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Real Winning Systems and Strategies for Lottery, Lotto, Roulette, Horse Racing

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

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American Football NFL Results Week, Predictions Next Week

Professional American football NFL results of the week compared to the weekly predictions of sports betting software, Excel spreadsheet, plus predictions for next week.

Philosophy, Socrates, Psychology, Plato, Apology, Search

Search Web pages on keywords related to philosophy, Socrates, psychology, Plato, Apology, Civilization, history, God, Universe, humans, randomness, religion.

Texas Lotto6 Lotto 6 Loto 54 Balls Change

Texas Lottery: Lotto6 Lotto 6 Loto Change: from 50 to 54 Balls. The lottery players must change their results data files.

Winston Churchill: Dream of Winning at The Irish Pub

This is a very interesting clear dream of Winston Churchill in the Irish Pub in the gambling Mecca of Atlantic City. It is about winning against all odds.

Best Software to Find Lexicographical Order of Lotto Combinations

Software users appreciate the first and best software program to calculate the lexicographic order of a lotto combination or find a lotto combination for a given rank, index.

Loto, Loto Soft, Software, Logiciel, Ganar, Gagner, Search

Search on loto, software, ganar, gagner, Web pages, keywords, queries related to loto soft, systems, programmes.

Formula or Formulas to Calculate Lotto Odds for Lottery

LotWon lottery mathematics implemented lotto filters; imitated by many, especially LotWin, copycat lotto software. They don't know the formula of total combinations in a set (e.g. numbers in a lotto game)!

FORMULA software upgrade: gambling, binomial distribution probability

The feature-rich FORMULA software was upgraded. The program covers gambling, probability calculations: standard deviation, binomial distribution, Gauss curve, normal distribution.

Casino chairman recommends two-to-one (2-1) roulette systems

A casino chairman offers a roulette system 2-1 betting: Play two dozens or two columns at a time. Says he: Stay shorter at the roulette table, thus lose faster your bankroll.

Wine, Greek Philosophy, Socrates in Plato's Symposium

Wine made a contribution to the birth of philosophy in Ancient Greece. The philosophical principle of Wine is well reflected in Plato's Dialogue Symposium or Banquet.


Users of Windows 7, 8 can accidentally, inadvertently rotate the display because of hidden shortcuts of keys Alt, Ctrl, Shift, arrows.


The TRUTH is only in Philosophy and Science, not Religion. Religion is the crutch of those who are mentally weak.

Message Board: Systems, Roulette, Blackjack, Lottery

Archive #2 of the forums deals with winning at lottery, lotto, gambling, roulette, blackjack. Presents disputes, hostility from other gambling authors and casinos.

Gambling, Probability, Mathematics, Theory, Systems, Odds

Search on gamble, gambling, probability, mathematics, strategy, systems, odds, chance, winning, software, money, keywords, queries.

Eliminate last 4, 5 lotto numbers to create lotto system

Eliminate the last 4 or 5 lotto numbers to create a starting point for a lotto system or lottery strategy.

Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed: Muslim, Islamic Violent Reactions

Fanatical Muslims, Islamic fanatics reacted extremely violently after Danish and European newspapers magazines published cartoons of a violent Prophet Mohammed.

Internet Online Gambling: Fraud, Law, Fairness, Integrity

Internet or online gambling is prone to massive fraud and cheating, unless strictly regulated by national governments. The Internet Gaming Commission is a modest start.

FORMULA Software, Standard Deviation, Probability

FORMULA software: Probability and statistical calculations for standard deviation, binomial distribution, Gauss curve, normal distribution, odds, median.

GUI File Reverser Text File Viewer Software

Cool RevGui software: Reverse order in text files, lotto lottery data files to comply with LotWon requirements. Much better text file viewer than Notepad.

Loteria, Lotérie, Software, Ganar, Gagner, Logiciel, Search

Search keywords on search engines related to loteria, lotérie, software, systems, logiciel, ganar, gagner.

Horse Racing, Horse Races, Horses, Horseracing, Search

Search keywords, sentences, queries on search engines related to horse racing, horse races, horses, trifectas, exactas, superfectas, betting, software, systems.


Read and LOL (laugh out loudly) a few hilarious jokes - God, Satan, Lenin, Jesus, Marx, Freud, Einstein, flagrante delicto, cheating sexually.

Symposium: Philosophy of Love, Dialogue by Plato, Banquet

Read Symposium or Banquet, Philosophy of Love, Wine, Socrates: a Great Dialogue by Plato.


Lotto software creates lottery strategies based on the positional frequencies of lotto numbers.

Lottery software filters reduce the lotto combinations to play

The filters in lottery software are restrictions that eliminate millions or reduce the amount of lotto combinations to play. The lotto software filters were invented by Ion Saliu (royalty name: Parpaluck).

