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Randomness, Degree of Randomness, Degrees of Certainty, Generate True Random Numbers

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Randomness Philosophy, Randomness Programming

Study BASIC Compiler source code to generate truly random and unique numbers.

The Universe is random in degrees of randomness. Randomness is opposite of absolute certainty, perfect order.

In Reply to: Free lotteries, true random numbers, combination generators posted by Nik Kulai Barker on April 12, 2001.

Actually, I cannot verify now, let alone validate, my own statement. The free online lotteries are unregulated private enterprises. They can easily check what lotto combinations were played and decide to draw a non-winning combination. The software can do it so easily! The state lotteries are under stricter control. The lotto drawings are televised. It is much harder to "rig" the numbered lotto balls. It is a very rare exception fixing a lottery drawing. I know, it happened before right here, in Pennsylvania (the subject of a movie that was not to be; had had John Travolta as the star).

As for randomness in computer software, some say it is pseudo-randomness. They actually refer to software written for the original IBM PC and Microsoft BASIC. The software generates "random" numbers based on a seed, usually the timer. The timer counts the number of seconds since midnight. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. The variation in randomness is just too low, not only by computer standards. If the random generator is started exactly at the same second of the day, the same sequence of numbers is generated.

I heard stories of a state lottery being ripped-off by Keno players. The Keno numbers were generated by a computer precisely every 15 minutes: The same times of the day! The bare-bone timer was used as the randomizing seed. Thus, the Keno drawing of 9:00 PM yesterday will be the same today at 9:00 PM! The state lottery does not go bankrupt because they pay as prizes only 50% of ticket sales. But the lottery game itself would die, because lottery players expect fairness in lottery randomness, that is.

I remember when I used an Atari computer in the 1980's WEB. The computer had a hardware-based random number generator. The degree of randomness was higher when using an Atari. The randomization seed Atari used was the quartz frequency of the CPU. Even if the frequency was just up to one million, the range 1 to 1000000 was randomly variable and offered a higher variation than 1 to 86400. The quartz frequency is never dependent on the time of the day, or the date. No wonder why my old, cheap Atari 800XL generated so many winning lotto combinations for me, including the astounding lotto jackpot with a number of combinations I was unable to play.

The Intel CPU chips are so fast now that they measure the frequency in Giga hertz (GHz)! What an extraordinary random seed! Too bad, Windows does not allow direct hardware access by the software.

All things considered, my software is not dependent on the type of random number generation. Many, many lottery combinations are eliminated beforehand or by using external filters. The lottery filters offer wide variation, and therefore a high degree of randomness.

I have written probably the best random number generators. I even offer the source code of the basic program: RandomNumbers. The software source code can be easily adapted to serve many other purposes. Following is a screenshot of the compiled program.

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The variation is in the degree of certainty or degrees of randomness (dependent of probability).

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The computers can generate true random numbers with a true randomizing or randomization seed.