The visitors only have to type accurate URLs, otherwise HTTP error 404 goes off.

HTTP Errors 404 | 403: Not Found, Resource Removed | Forbidden, Access Denied

By Ion Saliu,
Site Owner, Webmaster, Software Developer

HTTP Errors, referrers, url requested are trapped by environment variables.

Sorry for this inconvenience, axiomatic one! I know you didn't request and didn't want to see this Web page. This custom error page was served to you because of one of two HTTP errors: 404, 403. Other HTTP errors are possible but they are not trapped by a custom error page at this website. Instead, the webserver of the Web hosting company will display different pages. You can see a list of HTTP errors at the end of this page.

Error 404: File not found; The requested URL (file) was not found on this server. This is, by far, the most frequent error that serves this page to the visitors.

Error 403: Forbidden; Access denied; the visitor was banned by IP address I serve that treatment to bad guys!

Here is a list of the most common HTTP errors, in case you didn't know all of them. It's good to know... what's wrong, not only what's right!

Client Error Codes
Error #                Error Code        
400                Bad Request        
401                Unauthorized        
402                Payment Required        
403                Forbidden (user was banned probably)        
404                Not Found (the most common HTTP error code)        
405                Method Not Allowed        
406                Not Acceptable        
407                Proxy Authentication Required        
408                Request Timeout        
409                Conflict        
410                Gone        
411                Length Required        
412                Precondition Failed        
413                Request Entity Too Large        
414                Request-URI Too Large        
415                Unsupported Media Type        
416                Requested Range Not Satisfiable        
417                Expectation Failed        

Server Error Codes
Error #                Error Code        
500                Internal Server Error (try to refresh, reload)        
501                Not Implemented        
502                Bad Gateway        
503                Service Unavailable        
504                Gateway Timeout        
505                HTTP Version not supported        

Custom page for HTTP Error 404: Page or URL Not Found at SALIU COM.

Try to avoid HTTP errors like 403, 404, 500, 504.

HTTP Errors for cases Not Found, Ban, Deny, Bar Visitors, Timeout.

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HTTP errors 404, 403, 500, 408, 504: Not Found, Forbidden, Request Timeout, Internal Server Error.