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Convert IP Addresses (Numbers) to DNS Domain (Host) Names
Convert DNS Domain (Host) Names to IP Addresses (Numbers)

By Ion Saliu, Host At-Large

How to Convert IP address (number) to DNS domain name; Convert DNS domain name to IP numbers.

We can keep cyber hackers and all sorts of virtual criminals in check by converting their IP numbers to more meaningful host names, or domain names. We can take more effective action when we know the location of the threat: the host name, that is. You can find in unwanted email messages originating IP numbers such as:
(These are big time nuisances originating from Asia Pacific Network Information Centre.)

Copy and paste such numbers into the textbox of the script and click on Lookup Name.

There are still a few IP numbers without a reverse DNS. In such a case, click the ARIN system link to get the name of the organization assigned to a block of IP addresses that includes the number you looked up.
The ARIN system will tell you which organization has been assigned this block of IP addresses. This is useful when the name lookup fails. That is, no domain name has been assigned to that particular IP number. For example:

IP Address:
Host_Name: no reverse DNS for this IP
Using the ARIN lookup:
Search results for:
Org_Name: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Net_Range: -
Net_Name: RESERVED-240
Net_Handle: NET-240-0-0-0-0

If things go out of hand, you can file a complaint with the originating organization.

Click this link to convert IP numbers, addresses to domain names

  • To reverse the process: If you know the host name (DNS) you can convert it back to an IP address (number). Copy and paste the host name (e.g. in the text box that shows your IP address; check the box "Convert Base-10 to IP"; click "Submit". The Network Tools will display plenty of information on the host name and IP address.

    Convert DNS domain names to IP addresses numbers

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    Convert DNS domain names to IP addresses or IPs to hosts.

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    Convert IP addresses or numbers to DNS domain or host names.

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