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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Horse Betting Logic

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Written on April 07, 2001.

In Reply to: "I am taking Ion's advice and going public with this" Logic Horse Betting System, posted by Gene Nichols on March 30, 2001.

The Logic System for horse betting presented here has a foundation. Indeed, the favorites win quite a few horse races, at any track. I presented my opinion in a previous post. One problem is the disappointment: the low payouts when the favorite wins. Too many bettors play the favorite! Read also the main horse racing page at this Web site (link in the Resources section.

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The problem with the Logic System: It is a static betting system. The winning / losing streaks are never as homogenous as 1-1-2-4-8-16-etc. I saw losing streaks at horse racing tracks longer than 10! I cannot offer improvements to this horse racing bet system. I received a while ago a request to analyze and improve this betting system. If I did so, I would have to reveal some of my not-to-be-revealed gambling strategies. I would make, however, just a minor change. Replace the static 1-1-2-4-8-16 sequence with something better. Look at three or more horse tracks at the same time. Keep record of how many times in a row the favorites lost. If there is a horse-racing track where the favorites lost five or more races in a row, that's the one to hit. Even when the losing streak reaches 10, you can still win money! Of course, you can use a form of Martingale, starting at more than just $2.

There are two problems here:
1) The favorite horse should have odds better than 1-to-1;
2) One should be able to know who the favorite is before the horse race starts (actually, before post time). As I noticed, sometimes the favorite horse is known only after the race!

Since my gambling strategies are not available, there is a better chance to win at horse races using my gambling software: BELLBET. It helps if you have a laptop computer and take it to the horse track or off-track wagering (OTW) facilities. You should run the program several times before a horse race. Play the trifectas around the median.

Let's not forget the most comprehensive gambling and lottery software: MDIEditor Lotto WE. It has two programs specialized in horse racing, for both trifectas and superfectas. A superfecta represents the top 4 finishers in a horse race. The horse-racing function is in the Digit menu; then Horse 3 for trifectas or Horse 4 for superfectas (the top 4 finishers in order).

The complete lottery, gambling software has horseracing functions for trifectas and superfectas.

I ran a similar program BETUS during the NCAA basketball tournament. I applied it to the 16 games of the second round. Astonishingly, the program generated two times the right results. All 16 winners! Of course, I ran the program many times. Nobody should expect the program win every time it is used. There is no absolute certainty in the Universe. But, beyond a doubt, the software increases the chances to win. The odds in a 16-game case are 65536 to 1. In a 50% house edge scenario, you can win 32768 for a 1-unit bet! Tip: Repeatedly running BELLBET, or BELLOTTO, or BETUS is like playing hundreds, or thousands, even millions of tries for FREE (because you avoided playing with real money!)

An editor's note - 2007

Things always change around here sometimes dramatically. It is valid for horse racing as well. Check out the footer of this page (on every page at this web site). Also, visit the very important Content Category resource. Even my "secret" betting method is now public. It is martingale-based and describes its application to roulette gambling and blackjack betting.

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