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Software to Generate Lotto Combinations with Favorite Lottery Numbers in Fixed Positions

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Generate combos for favorite lottery numbers in fixed positions: software programs.

Published in November of year of grace 2018.

Super Axiomatics, this must be the proverbial case of "Hidden in plain sight"! And from there I coined the phrase: “The unknown hides in plain sight on the path of the axiomatics.”

It happened in February, this year of grace 2018. I made a strong commitment to lottery strategizing and playing. BrianPA, the most loyal and proficient user of my lottery software, asked me for one more favor. He wanted an overhaul of my cross-referencing software presented here:

I hesitated first as I really wanted to go full-steam ahead in playing the lottery like... full-time. But the idea was worthwhile and in a couple of weeks I turned FileLines into a great piece of software. I thanked Brian for the idea and insistence as the software upgrade made me a lot more productive.

But Brian didn't stop there! He emailed to me with an eye-catching subject: "The Golden Egg Hiding in Plain Sight!" He asked for another big favor: Another major upgrade to a different piece of software: Pair Grid. I was hesitant again because the request would seriously delay my lottery plans. Also, my eyes were set on a casino in the region. I had to put both actions on the back burner.

The new project proved to be a whole lot harder than I first thought. But, in the end, again, I thanked Brian for his idea of a golden egg lottery strategy. I took Brian's idea much further. I came up with a strategy that, for the first time ever, guarantees when a lottery system should NOT be played. In other words, I will know for sure that the strategy will NOT hit the very next lottery drawing. I made a reference to the concept in the rec.gambling.lottery newsgroup and in this article:

In an egg shell... er, nutshell, the strategy is based on frequency and setting the lotto numbers with the best frequencies as favorites. From the beginning, my lottery software generated combinations including with favorite numbers. The favorite numbers (a.k.a. bankers), however, could be set only regardless of position. Brian, nonetheless, would have liked another overhaul of my lottery software to generate combinations with favorite lotto numbers in strict position! I decided o take Edgar Allen Poe's path: "Nevermore!"

A few weeks thereafter, it struck me that, actually, my software had that special feature for years, and years, and years! And it was the most efficient method of generating lotto combinations with bankers in fixed positions. Multiple programs were capable of such great generating fixture for so many years! And the software only required a simple input file in text format!

You have known for more than a decade now that the universal software known as SkipSystem was capable of generating combinations from a large variety of positional system files. For example, the 6-number lotto module would take a text file consisting of exactly 6 lines with multiple numbers on each line. But the real condition was: at least one number per line. That was the moment when the proverbial case of "Hidden in plain sight" sounded loud and clear!

I created a positional input file for Skip System. I had the reports created by Frequency Rank. I copied all the numbers from each frequency position and pasted to that input file. So, the skip input file had 6 lines with 49 numbers on every line. Then I took one line and deleted 48 of the numbers. Thus, the line had just one number: exactly like a banker or favorite. I generated combinations, and, to my surprise, the process was really fast. I checked the combinations and the output was 100% accurate.

I experimented with one favorite in different positions. The results were always 100% accurate. I moved to 2 bankers - the results always accurate and totally correct. The same results with 3 favorites, four, etc. I took one step further and deleted some numbers from the full positions (say, based on low frequency). I named the input file ThreeNumbersPos.txt. You will see it appear in the screenshots that follow. The file had the following favorites/bankers: 1 in the 1st position, 16 in the 3rd position, 27 in the 4th position. I deleted:

This is what the simple ThreeNumbersPos.txt file looks like:

24 1 46 47 8 27 34 35 38 41 14 20 16 17 36 3 9 6 32 39 40 44 23 18 49 12 29 13 33 25 26 48 37 30 31 21 42 43 15 11 5 2 19 28 45 22
24 1 47 8 27 34 38 41 14 20 16 17 36 3 9 6 32 40 10 44 23 18 49 12 29 13 4 25 26 48 37 7 30 31 21 42 43 15 11 5 2 19 28 45 22
24 1 46 47 8 27 34 35 38 14 20 16 17 36 3 9 6 32 39 40 10 44 18 49 12 29 13 33 4 25 26 48 37 7 30 31 21 42 43 15 11 5 2 19 28 22

Nota bene: The text file has exactly 6 (six) lines for a 6-number lotto game! And so on for each game format (e.g. 5 lines for lotto-5, etc.) The multiple-number lines can be in any order: frequency-based, random, ascending or descending order.

I input the file with those settings to each of the programs listed at the beginning of this groundbreaking ebook. The output is always the same: totally accurate, correct, and exact. That is, 1804 lotto combinations in a file you can freely download (right-click) or view here. If you load the file in Notepad++, the editor shows also the line numbers. Press Ctrl+End to go to end-of-file and see total number of lines (combinations).

Good candidates for favorite numbers in fixed (strict) positions:

The Pair Grid application has a module dedicated to frequency. You will notice in the reports that the top-2, even top-3 lotto numbers in their positions appear together in some drawings. There is a waiting time (strategy skip) for the occurrence, but the result is a drastic reduction of combinations to play. Of course, enabling other filters is needed (especially the very effective LIE Elimination lottery strategy (a.k.a. reversed lotto strategy)).

Let's take a look at the programs involved in this original and unique lottery method.

1. Using SkipSystem to Generate Lotto Combinations with Favorite Numbers in Fixed Positions

Skip lottery software creates positional systems for Powerball, Mega Millions favorite numbers.

Generate lottery combinations with favorite lotto numbers or bankers strictly in-position.

SkipSystem offers a great advantage: a multitude of lottery game formats, plus horse racing and roulette. This grandiose piece of software works with those multijurisdictional lotto games as well. Yes, it handles Euromillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, etc. Here is a sample input file I created for Euromillions. It is based on frequency.

Favorites (bankers):


15 8 17 16 12 23 20 14 24 25 11 21 7 4 18 30 19 6 3 26 27 28 29 22 31 23
38 39 30 31 43 40 42 28 32 44 23 25 41 27 34 21 48 36 37 33 29 45 46 35 24 50
4 2 3 1 6 8
12 11 8 7 10

The output file is ThreePosEU.OUT, consists of 9016 combinations (the exact number), and you can download (right-click) or view here.

2. PairGrid: Generate Lottery Combinations with Bankers in Fixed Positions

The positional frequency systems are powerful lottery tools to crack the jackpot.

Place the hottest lotto numbers in their positions as favorite bankers to greatly improve chances.

Simple text files can generate fast combinations with favorite lotto numbers in fixed positions.

3. Range-*: Generate Lotto Combinations with Bankers in Strict Positions

Ranges in lottery refer to lotto numbers in ascending order or ranked by frequency.

Apply positional ranges with fixed favorite numbers to win lottery big-time.

One input file with favorites or banker numbers works across multiple lottery programs.

4. Super Utilities: Generate Lottery Combinations with Favorites in Strict Positions

The super lottery utility application has dozens of very useful functions to increase chances.

Best software tools and utilities in lotto are the creation of lottery grand-master Ion Saliu.

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