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HTTP Errors 404 | 403: Not Found, Resource Removed | Forbidden, Access Denied

By Ion Saliu,
Site Owner, Webmaster, Software Developer

The custom error page for Web site is related to HTTP errors 404, 403, meaning Not Found, Forbidden.

Sorry for the inconvenience, axiomatic one! I know you didn't request and didn't want to see this Web page. This custom error page was served to you because of one of two HTTP errors: 404, or 403. Other HTTP errors are possible but they are not trapped by a custom error page at this website. Instead, the webserver of the Web hosting company will display their own pages specific to the errors.

Error 404: File not found; The requested URL was not found on this server. This is, by far, the most frequent error that serves this page to the visitors.

Error 403: Forbidden; Access denied; the visitor was banned by IP address I serve that treatment to bad guys!

Custom page for HTTP error 404: Page Not Found, No Requested URL.

Try to avoid HTTP errors like 403, 404, 500, 504 and save time plus headaches.

HTTP Errors for cases Not Found, Ban, Deny, Bar Visitors, Timeout.

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HTTP errors 404, 403, 500, 408, 504: Not Found, Forbidden, Request Timeout, Internal Server Error.