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By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Philosophy of True Freebie Offering

Download free software, lotto wheels, random numbers source code, lexicographic algorithms, backup.

Axiomatic colleagues of mine, I started my life on the Cyber Planet as a freebie. I was the freebie. I wanted everybody and everything else be freebie. After all, Life is Freebie as a result of Freebies: Water and Air!

Alas! By the dog in Egypt I swear (Socrates' oath… the only oath I take): That's impossible mission. It is mathematically impossible to implement absolute Freebie — absolute certainty is absolute absurdity.

When I got started in Cyber World back in 1997, everything I offered was TOTALLY FREE, including the software. Big-Scream Al Gore deserves a lot of credit. For all intents and purposes, Vice President Al Gore made the Internet available to regular Citizens of the World — for FREE. For several years, I added more and more software applications — free to obtain and run. But the more I improved my software, the harder it became to keep up with the demand for my freebies. And so, in the year of grace 2007 I instituted pay-for software download.

My website, however, has always been free to read.


    Indeed, I apply a membership fee if the visitors to SALIU.COM want to download my software, some source code, some lottery results, and football scores.

    On the other hand, all my theories, formulas and systems are free to read and study — as it ever was, from Day One in 1997 when I opened this Web site.

    Moreover, I still offer FREE software, even some source code. The offerings have no limitations whatsoever and the user is under no obligation to buy something at a later time. These freebies of mine are also offered by a number of software sites, including of CNet.

    The freeware offered here comes in 7 ZIP packages. You right-click on the links and select Save Target As. I recommend that you create 7 folders before that (perhaps more ... later!)

    Each ZIP package comes with a README-type of text file for some basic instructions for the Command Prompt. It's all easy and rewarding (you'll feel a better computer user if you never used the Command Prompt before). Here is the link to a special Web page you can read before anything else:

    Open Windows Explorer and select drive C: (highlight it). Right-click and select New, then Folder. Type a name over New Folder and press Enter. I recommend-only the names:

    You will download each ZIP package freebie to the corresponding folder. Files with the .ZIP extension need to be decompressed. You can use for the task a popular unzipping utility such as WinZip. Such applications are also offered as shareware. Others are freeware. Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 8 includes a compressing (zipping) and decompressing feature in the operating system. It is very good — and it is free!

    Open each of the download folders in Windows Explorer (e.g. IonBackup). Right-click e.g., then Extract All. Default uncompressed folder: C:\IonBackup. It's better to have all files in the same folder (it saves typing). Of course, you can use a third-party decompress or unzip utility as well.

    Running the EXE programs: Clicking on any .EXE file in Windows Explorer, or typing the filename at the command prompt, runs the program.

    Read the PDF files: Click on the file name in Windows Explorer (requires the free Adobe Reader).

    I list free software, lotto wheels, blackjack, roulette, systems, random numbers, backup code.

    The List of Ion Saliu's Special Free Software, Systems, Source Code

    After downloaded, ran the freebies, you want to read the terms of service to get much more software.

    Paid-For Software Downloads

    The World Best Software Guarantee.

    The freeware offered here is undeniably better than similar products, regardless of prices.

    Get the best free software, gambling systems in blackjack, roulette, lottery wheels, systems.

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