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No doubt, you have checked many other roulette links and resources. Feel free to do that. Unfortunately, it could cost you an arm and a leg. You may find out that you could pay thousands of dollars buying all kinds of expensive but fraudulent roulette systems. In the end, all those roulette software titles combined do not offer more than 10% of the features of Ion Saliu's roulette software! Lately, however, other gambling software developers had no choice but offer some free versions of their roulette software. Insist on getting some shareware version, or demo, if software is not available. Trust but verify, and thus save your money!

Just think how much others charge for software or systems worth less than 1% of what you get here. All other software applications elsewhere only come with lottery results, number frequency, or a few prepackaged lotto wheels — some asking you to pay $200, or yearly membership fees of USD 100! All creations here are founded on solid mathematics and the discoveries of this author. All theories are free to read — you might have already read several of Ion Saliu's Web pages. In every other place, you can only click on the Buy Now button without a clue!

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• Ion Saliu's Paradox and Roulette

Ion Saliu's Paradox of N Trials is presented in detail at, especially the probability page and the mathematics of gambling formula. If p = 1 / N, we can discover an interesting relation between the degree of certainty DC and the number of trials N. The degree of certainty has a limit, when N tends to infinity. That limit is 1 — 1/e , or approximately 0.632…

If you play 1 roulette number for the next 38 spins, common belief was that you expected to win once. NOT! Only if you play 38 numbers in 1 spin, your chance to hit the winning number is 100%. Here is an interesting table, which includes also The Free Roulette System #1 presented at the main roulette site.

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The maximum gain comes when playing 38 numbers in one spin: 36.3%. Obviously, it makes no sense to play that way because of the house advantage. On the other hand, a so-called wise gambler is more than happy to play one number at a time. What he does is simply losing slowly! Not only that, but losing slowly is accompanied by losing more. That cautious type of gambling is like a placebo. A roulette system such as The Free Roulette System #1 scares most roulette gamblers. “Play 34 or 33 numbers in one shot? I'll have a heart attack!” In reality, the The Free Roulette System #1 offers a 28.8% advantage over playing singular numbers in long sessions. That's mathematics, and there is no heart to worry about. Read this: Google AdSense Advertising, Referrals, Gambling, Mathematics, Math Boyz. So far, I have not seen one single roulette marquee showing a string of 15 unique roulette numbers in 15 consecutive spins.

If you want to win roulette, ruleta, you must study all gambling mathematics resources created by Ion Saliu aka Parpaluck.

For your convenience, a collection of so-called top roulette pages follows. There is a lot of garbage out there. You gonna check it out anyway!

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• These are some roulette pages you can check out and then dare to compare. Compare to this page on the subject of roulette software, systems, strategy (opens a new window for parallel views).

As you know, the virtual world (Internet) changes faster than the natural landscape, including the deserts and the glaciers. Therefore, I do not list clickable roulette links here. The easiest action is to copy the URL (the line starting with www). Next, open a new browser window or tab. Paste the URL (Ctrl+V) into the address bar of the new browser window (tab). Sometimes you might need to delete all the characters after the root directory. The homepage might still be alive. If the roulette link is no longer live — don't waste your time cursing for too long. Go to the next www link and copy-paste it…

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