New Forums Software Lottery, Gambling, Roulette, Blackjack

There are new forums for software, lottery, lotto, gambling, roulette, blackjack, pick 3 4 5, horse racing, sports betting, systems.

Clear (Lucid?) Dreaming, Dream, Dreams

Clear (Lucid?) Dreams Represent Strong Messages From Our Total Being = The Fear Survival System. We Must Pay Attention To Our Clear (Lucid) Dreams!

Belmont Stakes Results, Past Horse Numbers Ranked by Wins

Analyze Belmont Stakes past results, winning horses, horse numbers, or winning post positions. The history of Belmont Stakes is ranked from the best to the worst program number or post position.

Kentucky Derby Results, Past Horse Numbers Ranked by Wins

View Kentucky Derby past results, winning horses, horse numbers, or winning post positions. The history of Kentucky Derby is analyzed from the best to the worst program number or post position.

DOS-based Menu System via Batch File Programming

Create pretty DOS (console, command prompt) screens using batch file programming. A menu system to run Ion Saliu's freeware lotto, lottery software via function keys.


Founder of sport bet mathematics created software programs, including BETUS, for sports betting in professional American and Canadian football.

Report on Cheating, Fairness in Online, Internet Gambling

The online, Internet casinos pay big money to reputable audit firms to get favorable reports. Such reports are superficial at best.

Random Generator Numbers, Combinations Lottery, Lotto

The best online random numbers, combinationsgenerator for lottery, lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, gambling, roulette, Keno, sports betting, horse racing.

Lotto, lottery odds analysis, software

Calculate the real odds in all lotto games based on hypergeometric distribution: Lotto 4, 5, 6, 7, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno... any lottery game.

Probability, Mathematics, Gambling Formula, Attrasoft

The Fundamental Formula of Gambling has a solid mathematical and theory of probability basis. Attrasoft neural networking software and Ion Saliu's probability theory are totally different.

CONTENT: Software, Lottery, Gambling, Blackjack, Roulette

Directory of site content in software, lottery, lotto, gambling, science, mathematics, statistics, blackjack, roulette, sports betting, horse racing, systems.

Sum-totals, sums for Quinto lottery game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the Quinto lottery game and the amount of corresponding 5-digit straight sets of the 100000 total, as played in Pennsylvania.

Lottery system: Lotto numbers, skips of lotto numbers, sum

The lottery player can analyze not only the lotto numbers, but also the skips of the numbers that hit and the sum of them lotto skips which has a good bell shaped curve.


Apply Fundamental Formula of Gambling FFG to strategies for the Casino War and Sic Bo games.

Reviews, Opinions, ForeWord Clarion: Ion Saliu's Probability Book

A review in ForeWord Clarion Review of Probability Theory, Live!book triggered Ion Saliu's pointed opinion and other readers' opinions.

Doctrine of Maturity of Chances, Wizard of Odds, Gambling Fallacy

The so-called Wizard of Odds discusses one famous gamblers' fallacy: the doctrine of the maturity of the chances. Yet, he urges the visitors to buy his "winning gambling systems"!

Randomness, Degree of Randomness, Degrees of Certainty

Everything is random; the Universe is ruled by degrees of randomness. Randomness is the opposite of absolute certainty or perfect order, which is absurdity.

4-Number digit lottery software, systems

A lottery player inquires about software and systems for a curious pick 4 or digit lottery game: Drawing 4 numbers between 00 and 100. Never heard of such lotto game!

The Best Lottery Software, Lotto Programs, Loto Software

More analyses and comparison of lotto software, lottery software, programs, plus improvements to MDIEditor And Lotto WE - the most comprehensive lottery application.

Predictions American Football, NFL Odds, Betting Lines

Professional football NFL results for the week compared to the weekly predictions of sports betting software, Excel spreadsheet. Plus predictions for next week.

Lottery Format Changes, Results Files, Ohio Lotto

If the lottery commission changes the format of a lotto game, a lottery game, the lottery player changes the results file (past winning lotto numbers).

Generosity, Stupidity: Strategy, Systems, Gambling

Generosity and Stupidity: Sharing Strategy, Systems, Gambling, Lottery, Lotto, Horse Racing was not a good idea!

Play multiple roulette numbers to win with a better chance

Playing more roulette numbers simultaneously increases the winning probability. Enter a casino, go to a roulette table, and play all the numbers but the last 4-5 unique numbers.

Philosophy, Turn, Turning Points, Life

The Fear Survival System Guides Every Human Step. Sometimes, a Moment In Life Is a Turning Point.

Real Winning Systems and Strategies for Lottery, Lotto, Roulette, Horseracing.

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Get true winning strategies, systems, software founded on probability theory.

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