of your new, higher bank). You can only double your stake when you double your bank.

To recap on what we've learned so far. You need a starting bankroll. You need to bet on the favorites only where the odds are 11/8 or better. Keep betting until you have a winner. Bet 2% of your bank on each race (multiply by the current number in the staking plan). When you have a winner, STOP for the day. If you bet on 6 losers, STOP for the day. That's it.

Developing the Logic Horse Racing System is simple. When you've doubled your bank, double your stake. If you start with a bank of $250, wait until you reach $500, then start betting 2% of that ($10) on each race, in conjunction with the staking system. You must also double your daily win aim, from $5 to $10.

IMPORTANT: If your bankroll drops back to $250, reduce stakes back to $5 and your daily win aim back to $5. This way, you'll never get wiped out.

Even though this horse betting system is incredibly simple, most people don't use it because they either don't believe it can work or they don't have the patience. Winning $5 a day is just not worth it, they'll say. They fail to realize that with this system you can double your bank in 50 days. With 250 racing days a year, that's an annual return of 500%! How many other "investments" will give you a return like that?

Finally, it just remains for me to wish you the best of luck. Follow the instructions given here and you can quit your job in a couple of years.

The best horse-racing betting systems are created by the best horse bettor in history, Ion Saliu.

A Note by Ion Saliu, Founder of Horse Betting Mathematics, The Best Horse Bettor Ever
Things always change on the Internet sometimes dramatically. It is valid for horse racing as well. You may need to google or search on this horse racing system. Check out the footer of this page (on every page at this web site). Also, visit the very important Content Category resource at Even my secret betting method is now public. It is martingale-based and describes its application to roulette betting and blackjack gambling.
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The Free LOGIC System means horse race betting as martingale for small amounts of money.

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